Best CBD Affiliate Programs to Join in 2021!

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and it is extracted from the hemp plant. It is one of the fastest-growing markets owing to its massive health benefits, and according to one study, the industry could grow up to $22+ billion by 2022.

Though some synthetic products are also available in the market, the demand for natural pure CBD products is quickly gaining popularity as they are 100% free of artificial ingredients.

It is available in the form of oil, added in foods, skincare & beauty products, or even in pet products.

All About CBD Industry:

As the industry is currently in the developing phase, certain unapproved advantages are associated with CBD products. Still, many people believe that it is suitable for mental and brain health, insomnia, high blood pressure, anxiety and other brain disorders significantly.

Due to its massive market, you being an affiliate, can take advantage of this industry and get your pie by promoting it. The industry is competitive, but still, you can manage to find several low competition sub-niches like CBD pets, CBD for specific diseases and CBD for skincare.

If you are already working on this niche and have some traffic or even plan to start your own blog, read this post below to get some top affiliate programs in the CBD niche.

Best CBD Affiliate Programs

Before discussing these affiliate programs, you must consider some essential things to becoming an affiliate in this industry. 

The niche is highly regulated, and most of the products aren't approved by FDA. So, there are certain restrictions you have to face when promoting CBD offers. If you take the route of paid advertising using platforms like Google and Facebook, it is banned altogether.

There is no way you can advertise on these world's biggest venues. Any health claim from these products will ban your account pretty quickly.

As per my recommendation, the most trusted route for you is to create a blog and drive free traffic from search engines and then promote. Affiliate offers to them.

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How To Find CBD Affiliate Programs?

An excellent way to research potential CBD affiliate programs is by browsing through forums. Forums gives a very in-depth look at the thoughts and reviews of many people.

People like to brag about the money they make from selling CBD products and share tips on how you could get started and make money with different CBD affiliate programs.

It's a very popular niche, so it's easy to find posts about new products and pre-orders. Make sure you search for posts that mention a product's price or a specific product and see what kind of comments people have made regarding it.

Most vendors will give thorough information about their products and prices on their websites.

Aside from selecting a good commission rate, it's essential to choose an excellent CBD affiliate program as well.

There are several options available, including subscription-based, recurring, one time, and cookie duration programs.

Let's look at some top affiliate programs in the CBD niche:

View The Best CBD Affiliate Programs in 2021!

1). Green Roads

Green Roads is one among very popular name in this industry. They have created premium CBD oils, coffee, topicals, capsules and won back-to-back "Best CBD Products" awards in 2018 and 2019. 

They offer a cookie duration of 30 days and a 10 to 15% commission rate on their products.

2). CBD Pure

Another big company you shouldn't ignore about if you have CBD, marijuana or other related traffic is CBD Pure

Their products have been specially formed using only pure CBD extract and natural hemp oil. They also have the highest commission rate in the industry, with a rate of 40%.

3. Savage CBD

Savage CBD allows affiliates, influencers, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketers and retargeting businesses to promote their certified, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) free CBD products to customers and earn a commission. 

Their products are of the most premium quality, natural and safe. They also offer an excellent commission rate of 35% with regularly updated coupons, offers and new deals every week.

4). HempMy Pet

HempMy Pet is a recognized and esteemed brand available on the market. They aren't new; you can search for them in the market since 2016. 

These products are certified from independently tested in clinical studies and recommended by doctors and veterinarians. 

They give free shipping to all 50 states with their organic, cultivar-specific hemp extract from their farms located in Colorado. They allow a 30% commission and a 90-day first-party cookie.

5). CBD Medic

Charlotte's Web products also offers its top-rated affiliate program that you can promote on your blogs or social media channels and get rewarded for 15 to 20% of all affiliate sales. 

If you send a visitor from your affiliate link on a blog or social media channel to Charlotte's web site and that visitor if buys anytime within 30-days, you receive a commission on the sales.

6). Anavii

Anavii's is a marketplace of CBD goods. Their viewpoint is that they declare to be the only company selling CBD brands based on rigorous quality control standards.

They have a stringent vetting process to get the highest quality products. After analyzing and passing an opening selection process, all products are sent to a 3rd party lab for review.

These high set of standards can be displayed in your affiliate marketing posts, and it also guarantees you that you are only suggesting the best standards products.

Anavii has a powerful track record in the CBD industry. Their founders, Annie Rouse and Jason, leaders in the CBD market, have been dominant lobbyists on the national scene.

Anavaii products commission rate begins from 10% and could go up to 20%, and they offer a 30-day cookie policy.

7). Avid Hemp

Last but not least, Avid Hemp is a CBD producer. They are committed to sourcing premium quality CBD directly from Florida and Colorado hemp farmers. 

AH has a long history and strong links to the hemp farming community.

Their products cover:

  • CBD Flower
  • Vape Juice
  • Pet CBD Products
  • CBD Keto Oil
  • Gummies
  • And much more

Unlike other affiliate sites where they run their own affiliate program, it is run by ShareASale and offers a 30% commission rate with an average order tag of $100.

Final Verdict:

CBD is a hot niche; usually, affiliate programs pay very well — that's what every affiliate wants.

The niche is competitive, though, so don't anticipate dominating it by building your authority unless you afford to have a good solid budget to support lots of content and high-quality links.

The great news is that it is so big that there are many sub-niches that you can target and gain traction.

If you want to start your own blog on CBD niche and don't know how to get started, I suggest you visit my most recommended list of sites that will cover all this.

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