Euro Millionaire System Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Euro Millionaire System Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Euro Millionaire System Review;

Business Name: Euro Millionaire SystemEuro Millionaire System – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address:
Price: $100
Business Owner: David Williams
Overall Rank: 35 out of 100 points

Euro Millionaire System Scam Review – Introduction:

Euro Millionaire System was launched by David Williams who is an expert binary trader. He is also the owner of The Timing System that I have reviewed previously. You can check my review here. As per David, this is the tested system over the past two years by him and he was very successful.

Euro Millionaire System is a program that guides you how to make money online and become millionaire within short span of time. Amazing! Isn’t it? Well, you will get true and clear picture of this platform as you will read my review but one thing most important is any program that uses millionaire in its domain name, always assumes this a risky product.

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How the Euro Millionaire System Works?

Euro Millionaire System is just a sales page for Opteck, a UK based online brokerage founded in 2011. This site hosts a trading platform that is accessible through your laptop via the internet. You need to deposit fund with the brokers and then you are able to start trading binary options, stocks, commodities, and indices.

In member’s area, you will find a tool called trade sentiment that send signals to the investors. By using those signal investors decides whether to go for the call or put option.

Typically investors move in the direction which sentiment tool guides. Let’s suppose if tool shows 61% call and 39% put then it is a guide for you to choose the call option. Alternatively, you can use up for call and down for put and they are used as synonyms. You may be thinking what is behind this tool.

Well, there is no rocket science… this is based on what othmajority of people are doing in Opteck while trading. If the majority are doing call then this software will also show you call signal and vice versa.

Surprisingly, David, this times moved against the majority and he guides that always choose the option where the minority are moving. This is because it is the interest of brokers to guide people based on sentiment tool and majority mostly lose so move to the other direction. Remember when you lose, brokers will gain.


The Euro Millionaire System Strategy:

The other part of the system guides you how to start your trade. Start always with the small amount (in this case $20) and if you are successful with the trade then move to the next second level of higher value trade. Well, most other systems told you to do the same amount of trade but this strategy is opposite.

If you lose just repeat with the same amount and if you win then move to the next level.. Let suppose you start with $20 and lose this one then with the next trade you should again trade with $20.

If you win this second one then move to the next trade paying $35 and then $50 and then $70 and then $100. When you finally reached $100 and win that final trade then you should end your trade for this day as you have gained some profit in the short term.


Things I Like about Euro Millionaire System:

Low Investment

As compared to other trading platforms that requires you minimum $250, Opteck only requires you to deposit $100. Moreover, as per David strategy you can start trade with very little amount of $20 but you should have a reserve fund in your account to recover in next stage.

Good Support

As common in binary options sites there is live chat support available that reply you within few minutes. You may ask any question and get the response very quickly.

Things I Don’t Like about Euro Millionaire System:

A risky Strategy

There is no logic in the strategy and how you could earn in the long run. You can empty your account in seconds by doing that illogical things. The strategies should be based on some past and future market information that has an impact on the forex market.

You should totally interact with the news and other market participants to know what exactly is going to be happening in the future.

This strategy is completely opposite of David other product “the timing system”. Which one is correct and which one is wrong? I am waiting for your response but in my opinion both are wrong!

Let’s look at one person who uses this strategy and sees what has happened to him…..


Risky Business Model

I think after reading above you will be pretty clear that how much risk involved with this type of business. You can empty your full money account in seconds and believe me above 90% people lose their money in this system.

The reasons are very obvious;

  • Non-Financial background
  • Relying on such false tools information
  • Don’t conducted market research
  • Volatility of market, despite you research and perfection it can move opposite anytime
  • Not enough money

Is Euro Millionaire System a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

To be honest, it is not a scam but believe me very risky business despite your market information and familiarity. Very surprisingly the strategies included in this system is totally opposite from David other system which shows clearly that David is using trial and error methods and experimenting on other people money. Moreover, there are also some withdrawal issues associated with Opteck.mer

My sincere advice for everyone is if you are looking for genuine online earning opportunity that are free from above risks then affiliate marketing is best business model and for this purpose see my #1 recommendation that guides you everything about how to build business from home.

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