ClickBank Emperor Forever Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

ClickBank Emperor Forever Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: ClickBank Emperor Forever
Website Address:
Price: $ $9.93
Business Owner: Mrrightme
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100 points

ClickBank Emperor Forever Scam Review – Introduction:

ClickBank Emperor Forever is an eBook created by Mrrightme that uses Bing ads to promote affiliate products. ClickBank is a great platform to be affiliated with because it has tons of great product to promote. Bing is a famous search engine and it has most widely used search engine after Google. It market share is about 19%.

Other than this Mrrightme also guides about how to use YouTube to promote ClickBank products and earns affiliate promotion.

What is Included in ClickBank Emperor Forever?

It is a PDF guide and has about 50 plus pages. As said earlier this guide revolves around two strategies. ClickBank is common in both strategies and one uses Bing ads and other strategy uses YouTube to promote CB products.

If we look at the first strategy then he guides different ways to get Bing ads advertising credits because it allows you to promote without paying any money. You can also use your credit card for this purpose, it’s up to you.

If we look at the second strategy then he guides on how to pick a product from CB and create a review video on that product. These type of videos generally rank well in search engines. If you are getting daily some good views then you can place your affiliate lnks in the description and someone buys that product using your affiliate link then you will earn affiliate commission.

Things I Like about ClickBank Emperor Forever:

Very Simple Model

The thing I like most about this guide is that it is based on very simple model and everyone can use it despite his/her previous background. It is not something like SEO, list building, solo ads, social media marketing, article marketing etc.

Mrrightme guides great about how to get free advertising credits and used to promote Clickbank products. Moreover, he also guides which niches and products works best and what factors to consider in order to select product from CB.

If you look at second strategy then it is also very simple concept. Creating reviews on CB products and when it get rank, you will be able to sell these through your affiliate links.

Reasonable Support

If you have purchased this product then in the last section of eBook you can find “Coach & Support”. In this section he has provided his email address and even his Skype address.  I have reviewed lot of internet marketing products and very rare to see someone is providing Skype address.

Things I Don’t Like about ClickBank Emperor Forever:

Incomplete Training

Though he guides good about how to earn Bing free advertising credits but rest is all haphazard information. There is no step by step guide on how to setup a campaign. For this purpose you must purchase upsell.

He specifically mentioned in his eBook that Bing’s ads convert less than Adwords but the training also never discusses about how to optimize this. As a solution for this, he guides that you need to spend some time and money to optimize your campaign. He then recommended to buy copy his campaign by buying his upsell.

The information included is very basic with the help of screen shots and it lacks very important concepts like; improving cost per click, budget required etc. There is no guide on how to setup CB account and track CB analytics.


In order to make this original worthy, you should need to buy upsell because the original product has incomplete training and it will cost you $75, ten times more than the original product. There is link mentioned in the eBook and once you purchased this you would be able to access his campaign details and keywords.

These are keywords and bids of 200 plus products of ClickBank that are high in demand and convert very well.

Is ClickBank Emperor Forever a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, ClickBank Emperor Forever is based on very legit business model and it can delivers you great results, one it is done correctly. In start you may find it difficult but once you are used to it, you can exploit this market for great profitability.

If I talk about training included in this product then definitely it is not up to mark and missing in lot of areas. It doesn’t actually show you how to start a pay per click (PPC) campaign. There are few screenshots of Bing campaign are included, but it is incomplete and provides no detail about important terms in campaign like daily budgets and optimizing Cost-Per-Click. Moreover, there is no guidance about criteria for finding good keywords to target. In order to know this you must buy an upsell.

What Next?

An important question for you is “Why invest your time and money into such program when you could join the internet’s most trusted online business community? They have included everything in their platform that an internet marketer requires for successful business.

If you are really looking for such opportunity then see my #1 recommendation. Don’t look at different shortcuts because they can distract your attentions and at the end you have only wasted your time and money. Think long term and set goals, after this put all efforts for your goals.


I hope you have liked my ClickBank Emperor Forever review and if you have any question then please ask in comment section below.

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