Cash Funnel Hack Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

My Cash Funnel Hack Review is as follows;

Business Name: Cash Funnel HackCash Funnel Hack Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address:
Price: $27
Business Owner: Taylor Rizer
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 points

Cash Funnel Hack Scam Review – Introduction:

Cash Funnel Hack was launched by Taylor Rizer and it is a detailed guide on how to improve your sales funnel and increase profits. It is a case study based on the results of Taylor who put together Cash Funnel Hack. Taylor is very successful with this strategy and as per him you can also copy paste his strategy and get good results. This is a PDF guide and is about 41 pages long.

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What is Included in the Product?

Taylor worked on the new strategy and generated lot of revenue using this. He divided sales funnel into two parts front-end sales funnel and Back-end sales funnel. The front end is basically an initial product you are selling. This is the product that is being marketed and the customer is familiar with this. The back end is an additional product offered to the customers once they have purchased front end product.

Let’s say you have a site that has an eBook in the front end and video course and seminar in the back end then as per Taylor you can increase your earnings manifold. He works both strategies including back end and without back end. The results are far better when he has back-end products.


Things I Like about Cash Funnel Hack:

You will learn useful information

This product contains a lot of useful information and can check how Taylor has implemented his strategy by adding back end product and increase his profitability. It is real case study so it is much understandable. Taylor divided the sales funnel into three different components named as Tipwire, Core product and Maximizer. He showed us which component has generated what percentage of revenues.

All his case study revolves around these three components and guides you all about what to do in each stage so that you can get good results at a quick pace. He also disclosed niche in which he and his colleague have worked with.

He has also provided guideline about how we are too excited with the front product, but Taylor uses the front product only as a marketing material. He offers 100% commission to other affiliates that can work for you and you can use that traffic to sell them back end products and earn lot more.

It contains images for better understanding

PDF guide is generally difficult to read and even more difficult to absorb information. I also have faced similar situations many times, but it contains a lot of images that makes us easy to stay focus. He also uses different images to clearly show us that what is back end and front end and how other companies are using this strategy for generating extra cash.

Reasonable Price

Cash Funnel Hack is available at a regular price of $27 but most of time it is also available at a discounted price. I think its regular price is on the higher side and you should avoid this but if you find discounted price then you can purchase this product to know how back-end funnel can work for you. Also, remember it is not for beginners.


Things I Don’t Like about Cash Funnel Hack:

Advanced information

Though Cash Funnel Hack contains plenty of useful information but I think it is more relevant for medium and advanced users. As a beginner either it may not be fully understandable to you or it may not be relevant to you.

Why pay for something that is not relevant to you? Moreover, as a beginner you should find some other information like how to build a site, keyword research, basic SEO and other simpler tasks. In start if you are involved in such advanced strategies then your foundation will be very weak.

People dislike upsells

After reading above you will have a clear idea that the product included in the back end is actually an upsell. Peoples number have increasing day by day that dislike upsells because they think that it is unfair to not show the hidden cost of the additional product and when someone purchases the original product then it will come to know that there are other charges as well.

There are very well established programs out there that are not using this bad strategy. To name a one, Wealthy Affiliate is online since 2005 but has not used this bad strategy and has a huge number of members.

No help

As it contains advanced tactics so it requires additional support from the owners but in reality this is not there. Support is important for all type of internet marketing products especially for product like this. If you stuck somewhere then what you will do? Support is very important even product that has a great training because there are different questions in your mind and if no one is there to help you then this may add frustration and demotivation for you.

Guide only about sales funnel

The product is only related to sales funnel that Taylor has used by adding back-end funnel. You will not learn here how to create a website, SEO and other important tasks that are required for online business. You called this product a specialized product because it is related to only one matter. If you need something more to learn then you will have to invest more in other products.

Is Cash Funnel Hack a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, Cash Funnel Hack is a good product that can help you to improve your sales funnel and maximize your profitability. If you are successful then it can provide you unexpected results but it is never guaranteed. It is best for medium and advanced internet marketer and especially for those people who have a good running site and want to explore something extra.

Before investing in this product, you must also consider above cons that I have mentioned. If you are looking for the complete product that can help you in every aspect then this is not for you.

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I hope you will like my Cash Funnel Hack review and if you have any query then please ask in the comment section. I shall be very happy to help you.