CafePress Reviews – Get Paid to Design T-Shirts Scam?

As always people are looking for an extra dollar and there are just too many ways online that you can do that.

Each and every day as you are surfing your way through the web, you are bound to come across something new, that promises to change the life of your empty bank account.

Most of them promise to make you so much money that you could afford an entire country if you desire to buy one, making you even more afraid keeping the number of scams that have come up lately in mind

And if am not wrong, this must be the reason why you are in this article, looking an answer as to whether CafePress is a legitimate website or just another scam.

If at all that is the reason then fasten your seat belts as I slowly and carefully tell you everything about cafe press to help you make a decision if it’s what you want or not.

Product Name: CafePresscafepress reviews
Website Address:
Author: Fred Durham, Maheesh Jain
Cost: Free
Rankings: 60 out of 100

What is CafePress?

This is an online shop where people design prints and put them on various products and then the website sells them. They do the marketing so you can make some money as they claim on their beautiful website. I have already reviewed similar site to this called TeeSpring.

This company was formulated in 1999 by the dual Fred Durham, Maheesh Jain, regarded as the pioneer of customization of products and have a humongous manufacturing facility in Louisville.

With the time they’ve been in the market they definitely have enough experience to bring customers dreams to life in terms of the perfect services and the types of high products they provide.

To be honest, if you are in search of a passive income opportunity from home then CafePress is not something that you are looking for. Please see my #1 recommendation for this purpose.



How CafePress works?

So this is how it works since you love designs or love artwork or you simply love money you register an account with them, that is completely free. Using your account you can design prints or use photographs as your prints.

You can place this prints using them amazing and simple to use the editor which has so many designs already made, that you could also use for your products and place them on the endless list of products that they can print and sell on your behalf.

Some of these products include; t-shirts and clothing, kids wear and accessories, babies wear and accessories, drinkware the likes of mugs, water bottles, flasks, drinking glasses, shot glasses all the way to tumblers, bags, items for the home the likes of shower curtains, to kitchen accessories, pillows, bed sheets all the way to bedding’s and blankets, i pads, laptop and phone cases and covers, wall art beginning from posters, framed prints, photo on canvas canvas to cut blocks, stationery which include greeting cards, note cards, invitation cards, calendars, journals.

The list is simply endless, as there just so many products on this website that you could design or you could buy.

They also make various considerations in terms of the kind of use of the product, for example, the interests of the recipient as in who is going to receive the gift or the occasion, for example, an anniversary gift, a baptism gift or a birthday gift and seasons you don’t want to be buying a summer themed gift while it’s winter.

This online shop prides itself on having over 1 billion items from all independent more than 2 million designers take note of that.

If at all what you want is to make money on such a platform then get ready to run your soul out of your body since the competition is clearly very stiff in here.

They have partnerships with major entertainment groups, for example, Marvel, Warner Bros, 20th-century fox,
ABC, CBS, peanuts, and Pixar in order to allow you to design

directly from those brands inspired themes and to give you a chance to celebrate the things that you love them.

In my opinion, this company is more concerned with stirring special feelings between you and your loved ones, will they blow the mind out of your friends or family if you get a gift for them that you specially designed with them in mind from CafePress?

Yes, but will they make you money if that is your target I’m not sure about that.

I believe their goal is to create a more connected and an engaging world that can support and will always support and celebrate peoples unique abilities their unique identities and their passions.

How you Make Money from CafePress?

After designing and preparing your products so that they are market ready, cafe press sets the base price and you markup the products at whatever price you want, whatever your markup will be your profits.

But this happens only if you sell them in your shop because cafe press sets the retail price in the marketplace in such a case as a customer buys from the marketplace the designer will receive 5% royalty of the final retail price.

There is no limit to how much you can sell, what you could make, this is entirely dependent on you.

If your products are sold and you make a profit and of course you must hit the threshold the amount that you selected in the payee information then you will receive your accrued profits within 60 days.

This is because they give your customers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Payments are made through a cheque or via PayPal.

Final verdict:

This is definitely a legitimate site that you can actually make some money, but is it recommended?

No! I think there are better ways to make money online which would make you good money than this strategy.

It seems like there is very stiff competition and like you cannot make much of it unless you overcharge which will reduce your potential clients, and if you sell cheap you make less money so eventually only cafe press full benefits.

Name: CafePress
Author: Fred Durham, Maheesh Jain
Cost: Free
Rankings: 60 out of 100

Final verdict – Legit but not recommended!



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