Easy Video Suite Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Product Name: Easy Video SuiteEasy Video Suite Review
Website Address: www.easyvideosuite.com
Product Price: $197
Product Creator: Josh Bartlett
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100 points

Easy Video Suite Scam Review – Introduction:

It is a fact that video marketing has been increasing day by day, and if you haven’t utilized this to harness your business then soon you will leave far behind from your competitors. SEO experts have been using videos to generate tons of traffic to their sites and build a full-time business using various monetization ways.

If you are looking for building home based business, then I am disclosing one of best tool that can ease up the whole process. Its name is “Easy Video Suite”, and is a multipurpose video marketing software that can be used to record, edit, upload, publish and track videos. To be precise, it is developed in such a way so that your all video marketing tasks would become incredibly easy.

What is Included in Easy Video Suite?

The product includes bundles of software’s, and each one is designed for the specialized task. Now let’s see one by one;

Record and Edit Video

The prime role of this software is to record and perform basic editing function. There are two options available for recording purpose and both works in the same way and in a click of a button it starts recording. The first option is “from camera”, this will record video using your system webcam and the second option allows you to use built-in screen capture device offered by this software.

When you have recorded the videos, then you have the choice to edit it. Remember this feature is very basic here and it just allowed you to trim the edges.

Push Button Convert and Upload

Another major issue faced by video marketers is that after its creation they don’t sync with the web, browsers, and mobile. They may be working well with one browser but not with the other. So being a video marketer your time and headache increases in testing your video before publishing it.

Even after publishing it there are a lot of problems with codec and frames that can further irritate you. Thanks to Easy Video Suite, it has provided a complete solution for this, and as soon as you click on upload button, then you are relieved from all such fears.

Even you can record video from other tools and before uploading this on the web, a simple browse through you video using this software and upload it. Remember it will be uploaded on the online web-based dashboard on the Easy Video Suite.

Insane Player Customization

Once you made a video, converted it and uploaded it using Easy Video Suite software, it will now be stored online on your dashboard. You can insanely customize it. You can do so whatever you like to look attractive.

For example, you can customize following things;

  • Player (choose a specific width and height, Auto buffer, auto play, cookie auto play, cover image)
  • Frames (convert your video to look like iPad or iPhone)
  • Bar (Integrate social media icons to make it viral)
  • Shadow

Video Timeline

In this category, you can add new features to your videos and it is basically divided into two things. First, one is Chapter and the second one is called Events.

In the chapter, let’s say you have recorded a one-hour long video which comprises different chapters then you can easily add chapter number and their duration start and end time. In short this will help your visitor to help in navigation so that they can easily jump forward and backward to go a place where they like.

Events are any action that is triggered on a specified time. You have seen a lot of time on YouTube different popups that tried to attract your attention. This is very similar to this, and you can add graphics, opt-in forms, affiliate links, goodbye buttons, social sharing options or any other specified action.

Customizable Web Pages

This feature allows you to host your videos on their web pages and add other features like a Facebook comment, add a title, text, opt-in forms, and images. But in my opinion, it would be better to have your own server that allows you more control than this.

This is best for those people who don’t have their own website. On the right side of the web page, you can see different features and can just drag and drop those features to your webpage, and that’s it.

Video Analytics

This makes you even more exciting because you are getting guidelines on how to improve your video quality. The software actually interprets the data very well and is very specific. Let’s look at one of its message;

“You should check the section between 00:15 to 00:41 as this is where you are losing most of your viewers.”

Other more popular items included in this categories are;

  • How many conversions you get and income from this?
  • Yours upsells and income from upsells.
  • Total sales during the period and income.
  • How many people are sharing and commenting on this video?

SEO Features

Now people are earning a full-time income from YouTube. This is simple, ranking their videos and promoting affiliate offers. This truly converts well, and if you know this art, then you may be the next person to earn full-time income through video marketing.

Easy Video Suite help us in this way by showing that whether the video is SEO optimized or not. It will create video sitemaps, and check your view, engagement, and profits.

Video Security

One of the biggest problems with the internet is to protect your content. If you are using this tool then no problem because it is using most advanced encryption technology that hides all the coding that crackers used to rip, copy or embed videos.

If you belong to video marketing, then this risk is also more important because people easily can download your video and alter something to look genuine and upload from their own account and are earning money but this tool definitely helps you to protect you from this threat.

Things I Didn’t Like:

Costly Product

It offers too many benefits, but I think it is pricey especially for newcomers who have just started an online business. Currently, they are selling at a $100 discount, and now its price become $197, but I still feel that its cost is high.

To use this tool commercially by using this for your customers or you want to remove any branding from your video then you will have to purchase its commercial license for $97.

This does not end here, and if you subscribe to their training service, then this will cost you additional $37 per month.

My Final Remarks about Easy Video Suite:

In short, this is a tool created by marketers for marketers. I have just scratched the surface, and it offers much more benefits than this, and if you are looking ahead and want to work in video marketing, then I can easily say that this is a right tool for you.

Though it cost much, it also offers numerous benefits to the customers. If you are a beginner, then this may not be the right product for you, but if you are an intermediate and professional person then certainly I highly recommend this tool.

If you are a beginner, then my sincere advice to you is to learn about all basics of website creation, affiliate marketing, and SEO. If you are seriously looking for such platform, then I have been part of different platforms, but I like most Wealthy Affiliate.