Clickbank Pirate Review – Is it a Scam?

Clickbank Pirate Review – Is it a Scam?

If you are looking for an honest review of the Clickbank Pirate, then you are in the right place.

This program makes quite some promises, and these promises, especially one that I got from a video review I had from a member, are what made me want to have a look at it. And yes, I did manage to get into its systems and find out what it’s real gist is.

All you will have to do is take your time to read it, to the very end, so that you can know what you are committing yourself to if you will buy into it.

I’ve also left my final verdict on it, after deep evaluation, which I’m positive will go a long way to helping you come to a more educated decision that will help you get only what you are looking for.

Okay, let’s delve into it…

Business Name: Clickbank PirateClickbank Pirate Review
Website Address:
Owner: Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye
Price: $67
Rankings: 60 out of 100

Clickbank Pirate Review – Introduction:

A new technique has just been discovered. If you have been following the online money making industry for a while now, then you must have noticed this new approach is working pretty great for them. They are using a new strategy that they claim needs no website, no hosting, or anything else that will cost you money other than the actual program membership fees.

They are getting you to focus entirely on selling products through other means. They will only have you this training the membership fees and then get your affiliate links from Clickbank products to various places, more like spamming, and have you paid commissions once the links are clicked and lead to a sale.

But do these strategies really work? Do they pay?

You know, most scams were known to saturate the multi-level marketing industry a decade ago. They have been creating many MLM programs with crazy compensation plans, that can go up to a little over $700,000 to get many people thrilled with the ideas and have them join in huge numbers, to be viable for the commissions.

But once people came to learn that all these programs are just but blatant scams, they greatly avoided them. So this left the scams with the option of inventing another system or just quit scamming folks, as their main technique was known to all. And this made the internet peaceful for awhile because most of them had disappeared.

But just recently, this new system was launched. They don’t have a specific name for it, for they use it in many different ways and means, but the idea is still the same. Getting leads through affiliate links without having to set up any system. If you have been invited to such a program to work there and “earn insane profits,” then chances are that you were, or still are on the verge of getting scammed.

The thing is, these people want to make their tactics sound so real and almost legit that appear so reasonable, but then they leave loose ends from which they will suck in your money. They will often tell you to sign up and start making money that very same day, without a website, without much marketing efforts, without hosting our anything else that will ask you to dig deep your pocket to make money or any activity that will make you break a sweat.

Well, to be honest, who wouldn’t want this? See, the best ways that have been proven to earn people great commissions for decades now is affiliate marketing, where you promote merchant products or affiliate products through affiliates links. And this being the most trusted say of earning money online, these scams want to create something that will appear a quick fix to help you sell these products.

They want to make you see it an easy option compared to all the effort it takes to build an affiliate website, get it ranked and saw it making regular sales for you. And since most of us want shortcuts to making money, we are just going to buy into this approach. But then when you go to start making money with it, you will have to promote the products of the owner of the program you are joining like Ewen Chia is doing.

You get to have them use you to promote their products and get themselves much fame, in the name of helping you generate revenue without a website, and then pay you peanuts. You should be aware of these self-centered people who want to make it appear like they are helping you when in the real sense they are just using you to get to where they want. You should first seek to learn how they are operating.

Make sure you know exactly how you will be promoting these products without a website. If you see they want to give away their ebooks or some fishy strategy that only points all your efforts to benefiting that particular program and you, on the other hand, earn pennies compared them, don’t accept to work with them.

And could it happen that the Clickbank Pirate is one of these greedy scams? Could it be that they want to use you? That is only one way to know that. Get into systems. So let’s do just that.

Tired of Scams?

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What is Clickbank Pirate?

This is a program that promises to help you make at least $1,000 each month by promoting Clickbank products without a website or blog. They claim to give five turnkey systems that will see you through a successful marketing campaign for the products and will help drive leads to the squeeze page that they have created for you and took it from there to see the leads convert.

How to Build Squeeze Page?

This program typically wants to have you do the marketing job only, and once you have driven traffic to the program, they are going to do the persuasion, the follow ups and see to it that they have all gone through, and this is how you are going to make your commissions.

This program was created by two “Clickbank Pirates,” Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye. These people haven’t really been heard within the online world of another product. But it sure is clear to me that they have had a good deal of experience with affiliate products.

For them to have gotten to the point of getting a strategy like the one they are trying to sell to you here, and with the squeeze pages, free reports and other resources you are going to need to make this work, it shows they have worked online for some years.

How Does it Work?

This is all about selling affiliate products by promoting resources with your affiliate links and more often creating sales pages for yourself.

The Training

And this program teaches you how to create your own sales pages. The sales page is usually one long article that explains something related to affiliate products and then leaving links to products you want your target audience to buy, more like the official page of this product.

But the problem with this training you get on doing this is that they are outdated. You are never going to find most of the popular search engines ranking such pages in their top positions. And what this means is, you are going to miss out on the “hot positions” on the web that get the most visitors, which is massive amount of leads which can have you make more than 20 sales a day.

After search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo saw that their users weren’t really into these pages, they decided to update their algorithms in a way that they only allow websites with tons of pages and posts to rank well. They will only allow websites that are being regularly updated and have a lot of activities like comments within them to rank well and help users find the user experience a good one.

The member’s Area

You are also going to get a member’s area that looks like a treasure map. And if you are the kind of people who want things plain and simple for you in any program, then his one program you are going to dread.

There is a lot of bells and whistles within it, and with difficult terminologies that will just make you loose interest very fast. You have to click on the terms to learn what they mean, which is very annoying as it means you have to keep pausing your training to know what the slang term they have used somewhere really means.

Something I noted with this program is that they won’t really tell you what you will be doing within the program before you join it. You will just get motivated to join and give you screenshots of “recent payments” to show how much they have been earning with the systems they recommend. And they will tell you all you need to get is the training.

Who is it For?

Well, this program is claimed to be great for pretty much anyone who wants to make money with Clickbank affiliate products and without having to invest too much effort into the marketing by having to set up a website and take care of the whole administration work. And since it seems a very easy thing, they are literally targeting everyone who wants to make money online with the least amount of time possible and who wants a good commission off of it, especially online newbies.

But to be honest, as a newbie, you don’t want to get started online with this. You are going to get all confused because you don’t get a good beginner friendly training that will get you acquainted with the terms and condition of proper affiliate marketing, which is basically exposing you to Google penalties and bans. This course, as I consciously see it, is not best for anyone who wants to create a long term online income stream. As it will be short lived, and you will do more service to the owner of the products than to yourself.

So this is definitely not for:

• Those who are serious about affiliate marketing – if you are ready and willing to give all you have to learn affiliate marketing and become great at it, this program is not going to help you get that. They are teaching just shortcuts that may hurt you down the road. I’d highly recommend you get an affiliate marketing course in places like wealthy affiliate.

• Those who don’t want to use black hat methods of making money – if you are a person of integrity and honesty, this program won’t help you do much. Promoting affiliate products the proper way needs a website or clean paid ways of promotions. But this program shows how you to spam people’s social media accounts and emails with your promotions.

What is Included in the Program?

Well, this program does come with some things you can use to make this whole system work for you. I guess they are the ones that will be helping you achieve the $1,000 a month milestone. And these things that are included in the program are:

• Promotional tools – The program provides you with the resources you are going to need to make a screaming awareness of your products to the public. And these resources include banners, articles, blog posts and ads.

• Step by step instructions – You also gets the training I was telling you about, where and how to place the ads in various places and make the most if them. These are the outdated strategies I mentioned. They won’t help you since you are going to be penalized by Google as soon you place them.

• Advanced step by step tutorials – Here you are going to get taught how to create custom made banners and promotional materials that you can blend in with your affiliate products to get more quality traffic. This is a great skill you will learn, but it only gets worse when placing them out there.

You also get bonuses!

You are also going to get a few more bonuses to help you amplify your marketing campaigns. They will top up the overall knowledge you are going to get off this program. And these bonuses are:

1. Traffic Generation 101

This home offers a good deal of insight into the various effective ways you can use to generate more traffic, which is going to help you make more money. The techniques you learn here are both great for people who are just starting out and those who have been on the net for quite some time now. To be more specific, these traffic generation methods include:

  • Email marketing
  • Blog traffic
  • Article marketing
  • PPC advertising
  • Traffic exchange
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

This is a course valued at $67, and according to the sales of this program, you are going to have to buy it, which is confusing because they still call it a bonus.

2. Plug and play blog

This is a bonus that gives you fully functional WordPress blogs that are ready to earn you money. All the work has been done for you, no website administration work, no hosting fees, nothing! This is what they claim. But these sites are just not the kind of websites that have been made to make commissions to the fullest. They may earn you something, but very little and are going to take long.

3. Training and Coaching

This is another bonus that is going to give you, even more, training for this system. They claim to give you more insight and hidden secrets of bringing in massive traffic and revenue. But as I see it, this is another product that they will use to refer you to another product that you will have to pay for.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• Some of the marketing techniques you are taught here are legit and can be really beneficial if you are using them on a clean system.

The Cons

• You are taken through the black hat methods of making money online which may bring you money but won’t get you working with them for long.

• You are given huge parts of outdated training that used to work like a decade ago, and they expect you to make $1,000 a month with it, which is practically impossible.

• Trying to sell affiliate products without a website in place is basically taking away many benefits that come in handy. You will just be getting limited commissions as you are taking full advantage of this whole affiliate opportunity.

• You are told that you will learn the secrets that most programs don’t want to you to know which will greatly help you when in fact, there are no secrets revealed here, just the same old marketing hype.

• This program is online. And this definitely demands you to have a great internet connection to get it to run smoothly for you.

• This product has been greatly overpriced. There are many other great and highly effective programs that cost much less and greatly supersedes the CB pirate.

• There is nothing here that is newbie friendly. You get a lot of technical education that overlooks the introduction to them, which makes it only great for the advanced marketers.

• This is a poor way to introduce affiliate marketing to people who want to learn how to do it and pull off a full-time job from it.

Final Verdict:

This program has much to be said about. Firstly, you can agree with me that all the enticements you got from the sales page of the program aren’t really giving you the true picture of it. At first, you may think that you are going to pay for the membership and then get in to find everything done for you.

To get all the resources you need and be directed to where you will need to place them to start generating immediate traffic and earn money. But if you went to the back end, you realize things are very different; you have to learn, struggle to understand what it’s all about. You don’t even get the secret they promised to give you.

Finally, this is a Clickbank product, so it comes with a 60 days money back guarantee which lets you test it out for a whole two months, and if you don’t get the actual value that you hoped for, you get your money back. But I wouldn’t advise you to pay with the motive of getting the money back.

Why I say, this is you may get delays and complicated steps of claiming your refund that may make you just give it up. So if you don’t like the products or are very skeptical about it just don’t buy it. Get something else.

Is the Clickbank Pirate a scam? To me, everything about it is great description of a scam, except for some bits of the training.

Final verdict – Scam!

Name: Clickbank Pirate
Owner: Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye
Price: $67
Rankings: 60 out of 100

Have you joined this program? Have you seen what the experience of it is like? Do you love how things are going for you regarding the training and making commissions? We would love to have your feedback on it. Be sure to leave it below.

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