Earnhoney Review – Is it a Scam or Legit Survey Site?

Everyone wants to earn money; however, earning money from your house is ideal for the majority. EarnHoney is a site that claims to be one of the sites that enable individuals to do precisely that. It gives its clients rewards, which you would then be able to trade for cash, or gift vouchers.

Earnhoney Review

What is EarnHoney?

EarnHoney is a GPT website where you can earn money while completing surveys, online shopping, watching recordings, taking offers and play games. EarnHoney is a more up to date reward site accessible internationally. It is similar to other established sites like SwagbucksBigSpot and Survey Junkie.

It is like your commonplace winning website where you can watch the videos, complete the surveys, and play games. You’ll acquire fractional points knows as Nectar.

It has a satisfactory rating in Better Business Bureau (BBB). These are simple activities which everyone can complete easily and make a side income. Before going into further detail, I must say that it is not a site that makes you rich or a replacement for your 9 to 5 job. If you are one among them then I recommend you to join wealthy affiliate.


How to Join Earn Honey? 

Signing up is simple and just requires an email address. Agreeing to accept Earnhoney is totally free.

New individuals get a reward of 30 Honey Dollars (HD$) in the event that they watch the 1-minute instructional exercise and answer 2 simple inquiries regarding it. Gain 10 more HD$ for taking a couple of additional minutes to round out the profile review.

HD can be exchanged for real money or real rewards.

To get the most out of the site, we prescribe referring the majority of your friends to Earnhoney. Refer your friends to the site and you’ll acquire 10 percent of their profit forever.

What Are Honey Dollars?

The proportion of Honey Dollars to money is 100:1, implying that for each 100 HD$ you gain a dollar (1 USD). Lower paying offers to give out Nectars, halfway HD$. Gain an aggregate of $2-$6 consistently by watching recordings, imparting your insight, shopping on the web, and playing games.

Go to the recovery store to exchange HD$ for money and gift vouchers. Your request will be sent through email within 2-3 working days, yet once you join you can receive pay-out on the first day temporarily.

Earnhoney is additionally discharging a component that gives you a chance to give your income to charities. Divert focuses on gift vouchers from huge organizations like PayPal and Amazon. With Amazon, payouts come in $1, $5, $10 and $25 increases, while PayPal credit and comes in $5 or $25 increases.

Privacy Policy

In their Privacy Policy, Earnhoney guarantees that they will request acceptance before gathering or uncovering your own data.  You give out your data when you join, join the mailing list, participate in one of their challenges, join as an affiliate member, or present a tribute.

Data that you’d need to give incorporates your first and last name, card number, postage information, email, and your telephone number.

In some cases, you’ll need to share your Visa data in the event that you’re pulling back prizes.

Earnhoney isn’t in charge of the security practices of outsider locales, and use cookies for their site. Cookies are just used to accumulate more data for their statistical surveying research, despite the fact that we’re not sold.

How Would I Earn Money?

At first, you won’t have the capacity to earn money from finishing assignments. Rather, you acquire Honey Dollars, which are EarnHoney’s type of cash. Nectar Dollars can be traded for either a gift voucher or cash sent to a Paypal account.

You can win Honey Dollars through the various offers that EarnHoney accommodates their clients. Presently, keeping in mind the end goal to acquire $1, you should procure 100 Honey Dollars. The reclamation edge is $5 for a Paypal exchange and $1 for an Amazon gift voucher.

There are just sure sums that you can reclaim your Honey Dollars for. For Paypal trades, you can get paid in additions of $5 and $25, however, with Amazon gift vouchers, the augmentations are $1, $5, $10, and $25.

Since these dollar sums are moderately expansive, you might surmise that you could profit, yet that is not generally the situation.

  • Surveys

Each survey you take can gain you anyplace in the vicinity of 50 and 500 Honey Dollars. This range appears to be somewhat huge, and numerous individuals would want to profit with one survey. The sum you gain from a given review relies upon two things-the length and the intricacy of an overview.

The additional time and exertion you put into a survey, the more cash you can win. Your activity wouldn’t pay you a huge amount of cash for completing a basic assignment and that administer applies to these overviews. There is a constrained measure of studies that you can take in a day since this is a site much of the time utilized by individuals. Cutoff points are put to guarantee everybody has an opportunity to take overviews.

  • Watching Videos

EarnHoney enables clients to watch recordings and get paid for doing as such. Thusly just procures you a few Honey Dollars for each video, around 5-10 Honey Dollars.

Notwithstanding that, there is a day by day utmost of watching 10 recordings in a single day. Like the studies, this is done as such that individuals have an opportunity to do everything and to ensure that you can’t cheat the framework.

  • Playing Games

Playing games in return for cash sounds extraordinary, who wouldn’t have any desire to do that. EarnHoney gives you a chance to do as such, however, it’s not as breathtaking as you would think.

For playing an amusement for 60 minutes, you can acquire somewhere in the range of 10 to 20 Honey Dollars. One hour of your opportunity and you might be remunerated 10 or 20 pennies. This isn’t a decent payout, and the main way this is alright is whether you truly appreciate the amusement you are playing and wouldn’t fret playing for drawn-out stretches of time.

  • Referrals

In the same way as other prizes destinations, the ideal approach to win cash is welcoming your companions. EarnHoney offers you 10% of whatever your companions acquire for until the end of time.

This is an awesome offer, particularly on the off chance that you have companions that are dynamic on rewards destinations. Referrals can be your essential method for earning cash on this site and is the best paying one as well.

How Much Money Can You Earn with Earnhoney?

The amount of Honey Dollar$ you can earn changes by the activities. Clearly the more troublesome the activity the more you win. For example, a one-minute video gives you 0.2 HDs.

Ten minutes of playing a game can acquire you up to 3 HDs. Surveys fluctuate broadly in light of the many-sided quality and measure of the time required. Halfway Honey Dollar$, called Nectars, can likewise be earned.

Earnhoney Hacks and Tips

In case you’re searching for approaches to expand the prizes you win with EarnHoney, look at the tips listed below.

  • Watching recordings is by all accounts the most well-known method for gaining cash on Earnhoney. Evidently, Ads and videos are played consequently. There are considerable measures of clients that open different windows of the EarnHoney recordings. So in principle, you can simply give your program a chance to run these Earn Honey videos in the background which implies you can win cash inactively.
  • Refer your companions to the site, and you’ll acquire 10 percent of their profit forever. You can welcome individuals utilizing online networking on the off chance that you need. This is a protected one and can likewise give you automated revenue. It’s the means by which I make a great deal of my cash and I instruct how to get the same number of referrals as you need.
  • When you join Earnhoney, you get remunerated for taking overviews, playing games, watching videos and different activities. You will be compensated in HD$ or Honey Dollars, the money arrangement of Earnhoney. Begun in 2015, the site is generally new and has more than 1000 individuals who join each day.
  • Earnhoney is run, without confinement, by Bay Bee LLC. Very little could be found on the organization with the exception of that it possesses and works various other online destinations. This specific site is just accessible in the US, albeit some information is prepared outside of the nation which prompts us to scrutinize its authenticity.

Final Word:

Like each reward site, you won’t gain enough to have the capacity to stop your normal everyday employment. In spite of the fact that EarnHoney claims that you can procure up to three times more than some other reward-based site, yet that all rely on the amount you utilize this site.

EarnHoney claims that clients have earned more than 101 million Honey Dollars, implying that they have granted clients with more than 1 million dollars of genuine money.

On their site, they additionally have a sidebar that shows when clients gain gift vouchers, and the amount they have earned. This furnishes clients with inspiration to gain significantly more cash than they have previously.