Emily Hudson Ultimate Home Profits Review – Is it a Scam?

Emily Hudson Ultimate Home Profits Review – Is it a Scam?

Business Name: Ultimate Home Profitsultimate home profits review
Website Address: www.ultimatehomeprofits.com
Owner: Emily Hudson (formerly called Michelle Robinson)
Price: $97 or more + $47 down sell
Overall ranking: 15 out of 100
Recommendation: Keep off! Same old scam!

Ultimate Home Profits Review – Introduction:

With so many reviews, complaints and different claims on this product, it can really prove to be a really difficult task to identify which is truthful and which one is not. But with the extensive research I have done on this product that goes to the extent of committing my own money to get into the root of this program.

I believe I can boldly say that I am in a better position of giving a thorough review of it that is completely based on the truth. In fact, I will be backing up my words with visual proof and directions for you to confirm. So string along with me to the end to know what this program is all about.

So is Ultimate Home Profits a scam? Are any real people benefiting from this website? Are there any chances of ever making money with it? Do their strategies really pay? Are they even operating legally? All these and other questions that have probably flooded your mind up until now are going to come to a compete rest in a few. And without any further delays, let’s dive into my exceptional Emily Hudson Ultimate Home Profit Review.

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What is Ultimate Home Profits?

This is a website created by a character known as Emily Hudson, who claims to be teaching people to make money through posting links on the web. Emily and her team stress that current online job that is easy to work with and the one that is on highest demand is posting links for big producers like Netflix and Amazon to mention but a few.


A statement she makes claims that there are more demands for marketers who want to do this job but unfortunately, the supplies of these links in the current market is very low.

Is there any truth in this? To tell you the truth, NO! Firstly, the Emily Hudson doesn’t even exist. This is a brand name they give to this product to represent them. How I came about that? Sometimes back, the owner was Michelle Robinson, but after a couple of reviews written to expose it, the real owner of this site decided to brand it again with an Emily, and do not be surprised if you find the name changed next year to Jane or Riley.

Secondly, linking posts is not the job that is in highest demand, as of now. In fact, that is an outdated technique that was being used in the early days to make sales, but since Google updated its algorithms, it has become very hard to get by through posting links on the internet anymore.

Such programs are run by same persons who are changing names after some time. I have written some similar program reviews with the name of Work at Home Institute, Work at Home Paycheck, Work at Home University, and Home Income Program.

How Does Ultimate Home Profits Work?

Emily, the fake, claims that you are going to get paid $15 to $20 for posting each link on the web. And after doing this for just an hour, you will collect a whooping $379 in just a day. This means that in a month, you will be looking at something above $10,000. Just for posting links?

Then why isn’t everybody doing it? This strategy is just something to get you provoked to take action in their scheme. How can one earn as much $20 for posting a link in website keeping in mind that it’s just posting, not posting, getting a click and then a clickthrough?

Ideally, if you are to earn using links, you will have to wait for that link to be clicked on and then someone buys a product through the link and then from there you can say you made money. But what Emily Hudsons Ultimate Home Profits scam is promising is cash after every post. Good work “Emily” or whoever you are for giving such a good work-at-home opportunity… or not.

How You Get Rolling?

• Once you go to their official scam website, you will find the registration page which asks for your personal details like name, email and zip code. Earlier, it used to be your name, email and phone number, which they then used to annoy you with, by calling you frequently and selling promotional material to you which don’t even match their services.

• From there, you have now registered and have gotten partial access to this “money making machine” which will be “paying you and helping you build up wealth” You will then see how many available openings have been left in your area. Most often, you will find one or two available spaces left. This doesn’t mean that these statistics are true. It’s just a promotional trick to get you to do what they want right there and then.

They know that if they inflict urgency in you, you are going to see how valuable this website is and how chances are limited which is going to make you want to join soonest.

• After that, you are going to get a list of customers who you will be getting links to post for. Such customers include Gap, Amazon, Home Depot and Netflix among many others.

• You will then build and gradually develop a website that you will be using as your tool to promote the products using the links.

Side Note: The method of operation that they provide is just so low. Google won’t even look at the websites you will create for these links twice not to mention to index out even rank it. A website that is not of value and doesn’t benefit the visitor but only promotes affiliate links is not taken serous by most reputable search engines. You will want to think twice about this tactic.

Their Trainings:

This website is fortunate enough to have some training on various ways to make money online like email list building, affiliate marketing, and ebooks that will add to your knowledge of making things work. These methods do work, but the problem is, the training are very limited with little value to offer. If you decided to rely fully on the exact instructions they give without doing extra research, you are going to get a huge disappointment, rest assured.

They also have a calculator which helps you calculate how much you will be earning a month based on the effort and time you are willing to invest in the program. As if you would advertising get paid 🙂 This is just another tool to try and make you believe that this website really works when it actually doesn’t.

Their Fake Promise:

The website claims that you are going to live a very comfortable life full of wealth and prosperity as posting the links will bring in more money to the point of having full capability to buy a home, luxurious car and even a ferry. Yeah right! They go ahead and claim that with just an hour of posting links, that are sent to you via email, on your site, you will “live your dream life.”

In fact, here is a picture of the luxuries they say you will be having in a few.

Red Flags That Dismiss This Program:

• They once sent an email of Donald Trump supporting and encouraging Emily to keep providing the average Americans more paths to making a favorable income. When the tweet is searched for all over the internet, there’s no trace of it.What they are doing is to try to associate themselves with celebrities like Trump to gain reputation and trust. I don’t think even Donald Trump would even relate himself to such a scam.

• On the top right corner of their website, you will see some sort of affiliations and credits given to the website. It claims that the website has been featured on various influential TV networks like USA Today, ABC, CNN, Fox News and MS-NBC. These are just false claims to add more reputation to it to make people buy it and trust it all the more. If you go to YouTube and view any of these networks’ videos, not in a single one of them will you find this website featured. If you want you can try it now.


• When you get to their payments page, you will see the price set at $97 for you to gain full access. But if you happen to make any attempts to leave that page, you are going to see the price boiled down to $47 and they will also give you a fake discount saying that you have qualified for the “Friends and Family Discount”. What is this? Nothing! It’s just a fake discount to keep you in that page and possibly buy their program.

• At the bottom, they claim to have been verified by Trust Guard for business, security and privacy. All these are false allegations! Normally, when you click on a real Trust Guard certificate, you will be taken to a page that gives more details on the certification status. But if you click on the one at Ultimate Home Profits, you will see that it’s not going anywhere, and this means it’s a mere sham.

Last Thoughts on This Product:

This website is just but another rehashed program that tries to attract people using tricks that few people know of. Associating itself with celebrities and famous channels isn’t such a smart move, they ought to reconsider their action as this is easy to detect and prove them wrong. Using different names for the same product….

What more can we expect from them? Perhaps changing the domain name and bringing it back with some other names and characters?I bet. And all these promotions and stories directed at tricking people who are looking for legit ways to earn money.

Final Verdict:

Well, looking at the many proofs that have been shown in this review, you will clearly see that this is a scam at its worst. Many loopholes gives it away and people should avoid it at all costs. People who want to get ways that really pay and require no payments to start working should try my #1 recommended path that is free for life. Keep off scams like Ultimate Home Profits and others that use the same method of operation. Their end result is the same, stealing money from you!

Final verdict – Scam

Name: Ultimate Home Profits
Overall ranking: 22 out of 100
Owner: Emily Hudson (previously Michelle Robinson)
Price: $97 or more + $47 down sell
Recommendation: Keep off! Same old scam!

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