Excel Cash Flow Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Excel Cash Flow
Website Address: www.secureonlinesite.com
Price: $97
Business Owner: Cami White
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100 points

Excel Cash Flow Scam Review – Introduction:

Excel Cash Flow is a new program launched by Debbie Jones and it is very similar to other programs like . According to Cami White, she has invented a new method in which if you can spare 60 minutes a day to then you can use her certified and proven method to make up to $379 per day from home.

When you open this site then at home page you can see that you are tempted to join the site using false information like we are allowing only 15 members from one city and you are there are only three positions left in your city. I have seen lot of similar programs that are using this false marketing practice and attracting innocent people to their site.

You may be thinking what this site is offering people to earn $379 per day. Well, it is link posting on the internet and you will earn about $15 per link.

How to Earn Money using Excel Cash Flow Method?

According to Excel cash flow, companies are looking for people to post their links on the internet. You have seen on the internet different links and if someone use those links and purchase their product then company will earn revenue. Those links can be viewed by large audience and company can get good conversions. This helps them to increase their profit by a sheer percentage.

According to ECF companies are desperate to looking for people like you who can work from home and post their links on the internet. Company cannot post their links themselves because it need to employ regular staff and office which increase its overhead expenses at a greater amount so it is better to outsource such function to people like you.

According to Excel cash flow, this whole process is very simple and it can take approximately 3 to 4 minutes to post one link. On average you can earn about $15 per link. Let’s do some math, if we take 4 minutes to post one link then after 60 minutes you have posted 15 links. It means you have earned $225 within one hour just by posting links. You can work 4 hours or 8 hours it all depends on you. Let’s see you spend 4 hours daily then your daily earning will be $225*4 = $900.

To summarize this concept, Companies do this link posting because:

  • Companies experience huge sales because of its link posting.
  • Companies need people to post their links.
  • Companies cannot build function inside the organization due to its high cost.

Things I Liked about Excel Cash Flow:

Well, to be honest I am not able to find something that is appealing to me except you can make some money using her link posting strategy but this amount to very few. Earning shown on this site is just a way to catch you.

Things I Don’t Liked about Excel Cash Flow:

Fake Characters & Ads

Who is the creator of this site? Is she Cami White or Debbie Jones? Well, to be honest who she is but it seems that she is neither Cami White nor Debbie Jones. The image shown in this site is an image from stock photo site. Someone purchase this from stock photo and placed this with her/his fictitious name.

Excel Cash Flow is using fake ads, such as Excel Cash flow being featured at CNN, USA Today, Fox News. By showing this admin is increasing their creditability in order to attract new visitors.

False Claims, Hype and Exaggeration

When you land this site sales page then it is full of hype and false information. Can you imagine earning nearly $400 per hour by just posting link on the internet is possible? Really not. You will earn only when someone purchase something using your link and then you will earn a certain percentage of the product sale price. It means that all money you earn is dependent on what companies you are partner with, what goods and services they are selling, and how often your links result in sales.

The truth is that a lot of money can be made with link posting, but not in the way or manner described by this company. People who are interested in this opportunity should study free resources about internet marketing before deciding to invest in an expensive training program.

First you are tempted with false information like there is only 15 positions available in each city and there are only 3 positions left then you are further motivated by saying that this program attracts lot of media attention and this can lead to positions to fill much quicker.

If we look at the site calculator then it is also full of hype like you can find per link rate from $10 to $30. Your main variable is link rate if we consider all other variables like;

  • Number of daily links
  • Link rate
  • Working days per week

So by setting the link variable at a higher rate you can see million dollars earning per year by just posting links on the internet. This can definitely force someone who is new in this form to join this site by paying their fee.

Excel Cash Flow Price:

Funny part of Excel Cash Flow Price is that it starts at $97 and when you click on the browser back button then its price reduce to $77. After looking this you will be happy but wait a minute, if you do this repeatedly then the time will come in which its price will ultimately reduce to $27. This may take your four to five attempts by clicking on the browser back button.

Is Excel Cash Flow a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

Excel Cash Flow is promoting a method known as link posting and admin is using false claims, testimonials, images and other claims that can attract innocent people. Link posting was working in the past but companies now are looking some other ways of traffic and this industry is dying down.

If you are involved in this industry then this strategy will not earn you enough and also it is for short term period. It is short term because posting links on internet are mostly of low quality and most people treat them as a spam. Sometimes people are banned from sites where they post links like social media and other forums.

You need to find new places to post links and it is harder to find new places because more you post daily more difficult to find new places. Moreover such companies have tough criteria to pay you money due to their strict compliance procedures.

By considering all above facts it is highly recommended that you should stay away from this scam site because of issues I described above.

What’s Next?

There is no shortcut available to earn online money that can by big enough and stays for long time but you have to put the time and effort into the process. I have also been scammed by many different sites and waste a lot of time and money but fortunately I am a part of platform where I learnt how to build my online business and my sincere advice to all of you who are looking for online earning then avoid all those short term approaches and join this great platform known as Wealthy Affiliate.

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Training including step-by-step instructions and detailed videos on how to set up a profitable business online. There’s an active community and live chat you can access to chat with other members for help or to impart ideas too, which is great for motivation and support.

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