Buskins Leggings Review – Another Home Based Business Scam? (2021)

Welcome to my Buskins Leggings Review 2021!

Buskins Leggings claims that you can start your home based legging business. The Company also offers a hostess rewards program, fast start program, incentive trips, bonus earnings and many more!

It looks interesting but not as simple as you might think. That’s why in this review I will give you my honest opinion about this company.

Before going further, I must congratulate you for taking your time and finding the truth about this company.

Is it really that easy for Buskins Leggings to fulfill its promises? Is it worth your time? And most importantly, is Buskins Leggings a scam or legit?

That’s all I will be covering in this review.

So let’s start;

Product Name: Buskins

Founder: Cherish Lytle

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Price: $19.99 + $15/month

Best For: People who have a passion for fashion

Buskins Leggings Review

Summary: Buskins is a new company that sells leggings. They have also added many more products over the years like shorts, shirts, tops, gift cards and many more.

The Company also introduced an affiliate/consultant program. They invite people to participate in this program by joining only $19.99 as a startup fee. This will allow them to earn different commissions and affiliate earnings.

The Company is a new one, and we should give them the benefits of doubt. However, one thing I must say that there is very limited earning potential if you join them. That’s why I suggest you pay your attention in creating your own online business.

Rating: 60/100

Verdict: Yes

What is Buskins Leggings?

Buskins initially started in 2014, and the Company is based out of Lake Elsinore, CA. It is a legging company that provides leggings which is durable, soft, and of great quality being made from Polyester and Spandex.

The Company expanded rapidly within the first year due to the efforts of 11,000 affiliates and currently, it has above 40,000 affiliates worldwide that are growing very fast.

The Company is pretty similar to Piphany where you don’t need to carry inventory as the Company will ship directly to your customer and you never have to deal with invoicing, returns, and boxes full of clothes that may or may not sell.

If you want to know the MLM companies that also deal in clothing niche, these include;

  • Agnes & Dora
  • LulaRoe
  • Matilda Jane Clothing
  • Peach
  • Ruby Ribbon

The Products

If you love leggings, Buskins is a place to visit.  They offer different styles of leggings for babies, women, and men.

Buskins Leggings carries, Regular, Fleece and Furlined Leggings and sizes;

  • One Size: US Women’s Average size 3/4 to 13/14
  • Fleece One Size: US Women’s average size 1/2 to 10/12
  • Fur One Size: US Women’s average 1/2 to 7/8
  • Pluskins (+): US Women’s average size 14 to 20
  • Kids S/M: US kids average ages 4 to 7
  • Kids L/XL: US kids average age’s 8-Juniors 1/2

Please note that sizes can differ depending on body type.

Apart from leggings, they have also added other things like shorts, skirts, jeggings, tops, capris, gift cards and many more.

How to Make Money from Buskins Leggings?

To earn money, you need first to become their affiliate. After becoming affiliates, you can;

  • earn 25% for every sale you do use your special affiliate link
  • earn $5 for every affiliate you bring to them that signs up
  • 5% commission from their personal sales, if you choose to build a team!

You can become an affiliate by choosing either a starter kit of $19.99 (1 legging) or $39.99 (4 leggings). You get paid every Friday for the previous week, and you get a minimum of $15 in your account to cash out.

Buskins also include a total of five commission tiers to help you succeed!

If you don’t like to post banners and affiliate links, they also offer a Buskins Business package which will include a replicated Buskins website and an entire office suite of tools along with a full party hosting suite.

Buskins full party plan website help you grow your business and give you the opportunity make even more money!

It includes:

  • Your own website similar to the Buskins website with your own domain name and contact information
  • All the tools in the back office to manage your business
  • A Trunk Show scheduler, order tracker, company-paid host rewards
  • Hold live and virtual Trunk Shows
  • If you recruit people, you can monitor all of your team’s activity
  • You can contact the company and the team
  • Live Chat capability with your customers
  • Accept cash from your customers, or charge cards from them and KEEP YOUR RETAIL COMMISSION!

For these set of tools, you’ll pay $15 per month. But WAIT, you can also earn $2 for each down the line, recurring monthly commission each time they pay their monthly site fee.

Build a team, and this is an entirely extra recurring income stream!

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Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. Low Upfront Cost

You can join Buskins only for $19.99.

It is a great advantage for everyone who somehow didn’t manage to join other companies and start a direct sales clothing business.

Compare that to Buskins competition such as Agnes and Dora and LuLaRoe which can cost a few thousand dollars to take a start… Buskins are in a different universe.

2. No Inventory

You don’t need to maintain inventory and other administrative tasks of invoicing, orders, and bookkeeping. All you need is to order the stock from the Company, and it will be delivered directly to the customer’s home.

Customers get their products, and you will get your commission. Its that’s simple!

The companies offer free shipping for the US and Canada people.

3. You Can Expand

Buskins use a mix of affiliate and MLM business. If you are already running an affiliate clothing business, you could easily add their product line to your e-commerce site and get a generous commission for each sale.

Customers can easily buy products from their site using your affiliate links.

With MLM Company you are just promoting that one particular product and putting all eggs in one basket.

4. No Sales Quota

If you look at other multi-level marketing companies, they essentially required you to purchase a minimum each month to remain eligible.

They trap you through autoship option and your credit card get charged month after month.

However, in Buskins Leggings there isn’t any compulsory autoship option or minimum sales quota to stay active.

The Bad

1. Still a New Company

The Company launched in December 2014, and there isn’t enough information available on the web.

Most of the reviews from the people are negative as they like to offer negative comments more quickly than the positives.

The problems like difficulty in getting a refund and defective stocks are their major issues. Also, they have a strict refund policy of those clothes that are not worn, washed and untagged.

So, the issue with this policy is that you cannot just check the items until you wear them.

For wearing, you also need to untag them, and also people have complained that as soon as they wear the legging, they have spotted holes.

So, keeping those issues in your mind; how could you get better results regarding sales to your customers?

2. How to Bring Traffic?

Though they will provide you buskins duplicate website once you start paying $15 per month how can you make sales until you don’t know how to bring traffic to your site.

Buskins didn’t provide you enough information about bringing traffic to your store and then make money.

So, the only way is to involve in face to face marketing which I think isn’t for everyone.

To progress quickly, you need to learn the art of bringing traffic to your store, and for this purpose I recommend you to see my #1 recommendation site.

It will guide you step by step on how to make money from affiliate marketing. You can then use this training to create any type of website and make money.

3. Limited Earning Potential

If you are thinking it as a part-time job and are happy with a few bucks per month, you can check it out as it has only a nominal fee for joining.

However, if you are someone who wants a sustainable income from Buskins Leggings, then this might not be for you.

How many leggings can you sell if you just do it like a face to face marketing? I think very few unless you spend big on marketing. On another aspect, if you want to build a team, I believe it isn’t easy for you especially at the start.

So, you only rest with the option of promoting products online using social media, YouTube and search traffic.

But the problem is; you don’t get any training about those methods. So no traffic means no money.

Is Buskins Leggings a Pyramid Scheme?

First I will explain to you what a Pyramid Scheme is;

  1. The company who is a Pyramid Scheme doesn’t give real products to its customers. However, it may use low-quality products to purport as a real product to hide its pyramid scheme.
  2. Also, such companies have their primary focus is on recruiting and due to this recruiting, they can make sales.

But when you look at Buskins Leggings, you couldn’t find such issues. The site offers real products in the form of leggings and other clothing items.

Also, their main focus isn’t on recruiting. Though they offer you recruiting commission their focus is selling items to the people.

Want to Earn a Full-time Income From Home?

Is Buskins Leggings a Scam?

There are 17 negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website from some people claiming about defective items but couldn’t manage to get them a refund from the Company.

Though every company has its bugs, we need to give Buskins the benefit of the doubt here.

Especially, it is a new Company and is growing pretty fast. We also haven’t enough people reviews to analyze them well.

Also, Buskins has responded to the complaints of the people reported on the BBB.

I am not saying that you just overlook them all. But what I am saying that it isn’t a scam.

There are many good reviews online as well admiring them on their service. And, you don’t acquire 40,000 affiliates if you’re a fraud.

So, I can surely say that, although they may not be perfect… they are not a scam.

Final Verdict:

If you’re thinking of starting a legging business but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for inventory, clothing racks, etc. then the Buskins Leggings opportunity is one should consider.

I am also acknowledging them their focus isn’t to make a large team to earn team bonuses and commissions but there focus on selling clothes to the people.

Though still you need to interact with people and involve in face to face marketing if you don’t like this, I recommend you to start an online business to avoid all those issues.

I was also involved in the offline marketing business for a few years but then I recognized that this isn’t my style of business and move to the online world.

There I started my own business using affiliate marketing even I don’t know anything at all.

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It will guide you step by step training even if you are a complete beginner.