Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste Income Review – Scam or Legit?

Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste Income Review – Scam or Legit?

Want to try out this new product that has just been promoted to you? Get to read my Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste Income review first before you do it.

Well, this is yet another get rich quick program that has been launched by the famous Ewen Chia, who’s well known within the online business space. If you are looking to know if this program is really making people rich in just a day after you have joined, then you will want to read this review to the end to discover the real truth about it, and know for sure whether it’s really working or is just another long read with empty promises.

I’ve gone ahead of you in the spinning mills of the program and gotten to know what this program really sells, and have actually gotten to answer most of the questions I had about it when I got to know of it, which I’m also sure are what you are asking yourself. Don’t worry, I’ve answered them inside here, you only have to read.

And yeah, I’ve left my final verdict on this program to help you know if it is going to be the best match for you and your online expectations or if you’ll just have to go elsewhere to get them achieved.

So let’s delve into it right away.

Business Name: Copy paste Income
Website Address: copypasteincome.com
Owner: Ewen Chia
Price: $37+ more upsells
Rankings: 40 out of 100

Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste Income Review – Introduction:

Are you a huge fan of gurus? I know am not! Well I have a good reason for not trusting in gurus, so please don’t judge me yet. Hear me out first. You see, when it comes to the online business space, you are going to find there are 3 main types of gurus; those that are great gurus and do know what they are doing and teaching, those that relatively know what they are not talking about but can’t entirely teach you what you want to know about that particular thing they are claiming to be great at, and finally there’s the worst.

Those who claim to be gurus, badmouth other real gurus who are way ahead of them, and what is amazing about them, is that they are not gurus at all and are very far from being such.

And these are the most people you’ll find online.

They have no idea, not even the slightest bit of it, about what they are crowning themselves to be masters of. So you see what am getting at? And why I stopped believing in them? (I used to but that was long ago)

What happens is that these so called gurus will often mislead you to getting the wrong idea of what you want to know about the online world or want to get into and start earning a monthly income from. You will find them taking you completely off the right track and leading you to believe that the little you knew about what you wanted to get into is false and insignificant, and would want to get a new perspective of it if you wanted to really make the most of the opportunity you want to seize.

And since you are just a rookie, you can’t help but go with flow, go with the “master’s” advice. And the thing is, if you are not getting advice from two or more people, which is what you will often be told not to do so as not to “confuse” yourself, you are going to end up being scammed.

And that’s why I always recommend being part of an online community, and not following some guru entirely. Being in a community helps your mind awaken. And you will often learn what you wanted to, in the shortest time possible and with the most fun filled way possible. You see with gurus, you are imitating what they give you but with a community you are evaluating options and choosing what’s best for you.

Take something like internet marketing, as an example. Say you have someone who claims to be a guru in this and perhaps is, and wants to teach you. You maybe excited at first because at first, it kind of seems like you are going to follow the footsteps he actually took to achieve the success he has gotten. And this means that you will be blind to so many things, as the guru doesn’t know all there is about it and probably won’t teach you everything so that you don’t outsmart them.

But if you had a community of guys doing affiliate marketing, it seems and most oftently is, working with a number of real and serious gurus in this field. And the good thing about this is that you are going to get various points of view and approaches to various issues which will help you see things from all corners and help you choose from the options you have, the best solution.

So you see? It’s more lucrative to work with a community which you have a slim chance of getting scammed on rather than work with a guru who will likely want to take advantage of you. But then the problem arise, how do you get the best communities for what you want? How do you get free and good quality communities?

I totally understand those people who are working with gurus.

And I say this because I know that they often meet them at the very first contact hen looking for what they want to learn. Someone gives you some insight into an aspect of the thing you want to know about, and you find him very informed. He tells you to sign up for his mailing list to get more free insight.

And they end up leading you to a product, which they’ve created. But I would like to offer you this free tip, just join a community that has got thousands of people who work online with different niches, and in this way you are going to have a huge portion of the internet on your hands. But please refrain from people who call themselves gurus and make you feel like they know everything that goes online.

And to show you how you know these gurus who want to show you that they know it all, who make like they are it, let’s take a look into the Copy Paste program to know more about it.

What is the Copy Paste Program?

This is a total scam program that claims to teach you how to track endless traffic and make money with it without building a website. It is a get rich quick scheme that is set to get you all excited about it and join, and then a few hours into it, it dawns on you that you have been robbed.

The owner claims that he has a way, which no one ever has or is ever close to discovering, that only needs copy pasting, and earning money as soon as that very day. And he even gives you a false stunt of how he put it to the test, aside another guru’s system and his beat the other gurus by far. But the real truth is, this is an outright lie, and I’ll be sharing you evidence in a moment.

The owner of this system is Ewen Chia, who’s not really new to this world of marketing. He has had much popularity for having being the best selling author of the “How I made my first million from the internet and how you can too!” He has also been featured in the newspapers several times as a motivational speaker.

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But this doesn’t mean he is really what he is claiming to be. Ewen has also been well known online for having a good number of get rich quick programs like this which failed terribly, and Autopilot profits is one of them which he just launched recently, and that he will use to get money off of most people.

He will always claim to have the secret formulas to making money online, and after you have bought one of his products, he will refer you to another which you will also have to pay for, and in the end, spend more money and get almost nothing that can benefit you.

How Does it Work?

As with all the other programs he’s launched, he’s always saying that you don’t have to shed a drop of sweat when making money with this system he has created. Everything you want is on autopilot and you are only going to need to set up a few things which will take a maximum of an hour and then have the stream make money for you.

And to tell you the truth, there is no such technique that has been proven to make money on autopilot from the onset of the program. For years now nothing has worked, and Chia who just set his foot on this vast world just the other day claims to be making millions on autopilot.

You see these are the gurus I was telling you about. They will want to show you how they stand out from the rest but in reality they don’t really know what they are claiming to.

Alright, let’s see how the system (the secret formula) works.

Selling ebooks is going to be the major activity you are going to get involved with here. And what you will be specifically doing is to take the ebooks that Ewen has created and then slipping your affiliate ID which you are going to get from Clickbank, into it and then go give it out to people.

When the people who get the ebooks read them they are going to come across you affiliate ID in the products that have been advertised in them. And when they click and go ahead to buy products through it, you are going to earn straight commissions.

But one thing you need to note is that you’ll be working with ebooks that Ewen has created which are the same across all the members. And while this is the case, you are going to find it hard to get you affiliate ID clicked long enough to get you a sale. If you didn’t know, it takes more than 100 clicks to actually get a clickthrough that will lead to a sale.

And if you will be giving out free ebooks. To people who aren’t really interested to know what you are promoting in the eBook and are not at all bothered with ads, then how slim is your chance to obtain a sale from it.

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Something that struck me is the fact that Ewen highly recommends you to spam social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which will only target uninterested traffic, that is traffic of low value as it won’t convert. Also, you are sometimes going to get punished by these sites when they detect that you are spamming them with affiliate links for your own selfish motives.

This is the secret formula…

Which really isn’t any new ad he says since may folks have been doing this for ages. First, the ebooks are of low quality which means it won’t even benefit the interested people. Second, you are going to get traffic to your affiliate links by spamming social platforms and other forums with many members, which is highly unethical and makes people lose interest in your activities and sometimes block and report you.

And finally, you are going to target the kind of traffic that barely converts. So you can see that the secret strategy you will be using here is of no use. And it is not going to get you even $100 a month talk less of the millions and millions of dollars you are promised to make.

Who is it For?

Well, according to the creators, this program is going to help make huge profits for all people, anyone out there who wants to make more money by just copying and pasting just 10 minutes a day. Ewen says that if you don’t have to have a website, a domain, a building list, a squeeze page or even any knowledge of how to drive traffic into your target areas. He goes on to say, that you are still eligible for this even if you are not a graphic designer or a programmer or even a copy writer.

According to me, this is just to show you how the video trainings that you will be given in the program are effective, which will top up to the trust you, as their target, will have in them. I say this because if the only work that you will be going is to spam links, what is the point of having all these requirements? Even a completely uneducated folk of this generation can do that. Even his grandmother can do that, as he says and which is ridiculously true.

But do you know who this program is really best for?

For the people who are looking to see if they can get any get rich quick scheme that works. Ewen has made most of them but none of them have amounted to anything. You can’t make hundreds of thousands of dollars with this or with any other scheme that promises you an easy way to generate income from the web.

There is only one way that really pays to create a good income stream online, and that is by putting in the effort to create an online marketing business, that is entirely yours and which you have full control over.

What is Included in the Program?

Well, there are some resources that have been given to you to help make your promotions effective and maybe get to make some few bucks. But you can rest assured that the resources have got some value you can benefit from, but just a little, a tiny bit. And these resources include:

1. Ebooks

You are going to get 10 ebooks that you are going to download, re-brand them, or rather spin them and then sell. And these downloadable ebooks include:
• E-zine secrets
• How to create affiliate bonuses
• Internet content cash
• Preselling secrets
• Internet X Factor
• Email profit Maximizer
• Effective list building secrets
• How to boost your online sales
• Subscriber secrets
• Secret marketing formula

2. Coaching videos (step by step)

You also get videos that walk your through the techniques that you will be using to re-brand the ebooks and give them away. Here, the owner has deliver to you the best possible ways you can perfect your unethical practices to drive traffic to your links and how they get the traffic to get to them.

There videos aren’t really long. They are 6 in number and last for 2 to 10 minutes, not longer than that. So you can be sure to have very little understanding as they have been made with a lot of haste and the creator is not really going deep into details.

And you get them in this order:

• Profitable niches
• Affiliate products
• Relevant keywords
• Crate mini ebooks
• Promote mini ebooks
• Summary and advanced strategies.

In the last video, Ewen introduced you to another product which he highly recommends that you buy to scale your promotions(see what I told you about recommending another product?). Even though they touch on a few important factors to consider when doing your promotions, they won’t be sufficient to get you earning more than $5,000 a week. They can only get you something enough to be cashed pocket money, once in a while.

• Copy and pasted emails, squeeze pages and auto responding messages.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• Some of his resources, even though few, has some few insights into some powerful marketing strategies that come in handy for an open minded person.

The Cons

• There are way too many upsells with this program. Ewen promises to be a bit considerate with his prices because he understands your situation but he says this to get you to join where he will then take to a point sounding as if he’s recommending another great resource that you should leverage but he actually expects you to buy it.

• Although he sells this product, there is a way you can have access to the program for free, if you look it up in the search engines. He did that so that he could still get to earn from search engine traffic, which is very crafty of him.

• There are many false promises. For instance he promises you that you can earn with this secret formula that very day you buy it, but realistically, you cant earn that fast with promoting affiliate links through ebooks. They don’t convert that fast.

• You are literally being taught to be a black hat online worker which is giving you a short lived skill because you are going to enjoy it for a few weeks and then start getting penalized and to the extremes, banned all the time for being unethical.

• He’s telling you that you are going to get his “secret’ formula when in the real sense there is no secret in the formula as many people have been and still are using them and didn’t have to buy this product to know it.

• The videos are short and not well detailed. There is a lot of information that is being overlooked by them which is very crucial if you are going to want to be successful with this.

• You also have to be keen with the videos and have to understand everything he is saying all the while putting down important points as there no side notes for you to refer to. If you miss anything you are going to have to watch the video again.

• If you try to get out of the sales page, you are going to get a discount, which is not specified and you’ll be told that the discount will not come up again, which is basically pushing to the product. And if you cancel the bonus message you still won’t leave the page, you’ll be taken somewhere else within the page, which is very annoying.

• All the lavish lifestyle Ewen is leading you to believe he living, is just a lie. He couldn’t have gotten all the millions with this system. Actually no one has ever gotten to that point with only this strategy. It only earns you pocket money, if any.

Final Verdict:

Well, to start with, Ewen is big fat liar. He has promised you a lot of things that you are going to get off this program. And he goes ahead to show you how much you are going to miss if you don’t take this opportunity immediately.

I almost burst out with laughter when I heard him say that this product is not for everyone, it is for a select few, and if you found the “order” button on the page with your browser you are one of the lucky ones. This is just a hype to convince how valuable his program and how he wants to protect it from many people knowing it as it would bring too much competition, when in fact, there’s nothing hidden about it, at all.

There’s no way you can remove the “order” button from some browsers and leave others with it. The program is also not that special as he makes it appear. Who doesn’t know that technique he’s using? And he’s claiming to have worked hard for years by testing and trying every possible way to make it online until he came up with it, while he just got it from the free resources on the web and then got it to make money from you by using a secretive language that makes you want to know that secret.

And you have to be aware that although it is said that the program comes with a 60 days money back guarantee, don’t get cheated into thinking you’ll get your money back if you don’t get satisfied with it because you won’t.

To me this program is a total sham! And it needs to taken off the web and have it and all other program like it completely wiped out.

Final verdict – A blatant scam!
Name: Copy paste Income
Website: http://www.copypasteincome.com/?hop=0
Owner: Ewen Chia
Price: $37+ more upsells
Rankings: 40 out of 100

Have you happened to buy into any of Chia’s programs? Have you asked for a refund from any of them? What was the experience like? Can you recommend this program to a friend? If chia was to release another program to help people make money online and with the same pitch, would you run for it? We would all be glad to hear your thoughts and ideas on this. Please leave them below.

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