Endless Traffic Machine Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Endless Traffic Machine
Website Address: www.endlesstrafficmachine.com
Price: $9.95
Business Owner: Billy Darr
Overall Rank: 54 out of 100 points

Endless Traffic Machine Scam Review – Introduction:

Getting traffic is a dream for everyone who are looking for earning money online and in the past there were different products started to provide guidance to people. Similar to this Endless Traffic Machine is a site that guide you how to generate traffic from 7 different resources.

If you are not making money online, generating nil traffic then you need to change your strategy and do something different. Endless Traffic Machine claims that by following their strategy you can resolve that issues pretty easily.

What is Included in the Product?

It consists of 11 videos, 7 mind maps and 7 cheat sheet. If we look at the video series then this comprises:

Introduction Video – This video provide you introduction about the system and how it works in order to get the best possible results.

Forum Traffic – It comprises two videos and guide you about how to drive traffic from forums. Generally most people ignored the power of forums but this training has guide it well.

YouTube Traffic – YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform and you get tons of traffic from it. You will learn here all that you need for your traffic to grow from video marketing. It also comprises two videos 3 and 4.

Solo Ad Traffic – Traffic through emails is also a great way and you can buy this from people who have a large subscribers list and pay the owner based on agreed rates. It also consists of two videos 5 & 6.

Affiliate Traffic – Billy guided this method so that you can use it and gain benefits for your business.

Email Traffic – It is based on building your list and manage people in your list.

Facebook Traffic – Social media plays a very active role in SEO and it can deliver you large traffic if use correctly.

Press Release Traffic – Very rare to see that someone guide this method because it is also a very powerful way to increase traffic.

Endless Traffic Machine Pros vs. Cons:


  1. There are lot of different traffic generating techniques that you will learn and help you in your business. It constitutes seven methods like forums. Emails, YouTube and most of the strategies are free. Free traffic methods are good for beginners as they don’t have budget and this strategy also works for long term.
  2. Good support you can get in the system and also can join their Facebook group to interact with the community.
  3. Very reasonable price to start with $9.95. Though this is provisional and it will raised to $27 but those who purchased in discounted price definitely get more value.
  4. With this product Billy offers different bonuses to its members.


  • Lot of upsells when you login into member’s area. It’s annoying and also a bad gesture from site because what’s you pay initially will not access to the whole system. Your motivation will collapse but that’s how most internet marketing programs works.
  • Some billy strategies require you budget in order to implement. Though free methods are best but paid advertising can also work if it is implemented in the right manner. If you are new then setting aside budget for this source is definitely a difficult task.
  • Endless Traffic Machine will guide you how to drive traffic to your site but doesn’t show you how to build a site and you have to move the other platform for learning this. This can add your cost and also some compatibility issues. It is better to join the site that is complete package for you and offers its products and services at a reasonable price.
  • Some of the videos are not in the user friendly format because when videos contain information in the form of PDF presentation then it takes more time to understand.
  • Some of the videos lack advance information.

Endless Traffic Machine Price:

Endless Traffic Machine will cost you $9.95 but after some time its price reach to $27. But there are lot of up-sells in the site like:

  • Billy earning display for $17
  • Traffic using Bing ads for $27 (Click back and get 37% discount)
  • Another $997 upsell for $197 (discounted price)

Is Endless Traffic Machine a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, Endless Traffic Machine is not a scam and there are few valuable videos that can guide you few things but I don’t recommend this product because of the above cons. It can definitely offer more value than its investment $9.95 but I prefer product that has complete system for beginners. This system only offers you to drive traffic to your site but not the other aspect of how to create a website and do SEO.

What’s Next?

If you want to join the site that is complete package for you and has all the things that you need as a beginner in order to create a site and earn money from it then see my #1 recommended site.




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