Dumb Little System Scam Review – Is it Actually Dumb?

Here is a detailed report of the new program on the net, Dumb Little System. Here you will get to know whether it is a scam or legit. You will understand whether its brand really compliments its quality or if it’s just a contrasting metaphor. All you want to know about it is right in here. So let’s delve into things right away.

Business Name: Dumb Little SystemDumb Little System review
Website Address: www.dumblittlesystem.com
Business Owner: Brian Winters
Price: Free + endless upsells down the road
Overall ranking: 38 out of 100

Dumb Little System Scam Review – Introduction:

Sometimes scams really have some nerve! You will find scams giving themselves away to their preys through the kind of names they choose for their programs. If you have been in the online world for a while, you will have noticed that most programs that have been proven outright scams really gave hints of that nature in their names. So you might want to think twice about joining such a program.

And speaking of funny names, how can dumb little system really get? With all that it promises and the strategies that are claimed to give loads of money in few days, does it really measure up to its own claims or is it as dumb as it calls itself? The answer lies in this review!

Here, I take my time to dig deep into this program and get to see if its name is what the program really is or its strategies are such as its name, but the reap is well worth it. So get to understand it well and see if it’s the best fit for achieving your making online money goals.

Here we go…

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What is Dumb Little System?

This is basically a program whose owner claims is a perfect way to earn money through creating a website and selling some of Clickbank affiliate products. From my unique perspective, I would define it as a sales funnel program that is directed at selling Clickbank products and still referring people into the system and making some dollars off of it. So it’s sort of a combination of an affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing program.

The engineer behind it? Brian Winters. This name sounds familiar. He is a successful affiliate marketer who has been coming up with programs to teach people how to make money and then tries to make money from it two ways. Some of those programs include Commissions Miner and 5 Figure Day Unleashed.

I mentioned making money two ways. Yeah! What this means is that what he does teach is great and can actually bring some money into your pocket, in fact, there are some people I’ve heard have made money with some of his previous programs.

The problem is that he uses the long method to do it which involves him selling to you some unnecessary products to build your site to make himself some money through you and still refer you to other programs from which he earns a certain amount of commission from. Sound complicated? Don’t worry; I will be boiling things down in a minute.

Who is Dumb Little System (DSL) For?

Brian claims that it is best suited for all newbies and anyone else who wants to get a quick simple stupid strategy to generate some delightful extra revenue. He claims that the techniques that he will be using in the training can be easily done by his mother in law, as in it’s that simple.

How Does Dumb Little System Work?

Well, if you are promoting products for Clickbank, you will definitely need to have two things, an account with them and a website. More to that, you will have to have a working plan. Brian shares his plan and how he gets around this. Let’s catch a glimpse of how he uses Dumb Little System to make money in Clickbank.

Step 1: Activating Your “Dumb Little System” Membership

There is a video on his sales page where he spends few minutes talking about how much he has earned and how he earned it. And you know how the story ends. Well, you need to have a Clickbank account, so after watching the video, you will get a link below it that leads you there to register. After you are done with the registration, or if you already have an account there, you will have to put the Clickbank ID and your email in the two spaces left so that you move on to step two..

Step 2: Activating and Monetizing Your DSL Website for Commision

Here is where the first trick comes in. Remember Brian saying DSL was free? Well then, prepare to spend! Before proceeding to step three, you will have to choose and purchase one of three of his products from which he claims that you will earn a 100% commission after your referral buys the product.

One product costs $10 (the three week Diet), the other $47 ($25 Firesale) and the last is $67 (67 steps to wealth). This means that if you want more commissions, you should purchase the most expensive package so that you get the same huge amount of returns.


Also, he says that after you’ve gotten one product, you can still make money from the others although from my judgment you won’t get many commissions from the others as much as you will from the one you bought. And then, to proceed to step three, you should have bought the product, and posted the invoice or order number in there.

Step 3: Setting up Your Site For Autopilot Commissions

Here, you will be coughing some few more dollars to purchase another product which will put the things to your site on autopilot. This is cashlurbs.com, which is a making of Brian. He made this and labeled it the heart of DSL. FYI, this is a membership site so you will be paying $20 a month for it.

Step XX: Amplifying to $90 High Ticket Payout. This is marked “XX” to show that it’s not compulsory, but it’s strongly recommended that you use it to make your paycheck, even more, bigger. And this means that you buy a $197 package, which is www.doemembers.com, an advertising directory of Ezine. (More spending!)

Step 4: Working on Your Traffic

After all the hassles, you will need to have traffic on your site if you are to make any sales or conversions. So for this you want to make a plan for boosting your traffic. But don’t worry, Brian “has got it all covered.” DSL ideally should be email marketing based, and for you to succeed in it, you will need a list of subscribers to make the conversions.

So Brian chooses for you UDIMI and Facebook ads. At UDIMI, you will find lots of solo ads sellers who will sell your products to their list subscribers at a fee and get to help you make sales and build your list as well.

As you get to step four, you will find two solo ads for Facebook and also get free swipes for your e-mail campaign and ads.

What is Included in the Product?

The thing that the products comes with is the lengthy training and some other product links to purchase other supplements for your site and campaigns. Although they do give free email swipes to help you with your banners and text ads.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The strategy he works with sounds great, and it can actually make a good deal of income if well put into practice.

The Cons

• Brian starts off by saying that this method is free, yet there are many places you will have to key in your credit card details to make purchases for more than $200.

• The affiliate marketing strategy is great, but he uses a long method where he creates space for his products to be sold. There is a pretty simple process to make money by affiliate marketing (if you want, you can check it out here) though Brian tries to make sure he has made as much money from you as he can before you are done with the training.

• The trick he uses is annoying. He says indirectly in step 2 that the bigger the product you buy, the greater the commissions. This is meant to lure you into making a big purchase with no assurance you are going to make any sales or return on investment.

• All his traffic boosting campaigns are paid. He doesn’t make the most of the available options to help you save money like organic traffic. Rather, he exploits you to benefit himself.

• All the products that are put in the training are either made by him or from Clickbank. And both ways, he makes money when you buy each product. He makes 100% commissions from his products and a certain from Clickbank when you buy their products.

• Although he doesn’t put it that way, his program is way too overpriced. By the time you are through with his steps, you will have spent more than $250, yet you are expecting to be making at maximum $90. It’s clearly not worth the investment!

• He claims that the tactics he uses are so easy that even his mother in law can easily work her way around them without getting any stumbles. Yet, there are parts of solo ads and text banner ads with UDIMI where lots of skills and knowledge are needed to be successful in the campaigns.

Final Verdict:

With all the tables turned and lessons learned from and about Brian Winters in his Dumb Little System, can we say that it is a good way to work with? No! So is it a scam? No! This is a legit method he works with but the specific plan he uses is just pathetic! He can do better than this but doesn’t want to because he won’t make money from it as he does through the unnecessarily long method.

Final Verdict – LEGIT! (but not good to work with)

Name: Dumb Little System
Overall ranking: 38 out of 100
Website: http://www.dumblittlesystem.com/
Owner: Brian Winters
Price: Free + endless upsells down the road

Recommendation: Legit but ….Weigh the worth of your expectations and determine if they will be satisfied here.

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