Email Domination Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Email Domination Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Product Name: Email DominationEmail Domination Review
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Product Price: $67
Product Owner: Anthony Morrison
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100 points

Email Domination Scam Review – Introduction:

Email Domination was launched by Anthony Morrison, a famous internet market who has launched many other products (Live Leap and Success with Anthony) in the past. He has also written many books in the past and you might have seen him on different TV channels discussing about the trends and updates in internet marketing.

This product of Anthony Morrison is based on email marketing and you called this product a comprehensive email marketing course designed for people like us to learn different successful strategies that Anthony has used in the past.

You have heard that money is in the list. It is right but you should know the strategies in order to implement this successfully. Anthony being an expert internet marketer has laid down all the tips and tricks that one need to be successful in list building.


What is Included in the Email Domination?

Anthony “Inbox Multiplier” Software

This is a software that is developed by Anthony Morrison and his team is using it very successfully. After purchasing this you will be provided this and you can start working instantly. More importantly you will have access to complete updates, changes or upgrades without paying any extra fee.

Training for Beginners

This training is especially designed for beginners who have not yet earned a single dollar from email marketing. In this training you will be able to learn how to build your list, learning email lingo and how to setup an auto responder service. You will also see Anthony Facebook fan page list building strategy and can see case study.

This training is great for beginners and once you learn all these things then you can understand entire email marketing course.

Advanced Training

This module consist of advanced training and good for all those people who have a list but want to grow it more, increase click through rate (CTR), and optimize your email copy. Specific training includes;

Inbox Optimization – You can only earn revenue when someone open your email and this is the module that can help you about this. Related to this you will also learn how to decrease your complaints and unsubscribes.

Copy Writing Optimization – It is the email that converts. If someone opens your email but if it is not written well then definitely you will not able to convert and can also lose subscribers. This is the module that guides you how to write effectively and don’t scared while writing emails.

Profit Optimization – These are strategies that can increase your conversion rate and as a result your profit. This course consists of four strategies that you can use.

Case Studies

Anthony’s One Million Dollars Case Study

You will able to learn how Anthony earned $1,000,000 in one day by just sending emails to subscribers. You will learn here the complete strategy and promotions he used while implementing this strategy.

Anthony’s $100,000 CPA Mailing Case Study

Anthony’s able to generate $100,000 this year by just using CPA promotions. This case study is complete disclosure about what is CPA mailing is, its strategy and show you why CPA mailing is so profitable.

$89,000 Click Selling Case Study

Another case study on how he earned over $89,000 using selling clicks strategy. This case study guides you in detail about introduction to click selling, maximize your earning from selling clicks, and avoid issues and mistakes.

$168,000 “They Didn’t Buy” Case Study

This case study shows you how Anthony’s convert people who initially don’t buy that he send emails to them. This case study covers how this strategy works, reason for working of this strategy, how you can apply this and what exact funnel he is using.

$2,000 “T-Shirt Selling Campaign” Case Study

This case study is based on his brother Adrian Morrison, who was able to sell T-Shirts in his first 30 days and manage to earn $3000. You will also learn how to write profitable emails to sell T-Shirts, email tinning, email types etc.

6 “Elite Profits” Live Webinars

You are able to meet with the owners and his team in the Live Elite Profits webinars, where they will answer your queries, guide strategies, and making sure that you are moving towards the right direction.

Things I Like About Email Domination:

Great Beginners & Advanced Training

This course is designed for everyone and when you log in to the member’s area then will find tons of useful information. Good part is that it is divided into two parts. First for beginners and second for advanced internet marketers. If you want to advanced training then please sure that you know all basic aspects.

Training is very in-depth and you will learn all important areas from start to finish. Moreover, this email marketing is very legitimate business model and you can easily use this if you see training like this platform. More email you send, mote the profit will be credited to your account.


Lot of Case Studies

I am very fan of case studies because it actually guides us in real situations and we can check that whether it is working for someone else or not. This Email Domination course contains lot of case studies that Anthony’s and other people have used and was very successful.

The good part of this is that you can exactly copy this an implement because it can increase the chances of your 2016-06-30_22-04-57success more times than if you are implementing a strategy on your own way. It is never guaranteed that you always be successful but definitely you will get something more.

Some case studies may seem unrealistic like earning $1,000,000 in one night but if we look at other case studies then we may consider them genuine. The funny part of this business model is, you never know the actual results because it can reward you more than your thinking’s.

User Friendly Member’s Area

After log in to the site, you can easily navigate in the member’s area and it is very user friendly. It is easy for each member to move around the site as most of the tabs are on your left side. Video tutorials used by Anthony is also of good quality, as one can easily see video and listen its audio.

I generally prefer video to learn new things because I absorb lot of things using this rather than any other mode. If you are also a fan of video tutorials then this site is great for you.


If you go to the suggested tools section then there you can find two tools. First is Build Redirect and second is Webfire. Build Redirects helps you to control on your clicks and traffic. You know well as an internet marketer that clicks can play important role in your profits and this tools helps you 100% control over each click, where it goes and how often it goes to certain places or more.

Webfire guides you about traffic. Traffic is the prime thing to increase your subscribers which ultimately leads to more conversion.

Things I Didn’t Like About Email Domination:

Some Hype in Case Studies

I liked this course because it contains lot of case studies but some are over hyped like, if you look at $1,000,000 in one day is simply unimaginable. Well I do believe that email marketing is a great way to earn good revenue income and even more than most other methods but earning such kind of income seems impossible within one day.


There is a support feature in the member’s area but sending support tickets to admin would not help much in terms of your business. Their help are mostly useful for technical aspects of the system. The thing I am talking about is no forum or community where you can interact with other members. This is good for beginners because it can help them to raise their queries and get help from other members.


This system has different upsells which can benefits to your business but they cost you in addition to purchase price. You will have to pay initially $67 in order to purchase this product. Remember this is the discounted price and its original price is $197. Once you pay for this you will see three different upsell;

First upsell called “Done for You Emails” that has all done for you and it only cost you $197. It is actually well written emails from professional writers and are ready made solution for generating profits.

Second upsell relates to CPA marketing which cost you $99. It is techniques that is used by Anthony for CPA promotions.

Is Email Domination a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In my opinion, Email Domination is a good product on email marketing course and you can invest in it in order to gain some new insights of how Anthony became so successful using his techniques. Different case studies will guide you different methods that you can implement and be successful.

Anthony is very successful internet marketer and has launched many successful products. His products also has some bad ones but I think this is one of better products he launched over the time. Before purchasing this product please do consider its cons that I have mentioned above. It is costly product and you can only learn email marketing.

It is better to purchase this product only if you are a professional because if you don’t know basic internet marketing techniques and other technical skills like website creation and basic SEO then this may not be helpful for you

What’s Next?

If you want to learn all the basics and advanced internet marketing techniques in order to create your own business then see my #1 recommendation.