Copy Trade Profit Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Copy Trade Profit Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Copy Trade Profit Review;

Business Name: Copy Trade ProfitCopy Trade Profit Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address:
Price: $250
Business Owner: Thomas Andrews
Overall Rank: 35 out of 100 points

Copy Trade Profit Scam Review – Introduction:

Copy Trade Profit is a newly automated system launched by Thomas and there is a lot of buzz in online world about this system. When you land on the sales page then it is full of hype by showing how much copies left and how much people have generated money in your area.

What is Copy Trade Profit?

Copy Trade Profit is also a free binary options trading software. Using this system Thomas was very successful and has earned over $2000 per day. In binary option trading participants earn through trading currencies and commodities. You can easily integrate this software with the brokers site.

Most of the business is traded through currency pairs and rise and fall of currency will enable the person to either lose or gain trade. You can access this trading through brokers by opening an account with them and depositing the required amount.

Whether this system works or not, read my full review to understand this system thoroughly.

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How Copy Trade Profit Software Works?

In order to start this, you must open your account with the binary choices broker.  To do this, you need to deposit at least $250 in your account. Your next task is to connect Copy Trade Profit Software application to your account. No worry, there is a complete guideline in the member’s area.

Adjust the software settings based on your need and training is provided in the member’s area. Now let’s wait and the software does for you all trades. Actually, it is built in such a way that whenever it find suitable then it send signals to the trader. You can customize your settings in the software anytime.


Things I Like about Copy Trade Profit:

You may get some good results because I have seen some people who have success rate more than 50% with this software, but they generally disclose this fact after one day. It would be better if they check for more days to check the consistency of this software, which is very important.

Moreover, the people who are getting success are very few and the majority are still struggling to find happy night.

Things I Don’t Like about Copy Trade Profit:

Fake Testimonials

When you move to the sales page and if you could spend some time on watching the video then there are about 5 to 6 testimonials talking about this system greatness. Well, I have serious doubt on their genuineness. I may not give you the technical reason, but all of them have same pitch and tones exaggerating about the system.

I cannot trust them so can other logical person but if someone still seems that it is original then, believe me, you are going to investing your money in a very risky venture.

Too Much Hype

The other name you would call this system purely a hype. No one talked about losing trade or money and everyone just shows how he earned $3000 in just one day. Is this be possible? You can personally visit the sales page and promo videos for better understanding.

One who has been involved in options trading knows that how much it is difficult to win at the end of the day. It requires tons of experience and market knowledge and if you are just gambling or trusting your luck then my friend you are in the wrong place.

I am very surprised after watching following image on the site that shows “No Risk” and “98% Success Rate”. Would this be possible in real life? Friends it cannot be possible…..


A Risky Venture

Investing in binary options is just like walking on the saw and at any time, you could find yourself in trouble. There is no fool proof system has developed that can relieve you from such threat. Most people told you that the return is great in this model, but they forget to tell you how easily it could be to empty your account.

Let’s look at some of the people near you then you are able to find that more than 90% people lose trades. This is simply because the market is so volatile and people generally don’t have market information to predict what will happen in the future.

Is Copy Trade Profit a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

To be short, a software is a software and it gathers information based on the algorithms embedded in the system. Its scope is just limited to this and you just simply cannot trust software for your money. Binary trading requires a lot of market information and only those are successful those have a vast experience and interpret market information well.

Every now and then people are just developing software for this purpose but still majority of people are losing their money and it is the brokers those are getting richer and richer.

If in reality software exists that has a success rate of more than 90% then, believe me, my friend no one gonna will tell you about this and especially for free. Think this…

What Next?

My suggestion to everyone is just come out of the dreams and live in reality. Earning money online is not that simple that you invest just $250 and at the end of the day, it will reach to $5000. If you still believe this then it is up to you.

I think the time is very important and don’t waste your precious time and money on such platforms. If you are looking for best online earning opportunity then see my #1 recommendation. To be fair, it is not a quick rich scheme and only those people are successful here who believe in hard work.

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I hope you have liked my Copy Trade Profit review and if you have any query then do’t forget to ask questions in the comment section below. I am very happy to help you.