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How and Why You Should Use Craigslist to Advertise?

The easiest way to launch a new business in this day and age is probably through Craigslist.  Craigslist was created in 1995 by Craig Newmark and since then it has been providing a huge, almost completely free platform for selling and buying anything and everything. However, with time, people have started to misuse Craigslist and spamming […]

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What To Look For In A New Employee?

1. Is the Candidate Capable of Adapting Quickly?The ideal candidate is one that’s quick on their feet in adapting to changes in the work environment because change is currently the only constant in the vast majority of organizational systems. Is the candidate able to provide examples of how they managed to shift, grow, and evolve to […]

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Great Tips for Preparing for Brexit!

Brexit has been a constant theme in the headlines over the last couple of years and is having a huge impact on the confidence and outlook of a lot of SMEs. The uncertainty looks set to continue for the rest of the year as negotiations continue. There has been a lack of initiatives to strengthen businesses, and […]

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How to Start a PR Campaign for your Startup?

Are you looking to create a great PR campaign that gets your company out in front of new customers? These tips are here to help.1. Target AudiencePR is essentially getting the right information to the right group of people.  If you do not understand the audience you are trying to reach and do not study the […]

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5 Digital Marketing Trends in the Field of Hospitality in 2019

The hospitality industry includes services like hotels, restaurants, resorts, casinos and amusement parks while Hospitality Marketing is actually a promotion of these services to people to increase in your revenue. Keep in mind that the hospitality industry generally deals in services, and what sets apart them from competitors is their brand identity. That’s why marketing staff puts […]

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How to Use Event Marketing to Promote Your Brand?

Though online marketing trend is increasing to a great extent over the years, but there are certain problems that are associated with this method.  People have very limited attention and less interest in those online messages. So, there is a disconnection between the companies and the audience. But we have another traditional yet effective form of […]

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Why are so Many Businesses Moving to the Cloud Bases Phone System?

The common features of Cloud Based Phone System for Small Business offerings include massive scalability, almost instant availability and provisioning, increased cost management controls, and more. However, while the benefits are considered here, some unwanted points are hiding around the silver cloud. Indeed, each company will determine what will make up their different sets of benefits and […]

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How 3pl Can Help In Reducing The Logistics Cost?

The costs of Logistics, inventory and transportation has been continuously increased.Slightly, a condition has been improved by the years of 2010 and the double digit cost increase due to internal supply chains.  The major contributing factors are may be the Materials, labor and fuel but some of the impact cannot be overstated. The impact of […]

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