DeadBeat Super Affiliate Reloaded Review – Dead or Alive ?

DeadBeat Super Affiliate Reloaded Review – Dead or Alive ?

Business Name: DeadBeat Super Affiliate Reloaded
Website Address:
Price: $17 + Upsells
Business Owner: Dan Brock
Overall Rank: 62 out of 100 points

DeadBeat Super Affiliate Scam Review – Introduction:

Deadbeat super affiliate was launched by Dan Brock back in 2010 and has seen a great success in the past. Due to presence of some old methods that no longer useful and missing some new trends Dan Brock in 2015 tried to upgrade his product and its now called DeadBeat Super Affiliate Reloaded.

DeadBeat Super Affiliate Reloaded guide you about how to make niche site and promote it using backlinks. All you need to write a few articles and but backlinks from outsourcing platforms.

What is Included in the Member’s Area?


Lesson 0: Introduction – When you first log in then you can see first introduction video that Dan discuss about the while system. You will learn how this system is much better than the previous version and the whole process that Dan is using for money making process.

Lesson 1: Register to an Affiliate Network – As this site is using affiliate marketing to earn money then this lesson guides you how to find best affiliate platforms and register to it. Dan focus is on Amazon and Market Health. Though you can also download PDF guide to find other affiliate networks.

Lesson 2: Choosing a Market – Market is a place where people why and sell products. But our focus is on online market. This module guides you about types of market and each market has lot of niches you can select and earn money. Niche is very smallest part of a market that has very common characteristics but should be profitable enough in order to earn money. “Lose belly fat” is an example of one niche.

Lesson 3: More Niche Research – Selecting a niche is your first step so this should be chosen with extreme care. Due to this reason Dan has provided additional detail on niche selection. In this lesson you will learn how to use tools to find niche like Google Keyword Planner. Amazon is another way to identify profitable niches.

Lesson 4: The 60 Second Competition Check – This is very important because if you target keywords that are very competitive then you will not able to get traffic to your site. In order to rank well in search engine you should fid keywords that are less competitive and getting good amount of traffic.

Lesson 5: Register your Hosting and Domain Name – In order to start your own business then you must have your own website. In order to do this you must need to purchase domain, which is your website name and hosting, which is the space from servers that need to launch your site if someone type your domain name. This is the lesson that guides you all about this and place where you can find much better service at an affordable rates.

Lesson 6: Installing WordPress for Deadbeats – You cannot just sit after purchasing your domain and hosting because you need to shape your site like write content, create menus, install theme, add plugins and whatever thing you need to build your site, can do so using wordpress. WP is a content management system and you can use it to do all the above mentioned tasks. This lesson is based on wordpress.

Lesson 6b guides you how to add multiple domain to your hosting plan.

Lesson 7: Basic WordPress Optimization – In this lesson you will learn how to access your WP dashboard. It is the place where you can edit your site and can add, delete content for your site. Apart from content it is a place where you can do all the tasks that I mentioned above.

Lesson 8: Installing Theme – Theme sets the overall structure of your site. This lesson guide you all this about how to install and customize theme.

Apart from this there are 23 lessons that guides you about the whole process of affiliate marketing.


  • Register for live web event
  • WordPress theme
  • The old deadbeat super affiliate
  • Top 1000 Amazon product selling list


There is a discussion forum where you can interact with the community members. You can ask questions or reply to other people. Write your action plan or whatever you like.

Things I Like about DeadBeat Super Affiliate Reloaded

Overall Good Training

The training is broken down into series of small training lessons and most of the training is very detailed. He also covers approximately all the topics that should be considered for building niche sites. Video tutorials also have a great video and audio quality and there is a mix of over the shoulder tutorials and also with Dan face.

Videos also accompany with some text and pictures and it is good for other people who prefer in text form.

Forum & Dan’s Personal Support

Very few sites have a forum and it is great especially for beginners because they can ask questions and get quick help from other people. DeadBeat Super Affiliate also has a forum where members can interact with each other. Though they don’t have forum or community like Wealthy Affiliate but still it is better than nothing.

Dan is also an active member within the community to reply member’s queries. If the owner is around and publishing fresh content and helping other members then it can be great feelings for every member.

Very Few Content, Focus More on Outsourcing

Writing regular content is most difficult thing for you because you can get tired by doing that monotonous routine. At start when you just start 7your business, it is difficult to outsource your activities due to non-availability of finance but you can do with the passage of time as it help you to expand your business and at the same time relieve you from boring routine.

Most of the techniques here you will learn are those related to outsources your task because you only write few articles for your site and rest you need to buy back linking package from fiverr. Good thing is that it is very cheap and everyone can afford it.

Things I Don’t Like about DeadBeat Super Affiliate Reloaded

Focus on Back linking Strategy

Though back links are one of the factor to rank your site in search engines but it can be very risky as well. Buy lot of low quality links from site like fiverr can really destroy your business. Because since the launch of Google penguin and panda algorithms unnatural links can hurt your site.

I generally prefer to write content for my site which is slow but has a long term effect and you don’t need to worry when any updates will come of penguin or panda. I have seen lot of people businesses completely wipe out due to this and they move to zero as in the start.

DeadBeat Super Affiliate Reloaded guides you to gain links from social bookmarking site like dig, delicious etc. but they are also very low quality. They may work in the past but now they are useless as they may not pass any juice to your site.

Products Recommended by Dan Brock are not of great quality:

There are different products in the member’s area that Dan Brock are promoting and are an affiliate of the following products:

  • Google Sniper
  • AutoZON Store Builder
  • Trust Jacker

Google Sniper is a product launched by George Brown and he has recently launched its third version. I have write a review of this product but this product is not of standard quality.

AutoZON Store Builder is a product guides you about how to how to sell Amazon products. I will write this product review but overall it is also of low quality product.

Trust Jacker is also no more difficult from above.

By promoting such type of products in members area is just simply shocking.

Is DeadBeat Super Affiliate Reloaded a Scam or Legit?

In short, DeadBeat Super Affiliate Reloaded is an ok product. One can check it easily because it is available at a reasonable price of $17. It has some good trainings on different topics but you should use its grey areas very carefully like back links strategy. One more thing please don’t join any promoted programs in the member’s area and avoid any upsells.

What’s Next?

As I mentioned it is an ok platform, so why not join the beat platform that has all the training and tools required for your business. It has online sins 2005 and has only promoting legitimate way to succeed online. If you want to join that platform then please click here.

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