E-Rewards Review – Legit or Scam Survey Site?

Welcome to my E-Rewards Review!

If someone referred e-rewards program to you to make money just by taking surveys from home, then please read this complete review to decide whether it is a legit one or a scam.

So don’t worry!

Let’s first look at the summary of E-Rewards;

Product Name: E-Rewards

Founder: Research Now Group, Inc.

Product Type: Surveys Taking

Price: Free

Best For: Not Recommended

E-Rewards Review

Summary: E-Rewards is an online platform which works on behalf of market research companies and pays its members for taking surveys.

Rating: 55/100

Verdict: No

What is E-Rewards?

The e-Rewards Opinion Panel is a survey taking website which connects global brands about the products and services they offer to the people who give their time and opinions on those products and services.

Members in return for giving their time and opinion, earn points which they convert into a variety of rewards later on.

E-Rewards has been operating since 1999, that’s nearly two decades.

Very surprising! Businesses generally fail during their first year.

They have also worked with a few of the big names in the market, including but not limited to, eBags, Best Buy, Fanatics and so on.

How Does E-Rewards Work?

Let’s look at step by step how you can make money with e-Rewards;

1. Sign Up

Joining e-Rewards is FREE, open to anyone who is 13 years of age and belongs to the USA. It works on an invitation basis, and you need to get an invitation first from their partner companies to join.

Let’s look at what is meant by invite-only?

Let’s suppose you buy products from e-rewards partner companies. These companies might contact you by email with an opportunity to take a paid survey through the e-Rewards website.

Then you can sign up to e-rewards site. They’ll also show how much time the survey will take and how much money you are going to make by answering it.

If you’re a survey lover and don’t like this whole invitation-only process, then you can get started right away at sites like Swagbucks or Inbox Dollars or look at my complete legit survey list.

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2. Take Surveys

Once you received the invitation, the next step is to complete information such as name, address, and DOB.

After this, you will have 30 days to complete an enrollment survey that will help e-Rewards and its partners determine your profile and which surveys to be sent to you via email.

So make sure to provide all the information honestly because your future surveys will depend on the information you provide here.

Once you have finished all this, e-Rewards will start sending you surveys via your email address to give you the opportunity of completing them and gaining Opinion Points, which is called e-Rewards currency.

The number of surveys depends on the invitations you’ll receive each month, but usually, it’s something like 5-8 surveys per month.

The length of surveys varies a lot. Some of them take only 5 minutes while other ones may take even 30 or even 45 minutes to fill out.

Most of the times, your account is credited as soon as you complete an e-Rewards Survey.

Sometimes, it may take 6-10 days for the credit to be added to your account.

3. Get Rewards

For each survey you perform, you will receive points. These points are called opinion points.

Once you have collected enough Opinion Points, you can exchange them for Starbucks gift cards, magazine subscriptions, hotel reward points, and even airline points.

But you could not get it exchanged for PayPal or check option.

The lowest reward is for $10, which means you will have to reach this level before asking for any type of reward.

If you move to the reward section in the member’s area, you can see over 35 retailers with whom you can convert your gift cards.

If you want to redeem your first reward, you will need a minimum $60 in your account.

These 60 bucks are equivalent to a $25 gift card, which means every dollar you earn is approximately equals to $0.41 in real cash.

Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. The System Works

E-Rewards works on a system in which you are invited to offer your opinion on a product or surveys to the companies and brands which partnered with the e-Rewards.

The system is based on the legit business model, and it does help companies to make analyze their products and services to make them better.

There is nothing shady tactics or quick rich scheme claims.

2. Multiple Surveys Opportunities

Apart from surveys receiving via mail, you could also log in to your account and sees more surveys opportunities.

This also will not only increase your earnings but at the same time enable you to reach cashout limit fast.

3. Easy Surveys

Surveys are in the form of questionnaires. It is also common that some of the questions to ask a lot of effort and time to respond.

With respect to e-Rewards, I haven’t seen a single complaint like this rather people are admitting that they are pretty much easy tasks to do.

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The Bad

1. Lengthy Surveys

You know I have mentioned above that surveys are simple, yet most of them are long. It’s really annoying to see surveys questionnaires going on and on.

At the same time, surveys rates are also less as compared to rates offered by the competitors. Surveys are long, still, it is acceptable, but if it doesn’t offer rates as per market then it is not worth doing.

Even lengthy surveys are bored, and if at any time you think not to move forward then you wouldn’t earn anything for the effort you have already put in.

2. Account Deactivation Issues

I have seen large members are complaining about this issue of account deactivation even without giving any warning.

Even they are saying that they have not violated any of the terms and conditions. These problems get worse if you have already have earned points in your account and your account gets banned.

I am seeing members are also complaining about this issue as well and no third party or support center could listen to their appeals.

Even old members are complaining about this issue as well.

3. Joining is By Invite Only

As stated above, if the partner Company of e-rewards invites you then you can start your journey here otherwise you are not allowed to take part in this program.

Well, very few surveys programs work on this principle, and I have listed down all legit survey sites, and you can join them easily without waiting for the invite.

4. No Cash Money

Another negative thing about e-Rewards is that you cannot earn cash from it. This is a website that will not permit you to transfer your money to PayPal, Check, Visa or MasterCard.

The only way e-Rewards offers you to obtain your rewards in the form of gift cards and discounts for purchases.

It is not a good option if you are planning to earn money out of the surveys you complete, but if you only want to use their points for a monthly magazine subscription, then you will not find any issue with this.

5. You Didn’t Qualify

As mentioned above, their surveys are most of the times pretty large and boring. Even you don’t know how much time it will further take to complete them. The questionnaires just keep coming in…….

What happens next?

Your profile doesn’t match with the match the survey. This is an extremely unfair feature that you must bear in mind.

6. A Deceiving System

In the real world, 60 bucks translate to a $25 gift card. The users were thinking something else before they come to know that when they reach $60 in their account.

So that suggests the value I will see for the survey is much less than shown.

Is e-Rewards a Scam Survey Site?

I have deeply look at the site and what other peoples are talking about it.

Very few are talking it a legit site while most of them are facing issues in the form of account suspension without giving any reason, poor support, 60 bucks converted into $25, lack of cash redemption options and many more.

Due to these issues, I don’t recommend e-Rewards to anyone. You can join other legit survey sites including Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars.

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