Emma Stewart’s Online Profit System Review – Another Scam?

Emma Stewart's Online Profit System review

Business Name: Online Profit System
Website Address: www.online-profit-system.com
Price: $19.97
Business Owner: Emma Stewart
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100 points

Online Profit System Scam Review – Introduction:

Online Profit System is supposedly be owned by Emma Stewart. Emma has also been associated with other lot of programs in the past named as Direct Online Income, Online Income System, and Online Profit System. In reality, it is difficult to tell who is actually behind these programs but that person is using the same persona for all that programs.

These type of sites are everywhere on the web and they just run after some time and within few days come up with the new names. Don’t fall under their false promises and one thing very clear there is no short cut for earning full-time income. I have already reviewed similar programs in the past with the name of Home Income Program, Work at Home Paycheck, and Work at Home University.

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What is Included in Online Profit System?

To become a member, you need to pay one-time fee of $19.97 and this would entitle you to access automated money making website, training guides, videos and 1 on 1 training. After providing the requisite information you will be taken to the sales page where you find some detail about this program.

It is very interesting that you will find what this program is not but nothing about what exactly it is. It would be better that admin should talk about this opportunity but obviously there may be some hidden objectives that forces them to avoid disclosure.

The regular price of this system is $39.95 but it is available at $19.95. Sometime it gets further lower if you try to close the sales page then you get the option to leave or stay on the page. If you choose stay on the page then the product down sell to $9.98.

Why Online Profit System is a Scam?

Everything Fake

When you land on the sales page there you will find most popular logos. The purpose is very obvious, to increase the credibility in the eyes of the viewers. Actually sites like CNN, CNBC and other similar sites often talk about homemade income opportunities and they used this and other similar terms for their own purpose.


Not only this there are other fake income reports and testimonials that can be easily build using different software’s. Such fake images show you how people made money within one week even with no experience. It sounds too good to be true and it really is. My friend the truth is, making money online takes time and it can take up to 4 months until I made my first sale. That´s the way it is, it is business and business takes time.

Let’s look at the owner behind this site Emma Stewart, this name has been used for lot of online programs in the past. The whole system of the site look very suspicious and admin has tried everything to portray this a legal opportunity but people who have experienced in this field know better to identify the bad ones.

Full of Hype

Let’s look at first unrealistic claim about earning $379 per day. Definitely, it is possible what they didn’t tell you how much time it require to reach at this level.  I have seen lot of reliable products they openly discloses that earning online money is not a day and night game but requires persistent effort.


Not only this, you are further pressurized to purchase this product immediately because there are few spots available. Believe me, it is not real and you always get a free spot. This is just another bad marketing strategy.

Why not Join the Best Opportunity?

There are lot of opportunities online from scam to legit but if you are really looking for online opportunities then why not join the best one. You may be thinking which the best one is. The answer is simple…..

Any program that speaks the truth and don’t hide anything is that should be focused on. Money online is not easy and anyone trying to motivate you for short term approaches are all scams. To be honest, it takes a year to start earning regular income.

I am showing you one similar opportunity that fully matches this criteria called Wealthy Affiliate. It has been around more than 10 years and guides you everything about affiliate marketing. Automated sites as claim by Online Profit System are also on affiliate marketing but you couldn’t master this unless you join the best platform.

Generally such automated sites have copied content that is very difficult to rank on Google. Even Google penalized such site for copying content from other sites.

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If you are a beginner then affiliate marketing is the business model that should be focused on. It requires less investment and has huge return on investment. I know it takes time to build and only serious workers could achieve good results.


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  • Updated September 14, 2016
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Veronica Cardona - May 23, 2016


    khan - May 24, 2016

    Thanks Veronica for your comment. There are many platforms but the best one i have found is called Wealthy Affiliate. Please read review here.

      kj lee - June 27, 2016

      Wealthy Affiliate is actually NOT free. It’s pretty expensive on it’s own. It seems like everyone who who speaks ill of Emma Stewart’s websites, are giving Wealthy Affiliate thumbs up. Now that is raising some eyebrows. I wonder did Wealthy Affiliate paid commission for giving his website some good words?

        khan - June 28, 2016

        Thanks kj lee for your comment. Yes good opportunity never comes up free but they offer free account with limited access to training and tools. If someone like it then go for premium. I think this is the best way to go for any program. If you are promoting any program they will give you commission so why not promote something that is the best among the business.


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