Click Intensity Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Product Name: Click IntensityClick Intensity Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address:
Product Price: $25
Product Owner: Nick Johnson
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100 points

Click Intensity Scam Review – Introduction:

Click Intensity is a US based company and Nick Johnson is its CEO, and Tara Mish is communication head. Both have a broad range of sales and marketing experience and knows well how online advertising works.

Before going into detailed analysis, I would like to share that this is not something new concept as there has been a lot of other companies already using the same concept like Traffic Monsoon, Triple Threat Marketing, and My Advertising Pays.

The whole idea is revolved around online advertising, and everyone knows that as long as there are businesses in the world, the world will need advertising. Click Intensity uses this concept along with some more features in the form of PTC, revenue sharing, and MLM and combines them into one site.

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How to Earn Money from this Site?

There are five different ways you may use and get paid daily.

Complete Daily Tasks – As a free or paid member you are provided various tasks and on completion, you are rewarded for this. Paid member being more serious get more tasks to complete.


Profit Shares – This is their primary product and as a member, you can participate their revenue sharing platform. To be part of this, you must have to purchase a $25 Silver Coin Pack. This pack will return you daily income and matures at $30. There is no fixed daily percentage about how much it will be shared as it all depends on the sales made by the company.

To earn after every 30 minutes you must complete ten daily tasks in the form of;

  • Play games online
  • Watch videos
  • Click Ads
  • Surf around
  • etc

Direct Referrals – If you refer personally to the system then every purchase and repurchase of Silver Coin Pack made by that person will earn you 10%. If you are a free member, then this rate will be declined to 5%. There is no limit on the personal referrals that you refer and if you are good at this then the more you refer, the more you can get out of the system.

Team Income – It is income other than from your direct referrals. Click Intensity will reward you up to 7 levels deep.

  • Level 1 = 10%
  • Level 2 = 1%
  • Level 3 = 0.5%
  • Level 4 = 0.5%
  • Level 5 = 0.5%
  • Level 6 = 0.5%
  • Level 7 = 2.0%

You are surprised to see above levels but seeing below you will get even more surprised because to qualify for those levels of commission you need to purchased the following number of packs at the corresponding levels.

  • Level 1: 1 packs = $25
  • Level 2: 100 packs = $2500
  • Level 3: 200 packs = $5000
  • Level 4: 400 packs = $10,000
  • Level 5: 1000 packs = $25,000
  • Level 6: 2000 packs = $50,000
  • Level 7: 4000 packs = $100,000

To claim from all levels, you must have at least invested $100,000 in 4000 ad packs.


Backend Sales – This part entitles you to earn seven levels deep in your team who purchases a premium advertising product like pop-up ads or solo ads from Click Intensity.


Things I Liked:

Multiple Earning Opportunities

Click Intensity offers various simple ways to its members for earn money online. Daily tasks are also very simple like watch videos, like social media profile, and click ads. Everyone can do that, and there is even no need to buy ad packs.

If you want to earn something big, then the only way is to buy as many ad packs as possible. Direct Referrals are another way you can utilize as there is no restriction on how many you can make.

Things I Didn’t Like:

Unsustainable Business Model

I have seen a lot of similar companies in the past that has been closed using the same model. Click Intensity is also using the typical advertising plus revenue sharing model with some new features, but the thing is such type of advertising is not what top business are looking at.

People join these sites for the sake of money and most of them even don’t have a website and those they have are at very initial stage. The most important question is how Click Intensity is generating revenue. If you look at the business model, then the most prime activity is from people who buy ad packs of $25.

As a return to these people, the company will give them $30. If the company has no additional source or product then how can it pay additional $5 to those people? The simple answer is from purchases made by new people, and it is very typical Ponzi scheme indication.

Moreover, there is also no guarantee of daily revenue share as it depends on the sale made to the people. If there is no selling, then there is no return. You may be thinking this may good because there is no daily guarantee but the issue is let’s say new people don’t join, and you have invested a large sum of money then all your investment will stick in the system, and you cannot even withdraw it.

Lot of Hype

When you land on the site and visit members’ area, then there are a lot of promotional material that in my opinion is far from reality. How can a member earn $500 – $5000 per month from this system? If you want to make $500 per month then you must invest at least similar amount and then wait for few months and reinvest for that period.

The main issue is whether this system will sustain for that period to return your investment. Because keeping your investment for a long term in this business is full of risk.

Is Click Intensity is a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, CI is a new system, and it has combined different business models under one roof. The core of this product is same revenue sharing product that Traffic Monsoon, My Advertising Pays, and PV Traffic are using and let’s see how long this system will run. In my opinion, if they don’t add new income streams to this system then it will soon turn into a scam.

Moreover, to earn from your team deep in seven levels, then you need to invest heavily in unlocking all these seven levels.

If you wanted to part of this platform, then my sincere advice is to stay away from investing any sum of money. The other thing is if you don’t invest money then you solely relying on daily tasks will only yield you few pennies per day. If you are looking for an opportunity that is for serious people, then see my #1 recommendation.

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