Copy Paste Hack Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Copy Paste Hack review;

Business Name: Copy Paste HackCopy Paste Hack Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
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Price: $9.95
Business Owner: Desmond Ong
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 points

Copy Paste Hack Scam Review – Introduction:

Copy Paste Hack is a training course launched by Desmond Ong in which he reveals that how he has earned over $55000 in just one month using very simple formula. Desmond Ong is a very famous internet marketer and even at 25 years age he is a millionaire. His other most famous products include Key to 10k, Get 200 Daily and Traffic overload. All of these products gained a lot of buzz on the internet due to his famous name.

Copy Paste Hack is a video course in which he guides about how to find products on Clickbank and promote it using solo ads. Though he mentioned other methods like ad swaps, media buying, Bing ads, and Facebook ads but his main focus is on solo ads.

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What is Included in Copy Paste Hack?

The whole training is consists of 6 modules including;

Module 1: The Magic Bullet System

This video is all about motivation. Desmond being an optimistic person considers necessary to motivate people who are hearing him. This is necessary because people fed up after trying too many things but could not get results.

Module 2: The Money Intuition

This video is an overview of the system so that people know in advance what is included in the course. This is good because when people have an image in their mind they grip it well.

Module 3: “Picking the Cherries” Formula

This video is all about picking the niche and offers using Clickbank. You don’t need to worry because it is all done for you. Desmond has gathered about ten niche and offers that are highly converting.

Module 4: Planting Your Money Tree

In this video, Desmond guides you how to increase conversion to your list. He guides two main aspects in the form of pre-selling and offering the bribe to the subscribers. Moreover, he has also shown us how to write an email for your list.

Module 5: The E.P.I.C. Traffic System

In this module, he guides you how to generate traffic to your offers. Well, this is nothing else but solo ads. It is simply a technique to purchase clicks from someone who has a good list rather than building your own list.

Module 6: The Secret Social Traffic System

The last video is all about showing different ways you can use to drive traffic to your site. He just named it Solo ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and BuySellAds are the best way you can use for this purpose.


Things I Like about Copy Paste Hack:

Some Good Training

There are a lot of good training available in the member’s area. It is the actual methods that Desmond has used in the past and even currently earning money by just forwarding daily email to subscribers.

I personally liked most about how he write his emails. I before this video considers this a very difficult process but it is very easy. Training is in video format and step by step with good video quality and sound.

Reasonable Price

Price is very reasonable as it is only $9.95. One can easily risk this amount and buy this one. I think at this amount even if you can find the direction for your future then this is great for you. This price is increasing with every sale and doesn’t buy it if it is available at the regular price of $97. It is too high.

Things I Don’t Like about Copy Paste Hack:

Incomplete Training

Desmond guided that what is the method but how this work, there is nothing in the training. Just saying build your email list and squeeze page would not help you rather it is the actual guide that will help you. How to set up an auto responder, build a squeeze page and driving traffic to your squeeze page are all very important parts for this type of business but there is nothing in the course.

I think if you are beginner and medium marketer then this is not the course for you. As you will struggle a lot and need to Google it in order to know how to do a particular task.

Lot of Hype

The sales page is full of hype and it is understandable from the sales page that it is a live case study of how he earns over $58000 in just one month, but there is no such thing included in the training. I think these types of tactics helps you to boost your sales, but your readers trust would decline.


Paid Methods

Desmond mentioned paid methods for bringing clicks to your offer. I may not be worry, but most of the people don’t have money so how they could implement this to gain optimal benefits.

There is always a risk involved with paid methods and if you are a newbie then this system is not perfect. You get experience after implementing few campaigns.

Is Copy Paste Hack a Scam or Legit:

In short, Copy Paste Jack is an incomplete product from Desmond, if you are a beginner. If you are professional then you may purchase this product. It might contain something that you may not be familiar with.

I have seen a lot of his products are just an incomplete training and internet marketer like Desmond should know what a beginner in internet marketing requires. It is nothing more than a simple step by step complete guide for every strategy that you are providing.

What Next?

It would be better for you to start somewhere else place that guides you about A to Z of affiliate marketing. My sincere advice is you should join Wealthy Affiliate where you are not stuck in incomplete training rather it is a complete guide for you with complete support from community and owners.

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