CPA Commission Machine Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

My CPA Commission Machine review is as follows;

Business Name: CPA Commission MachineCPA Commission Machine Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address: www.cpacommissionmachine.com/index2.html
Price: $17
Business Owner: Andy Anand & Billy Darr
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 points

CPA Commission Machine Scam Review – Introduction:

CPA Commission Machine was launched by Andy Anand & Billy Darr and this product is based on how to make money using CPA. You may be thinking what is CPA before going to explain this, please remember that it is not blogging, SEO, solo ads, Facebook ads or ecommerce. CPA stands for cost per action and it is an online method in which an advertiser pays you for specified task (action) like click, impression, sale or submit form etc.

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What is Included in the Product?

This course is a detailed guide about how CPA works. CPA Commission Machine is a 28 page PDF 2015-10-24_11-40-31format with plenty of examples, images and clear step by step instructions. It would be great for starters or people who are looking to learn more about cost per action (CPA) and YouTube.

Andy Anand & Billy Darr claim that by following this course you would be able to earn $500 per day by doing 20 minutes of work daily. By reading the entire book you would be able to learn about;

  • Promote high paying offers and as per them the effort low paying offers take is almost equal to low paying offers.
  • Learn about engagement that is key in order to get maximum results.
  • Creating a super landing page.
  • What offers to choose?
  • Popular CPA networks.
  • How to apply to these popular CPA networks.
  • How to be accepted to these CPA networks.

Things I Like about CPA Commission Machine:

Detailed Training

Andy Anand & Billy Darr have included nearly everything in this training and one could easily understand and implement this. They started very well by guiding what is CPA and how it works. This gives clear idea to the viewers about the system. Each and every step is fully explained e.g. they mentioned detailed steps on how to register to popular CPA networks.

Use of Images

Andy Anand & Billy Darr have used images in the PDF guide in order to show the readers how to do important step. Complete PDF guide can be difficult to comprehend but due to use of those images this makes lot easier to comprehend the training.

A Model can be Successful

I am a big fan of affiliate marketing because it is best in my opinion but I have seen lot of people who are earning good money from this model as well. All you need proper guidelines that you will implement.

This model is also not a quick rich scheme but requires your hard work and take time to build. If you are consistently using this then definitely you will see good results.

Reasonable Price

I find this product at a very reasonable price especially available at a discounted price of $8.93. It is available at a regular price of $17 but you can find discounted option on the site. If you buy this product at $9 then I think that it is really worth that investment. At least you know in detail about how this CPA networks work.

These things are essential for an internet marketer. Though it is not necessary to earn from every model but you should build business on best model and also know about how other business models are operating.


Things I Don’t Like about CPA Commission Machine

It is a PDF Guide

This is the worst thing I dislike about this product because I am a very video oriented type of person and it is very easy to understand what is in the video than in the text form. Well this depends on person to person and if you like PDF form then definitely this can be a good product for you. But my experience is that most people like videos for training purposes.

False Claims

Definitely you can earn money through this system but persuading someone with false claims is a habit from internet marketing product. This also includes that you will earn $500 daily for just doing 20 minutes of work.

To be honest, this will not happen and you have to work very hard on order to earn some money and even more hard to earn some good money. These type of false claims are just tempt people to join their system.


Another issue with this product is that it contains different upsells that will require your additional pocket money if you want to access that training. It includes;

  1. 5rr monster bundled – It is case study of how Andy Anand & Billy Darr made $9000 with CPA business. Its price is $17
  2. Done for your CPA campaigns which are making money for them on autopilot. It is a readymade solution for your CPA campaign. Its price is $27
  3. Third upsell is basically a 4 weeks 1-1 Skype call to help you to take your CPA business to the next level. Its price is $197.

If you buy this product and all other upsells then this product will cost you $17+$17+$27+$197 = $258. This make it very pricy product.

Is CPA Commission Machine a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, CPA Commission Machine is a good guide on how CPA system works and it guides well in detail and step by step. I think it’s completely a legit product and if you love this model then this PDF guide can take your business to the next level.

Though I personally don’t like this model because I am a big fan of affiliate marketing. Please also remember that if you are visual person then this product is also not for you because it is PDF guide. Though it contains some video links but still I think that this is not enough.

It is better not to buy upsell but if you think that you are going good with this model and have earned some money then you can purchase upsells step by step and definitely can improve your business.

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I hope you like my CPA Commission Machine review and if you have any questions then please comment in the section below.


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Minhaj - June 8, 2017

I am interested in CPA marketing, but I don’t think this product will teach me anything I can’t find on Youtube or Google. And I never trust done for you services, because how many hundred of other people are also getting the exact same thing and probably promoting to the same audience? It’s a sneaky tactic to make you think it’s going to be really easy to make money.
Thanks for the review. Gonna look for some other CPA guide.

    khan - June 14, 2017

    Thanks Minhaj for your comment. You are on the spot about done for your services.  

Kevin - February 27, 2016

Hey Khan,

This is a great and unbiased review of CPA Commission Machine.

I’m just a little curious about its price. $9 seems to be low. If the product is good they should increase the fee as it gives the idea of a scammy product. You know, there are a lot of people gathering information from many sites and creating a PDF ebook.


    khan - February 28, 2016

    Thanks Kevin for your remarks. You are right and lot of people are involved in this business.

Neil - February 18, 2016

Thank You for a brilliant review on the CPA Commission Machine which has taught me a lot about how this program works!

This does sound like an OK product for people who want to make money online in a different way, but I’m not to keen on the upsells associated with this.

It’s not the training course for me, but I do see how CPA Commission Machine will benefit others.


    khan - February 22, 2016

    Thanks Neil for your thoughts. CPA marketing is also a great way to earn money online and there are lot of training platforms out there. CPA commission machine also guides about how all this works.

A.D.Rice - October 19, 2015

I am trying to find a good guide to implement CPA too but I have been burned before. Most guides are well meaning and are not necessarily scams but it’s the lack of “connection pieces” that people are missing and the support. Have you tried CPA before? I will say also I don’t like upsells with a lot of these training programs too because a lot of them tricks the customer into believing they need to purchase it or there was no pre warning that upsells are part of the package.

    khan - October 19, 2015

    Thanks A.D.Rice for your comment. I have been part of different programs but cannot achieve success. My main issue with upsells is that it should be disclosed before joining any program. Actually what happened is, you are bombarded with such upsells after you pay for the original product and think that you have access to all the member’s area.

Paul - October 18, 2015

Hi Khan,

Thanks for the review. Sometime PDF guides are good, if you’re very good a following detailed instructions. They key thing to remember is that there are probably other forces in play that decide whether or not you make money, but at $17 it’s a pretty good introduction.

I don’t like upsells, but maybe they need it as a part of their business model being as they are selling the original produce at a low price. I don’t think a newbie would make $500 per month. I’m using a similar system, and although I make some money, it’s not exactly a fortune right now.

It’s always nice to get a review of these types of products, because my “scam alert” system is much more sensitive now – once bitten, twice shy me thinks!

Thanks again 🙂

    khan - October 18, 2015

    Thanks Paul for your comment. It all vary from person to person as I like video format with PDF guide. Actually you are right that it is actually implementation that matters.

    The point is, upsells should be clearly disclosed at the start of the program, but it actually come to know when you have paid for the product and as per your thought you have paid for complete training and course.

    Thanks again for your comment.


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