Earny App Review – Is it Safe to Use or Scam?

Hey, welcome to my Earny App Review!

People love shopping especially youngsters like to shop whenever they find a chance. And this interest becomes double when you are offered with discounts.

Considering this interest, I decided to write an article on the app that will give you money back for the discount on any product that you have already bought.

So in this article, you will see what this app is? How does it work? What are its alternatives? How can you use it?

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So let’s have a look;

Earny is online free mobile app that is invented for the purpose of returning your money.

Actually, if you bought something from any store and after some time of your shopping there is a discount on that product then this app will inform you and will send your money back as a result of the discount.

Let’s understand it with the help of an example.

For instance, if you pay $500 for a machine xx at Target, and Earny finds the same model for $400 at Amazon, it sends an email on your behalf asking Target company for a refund.

If Target entertain, you get $75 back on your credit card and Earny takes $25 as a “success fee.”

Actually, the app is linked to your email account, and it detects the price at which you got the product.

And if you bought it at the high rate, it will detect it.

That’s quite good for the people who love shopping. How much surprising is this that you get your money back for the item which you have bought before? It seems like a dream.

The Israeli developers introduced this concept, and they worked together on dating app, Hashmap.

The idea came to their mind when they purchased some clothes from the market and later they found the same product at lesser amount online. So they decided to introduce this app.

I have also reviewed many other apps in the past with the names of LetgoSlidejoy and App Trailers that you can also use to earn some extra money.

The app is very simple and easy to use. You just have to connect your email account with the Amazon account, provide your payment card details for cash back. It takes 30 seconds to sign in.

In case of Earny, you can shop from 50 stores with the main brands like Amazon, Wal-Mart, BestBuy and many other.

  How Does Earny App Work?

Earny can easily detect that whether you bought an object or not and if there is any drop in price for that product or not.

It will ask you about your email address, Amazon account, credit card number and some other details. 

When it finds that there is a decrease in the price of the item you have already purchased it will inform you and raise protest to your credit card company and after its acceptance, you will get check via mail.

Earny Refund Flow

The most puzzling and bothering thing about the Earny app is its refund flow. It mostly confused me.

Confusing in the sense that sometimes it mentions that money has been sent back to you but does not make it clear that when you will receive the money in your hands.

Let’s look at this process;

  1. Earny imports all your purchases.
  2. Items which still have the same price are labelled as “tracking”, the reason for monitoring these products is to determine that when will price drop.
  3. After finding the discount for a particular item, it will update the price of the product to “claiming $X
  4. After the Earny changes the label to “refunded $X”, at this point your claim for refunding the discount amount will be accepted by your credit card company.
  5. Wait for the check in your mail.
  6. It is important to inform you that Earny’s 25% is reduced from your checking account every month automatically.

  Is Earny Free?

Definitely, it is free to use and download. However, Earny’s 25% commission is automatically deducted every month that help you claim. It means 25% of what you earn will be deducted.

There are different credit cards companies that have the price protection strategy.

It means that if you bought some product and after some time you find the same product at the low rate then you can claim the difference by completing some formalities and can get your money back.

However, most of the people avoid doing this because it requires no. of documents and is a kind of frustrating job. 

So for ignoring all such problems, download the Earny app which will do everything online. No need for paperwork or any type of frustration.

But it is important that it will claim the cash back within 60 days.

Amazon prime rewards visa signature card returns 5% of the cash to their customers.

Now let’s have a look that why it’s better to use Earny than that of amazon prime rewards visa signature card.

1. Gives you cash back no matter from where you purchased items.

If you bought something from the stores that are not linked to the Amazon, Amazon card will return you only 1% of that.

So if you want to shop at some other store that you like; don’t expect too much return. Because it is not connected to the Amazon.

And if you have Earny, it will return you the amount that is equal to the difference between the original price and that after the discount.

So the difference between the two cards is clean and clear.

2. Not to do so much

The Amazon cards have the points system. After completing all affairs on the Amazon the users can see their balance and add points to their balance if earned more.

While in case of Earny as I told you before many times that you don’t need to do any work. It will itself complete all the formalities.

So you don’t need to take any tension. It makes you tension free.

3. More cash back with price protected cards

After the practical experience, it was found that the amazon card returns fewer amounts as compared to the other price protected cards using with Earny.

Obviously, everybody will love to use price protected cards. So it’s beneficial to use the price protected card.

  How to Work on It?

1. Log in with your email

First of all visit Earny.co and sign into your email account and give the Earny access to your email account.

2. Connect Earny to your email account

After granting access the Earny to your email account, you will be asked about Amazon login detail.

Amazon mainly functions on the purchased items but it does not send the slip of purchased items. So they need your Amazon account detail.

3. Add your cards

Now you are eligible for adding cards to your account.

Many other cards are also available on the Earny’s page. After choosing the card of your choice enters all the card detail.

Now click the “submit” and finally the card will be added to your account.

It never takes too much of your time. So its worth’s your time.

4. Invite friends

Earny also offers the opportunity of referring your friends. You will get 5% of referring your friend’s refunds, and also 5% of their friend’s refund.

It is very easy to share your personal referral link through email or social media.

  Some Other Similar Programs:

The purpose of launching other such programs is to introduce better facilities. These are the facilities which people like most.

Paribus is another link that functions in exactly the same way as that of Earny. It tracks your shopping for about 20 stores which will soon be expanded to 30.

It needs an access to your email account for monitoring discount at the price of different products.

Paribus also discards 25% of the earned amount. And it works with few particular traders i.e. Bed Bath and Beyond, REI and Home Depot.

Personal cards from Citi also include Citi price Rewind that also helps in providing cash back. But unlike Earny and paribus, it is not automatic.

It is because you have to provide all the information yourself. But you will get the full refund, instead of paying 25% commission.

In it also you have to submit yourself for claiming the refund. Million mile secrets team Scott successfully used discovers price protection to receive money back for purchasing from Amazon store.

We know that the prices of the products change on the daily basis. How surprising it is when you get the message for getting your 25% of the money back.

The only confusing part of this program is refunded flow.  If there is any problem you can’t complain.

  Is Earny App a Scam or Safe to Use?

After looking at all above detail it is clear that it is not a scam.

It is a totally legit program and safe to use.

If you are fan of shopping then you love such offers. These offers definitely enhance your interest in the shopping. There is nothing illogical in it.

I know working on this platform may not get you rich but getting check of $100 without doing anything is no-brainer.

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