ClickPerks Review – Is This Reward Earning Site a Legit or Scam?

There are many reward sites, and among reputed one, we have this ClickPerks site. By working on this site, you will get rewards by doing the variety of tasks.

So check out this complete ClickPerks review and see whether it is trusted or not and does it worth your time or not?

So without any delay lets start;

ClickPerks Review Summary

Product Name: ClickPerks

Founder: Unknown

Website Address:

Product Type: Get Paid to (GPT) Site

Price: Free

Best For: Good for Starters

Summary: It is a platform where you earn money by completing simple tasks like playing games, surveys completion, searching on the web and shopping online etc….

Ratings: 75 out of 100

Verdict: Legit

What is ClickPerks?

This ClickPerks is one of the well known gets to paid websites.

ClickPerks Review

This site comes with multiple income streaming options. You just have to do simple tasks, and then points will be transferred to your account.

If you will do online shopping, taking surveys, searching on web portals or if you will be reading emails, then all these tasks will generate a reward for you.

This site also lets you earn enough points by watching videos and by playing games. If you refer people to this site, bonus points will be given to you.

Once you reach the minimum payout, then you can take out these points in the form of rewards.

These amazing rewards come in the form of gift cards, electronic merchandise or cash payments.

If you are an applicant from the side of Canada or USA or if you are from the side of UK then you can work on this site. While joining the platform of this site, you have to mention your name and email address and also your date of birth details, phone number, zip code information.

A questionnaire will be given to the members so that their profile screening can be completed. On the basis of these questionnaires, tasks will be assigned to the members.

ClickPerks site has nice graphics on it, and its landing page is also informative. That help users to easily use this site and can quickly do their tasks on it.

How To Make Money With ClickPerks?

Here is how you can make money and get rewards by using this ClickPerks site.

1). Online Shopping

The first way is by doing online shopping. It is the popular method which is offered by this site.

“This site has 1500 plus retailers on it.”

On these retailing shops, you will earn points by doing online shopping on them. On every valid purchase, you will get points.

2). Taking Surveys

When you take on surveys, then reward points will come in your account. These surveys are about giving away the opinion regarding future launched products. This site works with a large range of survey companies and also poll firms.

3). Searching on the Web

Then searching on the web will too give you points. It is an interesting earning method which this site offers you. You only have to use Yahoo search, and then you can earn some enough redeemable points.

4). Watching Videos

Then by watching videos on ClickPerks site, you can earn many points. You have to watch these streaming videos on an online basis. There are a bunch of promotional videos which are uploaded to this site. You can watch them and get points.

5). Playing Games

Then by playing games, you can be earning many points. There are many exciting games which are present on this site. You can get random points while playing these games.

You will gift cards of well-known stores like Walmart, Target, and Amazon, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Red Lobster.

ClickPerks Complaints:

1). Limited Membership

Its major con is that this ClickPerks site offers limited membership. As this platform is only and just available for the residents of UK, USA, and Canada. Applicants from rest of the countries cannot apply.

A professional and recognized income earning site should allow all individuals to work on it. But this option is not the part of this site.

Right now, it only welcomes the people from America, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

This site came in 2016, and we think that when this site gets older, then it will likely open the option to welcome all individuals from all countries of this world.

2). Account Termination Issue

This site can too terminate your account. It can make your account inactive. They have this account cancellation policy, so remain careful always. You should make your participation active so that your account may not get canceled.

At least on a per year basis, you have to complete one task. If you will only make an account on this site and will not accept and complete an assignment, then your account will straight away be canceled by this site.

So keep your account active by accepting and completing more and more task and offers.

3). Ambiguity on Payment Terms

It happens multiple numbers of times that this ClickPerks site is not much clear enough whenever their payment terms come! They show ambiguous attitude regarding payment of their users.

Users are always unsure that how much they will earn from a single task. In the same way, this site also changes their payment rates and rewards at any time.

They do not notify their users that these are the changes which they have made in their payments and rates area.

4). Support Problem

Their member support system is also poor. It is stated by many of the users of this Click Perks site that help desk service offered by this site is quite poor.

They do not reply back quickly, and even if their users face any issue, then a team of this company does not solve their issues on time.

5). Data Privacy Issue

This promise is made by this company that they will protect the data of their users. But ClickPerks always breach this promise.

This company fails to secure the personal data of their users. This company often shares their user’s data with other third parties.

6). Long Approval Time

Their approval time is quite long. This takes a long time to credit your account. Even you are going to complete a task; you will see delayed procedures.

Good Things About the Company:

1). Multiple Earning Options

From this site, you can avail multiple income earning options. Like we have written above, playing games, watching a video, doing surveys, giving reviews, referring friends- all are easy means and ways to earn points over here.

Then they offer multiple in the number of payment options. You can get your payments by receiving these gift cards. Or you can get the payment through PayPal. You can get e-vouchers.

Their referral program is another best part of this ClickPerks site. Following this referral program, you will be paid by referring this well-suggested site to your friend. They have their mobile app. You can earn points on it too.

2). Payout Quickly

This company minimum payout condition and requirement is only 30 minutes, so this is the best thing about Click Perks. That means if you earn only 30 points then you can withdraw 3 dollars amount from your account.

Is it Worth Your Time?

I know that reward sites don’t pay much to their members. You just use them to earn some extra money for your pocket money.

So whether you should work on ClickPerks site or not! It is because of its varied reward options and also because of the low threshold minimum payout, this site is recommended to those individuals who want to earn extra money online.

It depends on the selection of your task that how much you will be paid. Being one of the wise and sensible individuals, you should assess the working criteria of this site on your own.

Your own verdict and decision will help you more than whether to work on this site or not.

According to a maximum number of reviews, this site ClickPerks is a legit and trustworthy get to paid (GPT) site. It gives you tons of opportunities. But you also have to keep in mind the downsides of this site.

This site is still improving its areas and categories because it has been in operation since 2016.

You can proceed yourself to work on this site because some convincing reviews are given to it.

Is Click Perks A Legitimate or Scam?

​​​​On a balanced note, this Click Perks site is a legitimate site. Though each of the individual personal feelings can vary, you have to get an experience to work on this site for once.

This site is a fresh platform for this online money earning world. As it was founded in 2016, and all in all it is going on a somewhat satisfactory note and basis.

Its offers are pretty much exciting. All of its income earning zones looks exciting. If you get bored by playing videos, then you can switch your task to watch videos.

And when you get bored with this specific task, then you can get back to your surveys tasks. So users can have multiple options.

It is above average money making site, and you can consider it. If you are still unclear, then you can check out more of reviews about it. But at the same time, completing these little tasks will not fill your accounts in few seconds.

You have to think of another medium a well to earn money online.

This online money earning medium is only for the beginners. Like if you cannot handle tough freelancing tasks, then you can use these sites like we have Click Perks site.

Though it is a legit site and the users have notified very few scam experiences. Still, you have to remain cautious.

In beginning time, you should do less work and get your first cash amount payable to be withdrawn from your account. Then you can easily trust on this site later on. More review and we will share and give you more verdict on this Click Perks site.