Clixten Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Clixten
Website Address:
Price: Free + Premium
Business Owner: Pascal Mihaela
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 points

What is Clixten?

Clixten was launched by Pascal Mihaela back in November 2012. It is basically a PTC (pay to click) site in which you can earn money by viewing advertisement. With the passage of time admin added certain new features that can increase the earning potential of members. Now they have more than 13 ways you can use to earn online. Clixten currently has over 400,000 active members and it has paid over $200,000 to its members since its launching date.

Site is still not very old as compared to most famous sites like Donkey Mails and Clixsense that are more than 7 years old. But still 2 and half years are a good time to judge the site credibility. This site always pays its members timely and i have seen no problem till to date. The sites that are similar to this one are CashPiggy, LogiPTC, and AdFiver.

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How to Earn Money from Clixten?

Viewing Ads

After becoming member of Clixten you can view ads. The ads duration is between 5 seconds to 30 seconds and it will credit you around $0.001 to $0.04 depending upon your membership.


There are two types of referrals offered by Clixten one is called Direct and other is Rented referrals. You can earn certain percentage from your referrals when your referral start earning from Clixten in the same way as you use. You can only make 100 direct referrals if you are a free member. In order to earn more you need to upgrade your account to the next level.

You can also rent referrals from Clixten for 30 days. It will cost you money and in order to retain those referrals then you need to pay regularly. Rented referrals are also limited as per your type of membership.

Paid to Signup (PTSU)

It is the offers offered by the advertisers and in order to earn this you have to complete these offers. It is usually last for 8 days. After eight (8) days the offer that is completed by the person will be automatically approved by the system. In this case you are rewarded with credits and each credits have value as shown below.

You can earn up to $5 for each completed task as advertised by the advertiser.

Traffic Exchange

In this portal you can earn advertising credits by viewing ads and can use those credits to advertise your own site. You can earn daily between $0.001 up to $1 as a bonus. Each site that you surf is 5 seconds and advertising credits you earn will depend on your type of membership.


ClixGrid is easy to play and as a free member you daily receive 20 chances to click on the grid. You can click anywhere on the grid and win up to $2.Some advertiser’s advertise on the grid and it is very cheap method of advertising. When you click on certain area then advertiser’s site will open up that you will have to view it for 6 seconds.

Benefits to the Advertiser:

There are different ways you can use to advertise your site using clixten. It includes:

  • Paid to Click (PTC)
  • Paid to Signup (PTSU)
  • Login Ads
  • Traffic Exchange
  • Banner Advertising
  • Fixed Advertising
  • ClixGrid Advertising

Rates offered by this site is very affordable like ClixGrid Advertising cost you only $3.33 per month and PTC ads will cost you $2 for 4000 credits.

Pros vs. Cons:


  • Free to sign up for every person.
  • You can earn some money if you work hard.
  • Multiple income streams for members.
  • Low withdrawal limit i.e. $2 for first time.


  • Though there are multiple income streams but you can earn very little as compared to the effort you put in. If you have not lot of direct referrals then after month it is very difficult for you to reach even withdrawal amount.
  • There are also some features that work on your luck like ClixGrid where you can earn if you are very lucky otherwise your attempts goes waste lot of time. Same is the case with certain offers because sometimes advertisers not credited you for your work.
  • You need direct referrals if you want to earn good from Clixten and referrals are very difficult to get. You have to put lot of efforts for getting this. You need to advertise your link that cost you money or create a website on this which require technical knowledge. The best method in my opinion is to create a website and promote your desired programs. If you don’t know how to build a website then Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn.
  • You can purchase direct referrals and rental referrals but they are of low quality and generally they do well at the start but after some time start to decline. It is always a risky investment with the PTC site and you need lot of experience in order to implement this successfully.

Membership Types:


  • Free
  • $0.0025 per click.
  • $0.0005 per direct referral click and $0.002 per rental referral click.
  • 100 direct referral limit and 200 rental referral limit.


  • $20 per year.
  • $0.005 per click.
  • $0.001 per direct referral click and $0.002 per rental referral click.
  • 200 direct referral limit and 200 rental referral limit.


  • $75 per year.
  • $0.02 per click.
  • $0.0025 per direct referral click and $0.005 per rental referral click.
  • 1000 direct referral limit and 1000 rental referral limit.


  • $500 per year.
  • $0.02 per click.
  • $0.005 per direct referral click and $0.005 per rental referral click.
  • 4000 direct referral limit and 4000 rental referral limit.


  • $700 per year.
  • $0.02 per click.
  • $0.010 per direct referral click and $0.005 per rental referral click.
  • Unlimited direct referral limit and 10,000 rental referral limit.


In a nutshell, Clixten is a good PTC sites and till date it has always paid to its members in time. You can earn some money if you work hard but in order to be very successful you need to be an advanced PTC user.

I will only recommend this to persons that can make lot of direct referrals otherwise this site is not for you and you are wasting your time. In order to earn money and want to build your online business I always recommend you to join my #1 recommended platform.

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