Click Ad Pays Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Click Ad Pays Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Click Ad PaysClick Ad Pays Scam Review
Website Address:
Price: Free + Different Value Ad Packs
Business Owner: Jean Duclerne
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100 points (SCAM)

Click Ad Pays Scam Review – Introduction:

Click Ad Pays was launched by Jean Duclerne back in 23 August, 2014. This site has paid over $1,400,000 to its members. Click ad pays is an advertising platform where advertisers can promote their product/services or referral links to its members. This can help them to drive targeted traffic to their site as well as they can participate their revenue sharing opportunity.

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How to Earn Money from Click Ad Pays?

Revenue Sharing – In order to earn from Click Ad Pays revenue sharing then you must purchase Ad Credit Pack Plan. These packs are of different denomination and return you up to 125%.

  • $1 Ad pack2015-08-11_15-43-40
  • $2.50 Ad pack
  • $5 Ad pack
  • $10 Ad pack
  • $20 Ad pack
  • $40 Ad pack
  • $50 Ad pack
  • $100 Ad pack

You can purchase maximum of 100 Ad Credit Packs from each category and then move upward. In order to earn share on daily basis then you must first surf 10 daily ads in ClickAdPays member’s area. If you don’t want to surd daily sites then you can also purchase surf free package.

If you have surf daily ads then you are rewarded after every 30 minutes from the company’s revenue share if there is sale received by company. 50% profit share will go the repurchase account and you can only utilize this to purchase those credit ad packs.

Referral Commission – Members can take their referral link from promotion tab in the member’s area and if someone join using your referral link and you will get 10% commission for every credit ad pack purchase. This commission is not restrained to first time purchase but also any subsequent repurchasing.

PTC ads – View ads for few seconds and earn from $0.001 to $0.01. Ads last for few seconds and you will be rewarded instantly.

Click Ad Pays Pros vs. Cons:


  • You can earn some money using ClickAdPays as it offers revenue share to members from its daily sales and at the same time you can promote your products and services to ClickAdPays members and if they convert well then you can make serious money.
  • Paying for over one year which is very rare for such type of programs and also this site uses multiple payment processors for its members especially good to see PayPal in the list.


  • Most of the people join ClickAdPays because of its earning opportunity and this is the reason products offered by those sites are not good and very rare to see you get conversions of your promoting product and services.
  • Very rare to see site similar to ClickAdPays stay for few years online because most get cash flow problems very early.
  • Admin is using some artificial ways to make this program more stable like repurchasing rule. I prefer programs that avoid such things and focus more on genuine ways to generate revenue.
  • There are different complaints on the internet about not paying to members or there may be issue of selective withdrawal requests.

Advertising Product:

ClickAdPays offers different types of products for your investment like:

Business Directory Listing– If you purchase credit ad packs then your site is listed on business directory and anyone who surf daily ads in order to earn revenue will see those directory ads. This area is accessible to both members and also nonmembers. This gives great exposure to your business to different people.

Login Ads – Members can buy login ads for 10 seconds and most of the member’s login daily to their account and this can increase the chances to convert very highly.

Solo Ads – In order to send emails to members for promoting your products or services then you can purchase solo ads as this is also very converting because it send to members for twice daily.

Banner Ads – Banner ads are offered in three different sizes and these are displayed on ClickAdPays all pages.

Text Ads – This is same as banner ads because offered in three different sizes and are displayed on ClickAdPays all pages.

PTC Advertisements – You can also earn money using this system and also promote your product to other members.

PPC Banners – It is a model in which you pay the publisher when someone click on the ad.

Is Clicks Ad Pays a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short Clicks Ad Pays is a new program which provide different earning options to its members and you can earn if you make big investment. In order to invest there is a lot of risks involved like:

  • There is no guarantee how long this system will run because in past hundreds of similar system have started and closed after some time.
  • I have seen lot of complaints on the internet that this site is not paying to its members so it is better not to join such a site that pay selectively or has a cash flow problem.
  • There are better sites available where you can invest and earn money so why take lot of risk in this site and I recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate which is best in the internet world.

These all opportunities are for short term and it is very difficult to earn from these type of sites because as your account grow then admin closed their programs and run away with your money. After this you have wasted both your time and money. So join only the best site where you can build your business for long term.

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If you have any questions about ClickAdPays then please do share in the comment section. I am very happy to help you out and also please share your experience with ClickAdPays if your were already a member. Please don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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