Empower Network Review 2021 – Is it a Scam?

Empower Network Review 2021 – Is it a Scam?

Welcome to my Empower Network Review 2019!

Business Name: Empower NetworkEmpower Network Review – Is it a Scam?
Website Address: www.empowernetwork.com
Product Price: $25/month basic + Upsells (See details below)
Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe
Overall Rank: 55/100

Empower Network Review – Introduction:

Empower Network was established by David Wood and David Sharpe back in 2011. The purpose of empower network is to enable peoples with small businesses, entrepreneurs and other people who are willing to learn how to leverage the Internet and technology to get more customers.

The Empower Network (EN) help their members to start earning money online and start their online home business. They do more focus on promoting their empower network, and their affiliate program pays commissions that allow members to create a substantial online income.

The affiliate program offered by EN pays 100% commission that allows members to believe that they can achieve a substantial online income while working from home.

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Empower Network Membership Levels:

Viral Blogging System ($25 per month)

To get access to blogging platform you have to pay basic membership fee $25 a month and will give you a blogging site that isScreenshot024 owned by empower network. Different items that are included in this package are:

  • Create a blog
  • Various Themes
  • SEO Tool
  • Drag and Drop Technology help you to upload custom header and banners
  • Commenting System

Remember this blog is the property of EN and you have no control over it. Whenever you left the system, it belongs to EN.

Inner Circle fee ($100 per month)

It is basically a mindset training that is a collection of audios put together by successful entrepreneurs. They will tell you how they become successful. You can also listen to daily inspiration for getting more confidence.  You can download these motivational audios and upload to your cell phone.

Costa Rica Intensive ($500 one time payment)

Eleven videos recordings of David Woods held at his home in Costa Rica that discusses ideas, strategies, and techniques on many aspects of an online business: Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and network marketing.

The Costa Rica Mastermind Course is an advanced business development course for those who are building wealth through their Empower Network business. You earn a 100% commission when you make a sale.

The $15K Formula ($1,000 one time payment)

The 15k formula course is all about how to get to $15,000 in 90 days. This course consists of founder’s webinars, marketing strategies, give advice, walk you through different types of software, traffic generation techniques, search engine optimization (SEO) and paid traffic sources.

The Masters Retreat ($3,500 one time payment)

This is a series of 41 videos that were recorded at the Empower Network Masters retreat.  Most of the videos in this category are individual stories and motivational videos from top marketers.

To me, spending $3,500 on this type of videos seems too much considering that most of this information have little to do with creating your own business.


Compensation Plan:

If you wanted to sell any empower network products then you will need to pay $19.95/month. The compensation plan is quite complicated, but I will show you the core idea. You are required to purchase all the levels then you can earn commission from all levels otherwise they pass this to the above person that are qualified.

Let’s look at the example; if you purchase the $25 blogging package and someone signs up under you, then you will only get the commission on the $25.

However if that same person buys into the higher levels package within Empire Network, you will NOT get paid for those commissions as you are only paying for the $25 level.

Pros vs. Cons:


  • Commission rate is very high.
  • Some good motivational stories.
  • Some good training can be found.


  • There is no real product, and mostly you are promoting this system.
  • Not only you are promoting empower network but with such high cost.
  • You need to work very hard to build a downline because you are not actually “selling” anything to people.
  • It is very similar to a pyramid scheme.
  • Lot of upsells in empower network. When a member joins, he/she will be motivated to buy additional products to earn from this system.
  • Free trial not available.
  • You have to pay $20 per month so that you can get paid.
  • Complaints are increasing day by day as failure rate is very high.
  • You have no control on your blog. It all belongs to empower network.

Training & Support:

There are several modules of training offered by EN. But this is not accessible with basic $25. Each training has an additional price point.  The training provided is dependent on “whom” you sign-up through in this scheme.

Some good training and motivational stories are available but with such high cost and most of the training also related to “how to promote empower network to others”.

Once you join the program, there is also a lot of focus on upgrading in the system. When you upgrade, this money will go directly to your uplines. If you don’t buy, then nobody is going to make money on this platform, and you can expect to be ignored by those above you.

If you want a personal support there, then remember you do not have direct access to the owners. There is no training or support offered without an extra cost, and even at that, it is not personal training but a series of audios and videos. Most of the time upline support come when you are upgraded.

Empower Network Review – My Conclusion:

To be honest, you are paying so much for nothing. There is no product and what you are buying will be distributed to up liners. Too much expensive with no reliable business model and most of the training emphasized on promoting EN.

More and more number of people are leaving EN and mostly those who are promoting EN are those who are earning in this manner. If you are really looking to build your own online business, then you should read about my Wealthy Affiliate review, which is my #1 recommendation. You will be able to see the difference, the guidance and support are like nothing else out there.

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