Easy Bookworm Cash Review – Find Books and Earn Money

Easy Bookworm Cash Review – Find Books and Earn Money

Business Name: Easy Bookworm Cash
Website Address: www.ecommercecashsystem.com/EasyBookwormCash_sales/
Price: $7
Business Owner: Shane Nathan, Dan Ashendorf, James Knight
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 points

Easy Bookworm Cash Scam Review – Introduction:

Easy Bookworm Cash was launched on October 2015 and it is a new type of system in which you can buy books at a low price and sell at higher price to gain good profit. As per owners they have accumulated above $20,000 within one month using this method.

People now buy more online and online book stores need books to sell and they are willing to pay you for the books that you will provide them. All you need to find those books and there are dozens of sources (where you live, online places) of low cost or free books available that online book stores want to buy.

This training is all about learning this simple technique and leverage this process for finding books and connecting them with online resellers. This is not typical online business model like affiliate marketing, list building, pay per click (PPC) advertising, and solo ads but nevertheless a good way for some of the people to start earning money.

What is Included in Easy Bookworm Cash?

The original product is in the form of PDF eBook and which is just 12 pages long. The method is very simple and you need to find books and there are online sites available that guides you how much this book worth and you can sell them to those particular online stores. You can also simply download their app to get the work done quickly.

The course is divided into very simple steps like;

Where to find such books?

There are numerous places you can use for this purpose like your surroundings, friends that are looking for clear out some space, and online. Not only this you can buy cheap books for $0.25 to $2 and can sell them for $5 to $10.

How does this process works?

When you find or buy a book and determine the price using online platform that this product guides you then you will end up list of merchants who are willing to purchase your book. When you send those books and after verification by those online stores that it is not destroyed or in terrible condition, they will issue your payment via your desired method.

How does that make you money?

I think the above process is quite simple but let’s give you an example. Suppose you went to a store and find book for $2 and then you can easily check its price that other online stores will pay you (this method is guided in the book). Let’s suppose it is $10, so simple you have earned a profit of $8 with open book.

How you can scale this up?

Of course, more books you find and more you can sell and earn money.

More Books = More Money

It may not be highly profitable at start but your regular effort can help you to move this into the next level and can earn you $100 daily.

Things I Like about Easy Bookworm Cash:

A Very Simple but Profitable Model

It is very simple business model and everyone can do it. The only thing that need is a little bit of passion about this work and you can use it for your business. It offers good return on investment e.g. if you purchase book of $2 and sell it for $4 then you get 100% ROI. Though this amount is less but you can scale this up and will earn you $25 to $50 per day.

There is a massive market for old book and if you take some early steps then no way you can get some good profits.

Concise but Good Training

It is very short eBook that has only 12 pages. You can easily assess that how concise it is but it contains a complete blueprint of this strategy and everyone (this method is best suitable for people of USA and UK) can use this easily. I think Shane has compiled a good training in the form of eBook.

Reasonable Price

Easy Bookworm Cash offers at a very reasonable price of $7. Getting a good idea for $7 and with some good training is definitely worth investment. I have seen many other products much costly then this but of no value. If you look at its regular price then it is $47, which I think is on the higher side.

Moreover, you will also get some bonuses with this product including;

  • Effortless FB Profits
  • The simple method to making $350 per day using CPA offers
  • Emergency New Year’s cash
  • Urgent arbitrage cash
  • Hippy marketing

Things I Don’t Like about Easy Bookworm Cash:

Lot of Effort

It may not be easy especially at the start and it requires your lot of effort. Once you are in then things will be easy because it is not something like internet marketing where you can use your internet and laptop for earning money. In this case you will have to be very active and visit different stores and search different places. I think this may not be business that I should be part in but it vary for people to people.

Return is Very Low

It will require a lot of hard work but provides you very low return on investment. In order to scale up your business, you must work very hard. Let’s suppose you are looking for daily $100 and each book gives you $5 then you will have to sell daily 20 books. I think this will not going to be easy.


You need additional payment to buy this course and it is video tutorial on how to buy book on eBay and sell to different stores for a profit. Other than this there is also some video tutorials that you can view.

Is Easy Bookworm Cash s Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, I like Shane idea because it is something new business model and one can use this to exploit market differential. The main thing in my opinion is you must have an interest in this type of business otherwise it is very difficult.

I would like internet marketing as it has higher profit potential and you don’t need such activity to meet with different people.

What Next?

If you want to look for real online earning opportunity then I am showing you the system which is best for everyone and it has great training and support.

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