Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits Review – Is it a Scam?

Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits Review – Is it a Scam?

Looking for a genuine Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits review? Then this one will serve you just that, and perhaps more.

I heard about this program a few days ago through a friend, and I’m sure you too heard through some people on social or emails or any other social forms. That is what all these programs use to get to folks out there. I took time to go behind the spinning wheels of this program and know whether it was really a program one can put his full trust on and see commissions following on as promised by Ewen.

All you want to know about the program is all here. So please take time to read this in its entirety to get to know the basic information about it that will help you make a more conscious decision on whether to go for it or just keep off it and get something else to help you make money online.

And without taking any more of your time, let’s get right into it.

Business Name: Autopilot Profits Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits Review
Website Address: www.get-internet-income.com
Owner: Ewen Chia
Price: One-time fee of $37
Rankings: 40 out of 100

Verdict – Scam!

Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits Review – Introduction:

The hype continues. Every new month comes with two new online money making scam programs. You are always going to find new programs from the so-called online masters being advertised to you, to your emails, commercials, through your friends on Facebook and many other channels.

And what happens, to get a huge catch off their promotions, they will use people you know to get to you in the most convenient way possible for them, not to sound too scammy, at first contact. They will often give rewards to your friends by first having them send you a message promoting the program in the most enticing way, and then leave a link for you to click to get to know more about the actual product.

And since it’s your friend introducing you to the program, the very same friends you trust and have never misled you, you can’t help but seek to more and ultimately join it, which is the ultimate goal.

And soon afterward, after you have been scammed, that is when you realize that even the person who got you into it, knows nothing about it. And this is just one strategy they are using to help to increase their reach. There are much more ways that are very sly they are using and coming up with every other day.

And in the next few years, the online business world will be filled with more of scams than the legit ones. It is going to be extremely difficult to actually spot a program that really works and will get you a monthly income that you can survive on.

You are going to have to go through a huge amount of scams, and perhaps get scammed on your way to a genuinely paying program. And the main problem with the web, which is contributing to this rapid growth of these scam programs on the net is that fact that anyone has the right to create an e-commerce program they wish and get to earn money from it, without any questions asked.

Well, there are some countries like Australia, the United States, and Canada, to mention but a few that have got strict terms and conditions of use when it comes to creating your e-commerce projects, but most of the other countries don’t. They just allow any developer, be they of integrity or not, to create a program and get to earn with it; however, they like.

And this is not going to change, at least not anytime soon.

So you should be the one taking effective measures to protect yourself from scams if you want to have a great experience when using the internet. And how do you go about that? How do you get to shield yourself from the thousands of scam artists online?

Well, there’s no formula to doing away with all of them, it will just take a little effort to keep off the most common ones, and with a good time, you will have an easier time identifying them right off the bat.

So for now, I would like to recommend an amazing way which has been helping me avoid scams online for the last few years. And if you follow this every time you think of getting a product online, you will save yourself a huge amount of possibilities of getting ripped off.

And here is what you need to do.

Always take time, after you have had a program pushed on to you, to get some outside information of it. Most often, you will find a direct link that goes right into the program, such that when you click on the link, you go directly into the program and get enticed enough to join.

But if you take time and close the program after watching the promo video or post, and first think about it, and then later get some other people’s opinions on it, you are going to put off the tension, the anxiety and the urge that is usually created by you to get you to join seconds or minutes after watching the video. When you take a break, this is what you should do. Read online reviews of the actual program. You are going to get a huge deal of insight into it that will surprise you.

Tired of Scams?

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And to show you exactly what I mean, let me give the huge deal of insight, I’m talking about, into the autopilot profits program:

What is Autopilot Profits?

This is another scam program that claims to give you the lavish lifestyle you have been looking for all this while by helping you, walking you are by the hand on his product and show you can sell affiliate products from Clickbank, through the unethical strategies.

You are basically taught the black hat methods of forcing a sale into people without even worrying about anything, their trust, privacy, and confidentiality. Ewen promises you a money making machine that will generate profits to you quietly and completely on autopilot. And if you take time to think about it, as I told you, could it be that we affiliate marketers could be struggling so hard to make sales when we actually knew there was another easy way out? Yeah, right!

Basically, Ewen is just trying to take advantage of these newbies who are just making their initial start within the online world, and he sure will get a good catch of the many rookies going online every day.

And who is Ewen Chia, for real? This is a guy who had been working in the online space for quite awhile now. I have to admit that he’s had a good number of other programs launched some legit, but most of them under the same claims.

A good example of such programs is their Commission Money Machine he set up just a few months back. And this not being his first time with these scammy products, he has had much popularity selling them. In fact, if you do a Google search on his name, you will only find countless get rich quick online programs that he is associated with. More to that, he is also known to hold some motivational speeches to different audiences and sell books to them.

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This is where he gets the chance to meet with influential people like Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins and the like. So just to be clear on that, it’s not his massive success that has brought him close these people, it’s purely business!

How Does it Work?

Have you ever heard of those online “gurus” who will catch you with their sweet convincing words to get you buying into their hype? And once you’ve joined they refer you to other products they are selling to have you but them too? (Which by the way, are going to earn them a commission once you make your purchase) If you have ever seen such people, then know that Ewen is one of them.

His plan is to get you to buy all other get rich quick products that he’s selling. And before we even get to that, do you remember Ewen promising you that you will be making money without any websites, domains and hosting plans? Well, this is going to be fun. Most of the videos he’s put into the program are for creating WordPress websites and administrating them. In fact, let’s take a deep look into what you get for the $37 you pay for it.

When you make your purchase of the program, you are going to have access to only 20 videos that are extremely short with the longest one going for 10 minutes. More to that, you get a list of sources of free traffic that include:

  • Wikipedia
  • Squidoo
  • Yahoo answers
  • YouTube
  • Google News
  • Adswaps
  • Press release
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • SEO

And note that you are just getting lists, you are not even being taken through the actual steps of getting these tactics to work for you. And you also get access to the course Ewen made for you. And the table of contents include:

  • Introduction
  • System Step 1
  • System Step 2
  • System Step 3
  • Top Bonuses
  • Secret coaching
  • 1k a day biz
  • Copy paste cash

All these are just worthless. You don’t get anything of value from them. You just get some vague information that won’t even help you do anything of significance. The top bonuses themselves are the 20 videos I told you about earlier on.

And remember I told you Ewen is about the fake gurus who will refer you to other scam products he’s promoting, well, he is going to send you to one of his programs, which is pretty much the same as autopilot perches called the Super Affiliate Millionaire, which you are going to get the “secret coaching”

I believe you are not starting to get the hang of things here, aren’t you? It’s plainly an outright scam!

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Who is it For?

Ewen claims that this product of his, is going to benefit anyone who wants to make money online with online marketing and would like to do it with the least amount of money possible as you will be shown how to avoid using websites, that will actually cost you even more as you build them out due to things like website hosting and all that. But as you have seen, this is definitely not fit for people like these.

On the contrary. The very fact that he is referring you to some other scams showed the words honesty and integrity don’t seem to find any place in his dictionary. All he wants to do is to get many as people as possible to buy his overvalued scam and just lose hope on ever making money online after they’ve seen what’s like on the inside.

With all the crazy tactics that can’t work, and some that work but are way too advanced for you, as a newbie, and which would definitely require a website, which he’s promised you that you don’t need, you can see all the hype he’s creating on this other end to have you get into it.

And the kind of people who are going to be scammed in huge numbers is those who:

• Want to get rich quick – If you think there’s a hot button online that a system can provide you with and help you generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in minutes, odds are you are going to land on this one. And the sad thing is that there are thousands of people looking for this and that will surely be scammed. It’s better to earn your living the hard but honest way you know can’t disappear overnight and can’t cheat you as these programs do.

• Want to make commissions on autopilot – If you want a program that PROMISES you, not delivery, that promises you a system that you will place your hands on and set it to make money for you without having to spend more than 20 minutes on it, then this can do that.

You need to understand that there is no program that will ever do that, in this era. The online world is pretty much the same as the offline world, what you have to sweat your head off to make a dime, only that, within the online world you don’t have to commute.

What is Included in the program?

There is nothing of any value you are going to get off this program, so much so that even if you are a total rookie. Apart from the course that gives you 5 minutes long videos showing you how to set up a blog (and there’s another one that is one and a half minutes long), you are going to get only one more thing, the resources.

And in the resources section, you get these categories:

  • Mega Traffic
  • Traffic Secret
  • Social Profit
  • Site Software
  • Traffic software
  • Done for You

At a glance, you may think this is a set of powerful resources that are going to help you achieve massive amount of success, but, woe unto you, you are not going to get even a quarter’s worth of value in this program. They are just categories just to excite you, but once you have clicked on any of them, you are going to be in great shock!

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There is no resource that has been tackled at all. You only get a bunch of vague information that is all confusing. And sometimes I am inclined to think that he makes the thing confusing intentionally, to get you all the more stuck, and wanting more help than you initially needed. And this brings in the chance to have him recommend you other products he’s created and has you buy them.

Pros and Cons:

The pros

• Nothing is good about the program, well apart from the fact that Ewen was fortunate enough to have had a photo with Donald Trump before he won the presidency.

The Cons

• A huge scam that doesn’t deliver the slightest bit of all the promises it makes that is all big talk that gets you fired up to want to get into it but no show whatsoever within the program.

• Ewen has really disgraced his family by having a photo of them included in his scam program with the intention of catching the emotionally attached individuals and have them think, “Awww, If he’s putting a photo of his family then it surely means he’s seriously genuine.”

• All the videos are just of low value; you can even get better ones for free on the web on YouTube. What he does can be done and has actually been done better for free by other people on other websites who are really determined to help people.

• Pretty much EVERYTHING about this product is A CON!

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Final Verdict:

I believe everything is about this “Autopilot Profits” machine is clear to you as it is to me. It’s official, the autopilot profits system by Ewen Chia is a scam. If you look at these promises you are given before you get into it, you can think it’s a dream come true for you.

You won’t have to lift a single finger towards it, but you will make the most of your fortune off it than you ever have with all the other jobs you have worked in your entire life summed up. But once you get in there, you get everything contrary to that. 5 minutes after sending your payments you will be gnashing your teeth.

And even though you get a 60 days money back guarantee on it, you can’t have the full guarantee that you will get the money back after you realize that you have been scammed. It may be a term that Clickbank, where this program is purchased through, sets for every product that is posted in there, but knows that the owner of it has the right to delay it as long as he wants.

And they can do it long enough to have you give up on it. And perhaps not even refund you at all and nothing will happen to them, perhaps Clickbank refuses to work with them again, just perhaps. So beware!

Final verdict – A perfect example of a scam!

Name: Autopilot Profits
Website: http://www.profitbank.com/join/index.php
Owner: Ewen Chia
Price: a one-time fee of $37
Rankings: 40 out of 100

Have you been ripped off by this scam before? Have you had an encounter with any other of Ewen’s products? What was the experience like? Did you get your money back? Did you contact the support? What were the responses you got from them? We would love to hear your ordeal. Please leave your story below and enlighten all the rest of us.

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