Earn At Home Club Review – A Perfect Scam!

Welcome to my Earn At home Club Review!

If someone referred this program to you to earn an income of $397 per day just by posting links over the internet, then please read this complete review to make a wise decision whether it is a legit one or a scam.

So don’t worry!

Let’s first look at the summary about Earn At home Club;

Earn At home Club Review Summary

Product Name: Earn At home Club

Founder: Jennifer Becker 

Product Type: Link Posting Job 

Price: $1 + $40 (After 7 Days) + $29/month

Best For: Intermediate and advanced internet marketers

Earn At Home Club Review

Summary: It is just a program that teaches you how to place affiliate links everywhere over the internet and earn a commission. This is a pure spam.

Rating: 00/100

Verdict: No

What is Earn at Home Club?

Earn at home club is another in a long line of these mysterious programs they claim you're going to make three hundred ninety-seven dollars a day.

Well, most of these programs are just cheeky so-called link posting programs, where they actually want you to post affiliate links all over the Internet try and sell various products.

But what they don't tell you is that to post those links all over the internet is spam and it absolutely does not work.

It's almost unbelievable that there are still programs out there like this.

 There are literally hundreds of sites who are now promoting earn at home club and other similar programs like Work at Home Institute, Work at Home Paycheck, and Work at Home (WAH) University.

These are just knockoff websites that change the names and get you involved in some link posting program, and almost all of these types of programs buy space at some news sites with fake testimonials using istock photos, and you can go out to Google images and can find these images.

Due to high traffic on those news sites, such sites then try to lead you to believe that it is about this particular program that has made success to work at home moms.

Innocent people then fall on their hands, and then they scam people and close that particular program. 

Then they are going to charge your credit card a dollar, after three days they'll charge your card $29 on something a month every month, and you wouldn't be surprised if you start getting phone calls wanting to upgrade you into coaching that could literally end up costing you thousands of dollars and you're going to see nothing from this earn at home club.

If you decide you don't want to do it and try to leave the page, it'll come up with an offer where the price keeps on going down, and they'll give you some sort of bonus if you enroll today.

It'll be one dollar and then after three-day trial will be thirty-nine dollars and will be thirty-nine dollars every month, and this deal also offers free access to the Facebook training after ten days.

Why Do I Call it a Scam?

1. Hidden Identity

Though I have mentioned the name of the owner, i.e., Jennifer Becker in reality, this is just a fake name, and we don’t know who in reality back of this program.

As there are hundreds of work at home program that works on similar link posting jobs, what they actually do is they came with the new names after a few months. Just gather as much money from the people as possible and then run away.

I always advise my readers not to be a part of any program that has hidden owners.

The question is…..

If they are serious and want to help people then why they hide from people? That’s the real issue.

2. The Fake News Reports

What they actually do, to present them more legal they show that their site is featured on CNN, Walls Street Journal and BBC.

When people saw those big names on their sites, then they quickly step into these sites without knowing that these are all scams.

There is no difficulty at all to place those brand images on someone sites. Before these brands get this information, such sites typically fool many people.

3. Fake Testimonials

With fake featured images there are also fake testimonials as well. There are tons of online platforms available (Fiverr, say for example) where you go there and get a fake testimonial for nearly $5.

It’s that simple!

Again many people after seeing those testimonials people get impatient and put their credit card info in this site.

My advice is to always do your research before going to be part of any platform especially if someone asks you money to join it. 

4. Link Posting Scam

Generally, all those platforms claim that if you join their system, then all you need is to post links over the internet and earn affiliate commission.

Well, that seems very simple to most of the people especially for newbies, but that’s not the case.

It may work in the past but now; definitely not!

You can post affiliate links neither on the social media nor on the forums. If you do that, they will mark you as a spammer and even ban your account as well.

If you don’t get my point, then do it yourself on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora or any other platform.

You can only place an affiliate link after providing so much value to the community that requires tons of work and time.

Because of this, my suggestion is to start your own blog and put that much effort into your own blog.

If you put so much there on a regular basis then you can easily scale it up.

5. Unrealistic Promises

I have worked on many business models and platforms over the years and couldn’t find any opportunity that will make $397 per day just by posting links over the internet.

That’s true…

Because there is no such opportunity available anywhere. I have reached at good earning level after putting so much effort into my blogs and other business models.

So, my advice is to start building castles in the air and be patient. All you need a right platform along with the consistent effort to reach dreams in your mind.

6. Check Availability

I have seen this check availability template on similar scams. 

Just be very clear to you; this template is not real. There is no such thing like an availability check; this is just a shady approach to get you to join Earn at Home Club instantly.

If you enter your details here, they will most probably show you that there is only one spot left.

Further, after getting your email address, they will start bombing spam sales offers to you. (Spam email marketing)

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Final Verdict

I called it totally a scam as it offers no value at all. The site is full of the false news report, fake testimonials, and unrealistic promises.

Even we don’t know the owners and their background. The founders of the system play with the emotion of so many people, misleading them into spending money and falling to a scam

I cannot recommend such a system to anyone to waste their time and money.

My advice is if you are serious in making money online and want to get rid of 9 to 5 job then I only recommend one system that is known as Wealthy Affiliate

As usual, I want to thank YOU all for reading my Earn At Home Club Review. I hope that I have helped you in some way.

I would truly appreciate if you were to leave a comment below to help this post to grow online.

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