Build my List 2.0 Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Build my List 2.0
Website Address:
Price: $49 + Upsells
Business Owner: Jimmy Kim + Tim
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100 points

Build my List 2.0 Scam Review – Introduction:

Build my List 2.0 was launched by Jimmy Kim in November 12, 2015 and it is different strategies that Kim helped over 500 people to earn their first online money. Not even this as per him, some people gone above $10000 using his method.

Jimmy Kim is a famous internet marketer and is very successful. He has also launched different successful products in the name of Profit Academy and Inbox Blueprint.

Build my List is a detailed video guide on how to build a list and earn money by offering affiliate products. “Money is in the list”, one of famous slogan you have heard that and if you follow this training then definitely you will get great content out of this training and build a money making list.

What is Included in Build my List 2.0?

Step # 1: List Secrets

  • What is an email list?
  • Importance of list building
  • The three main components of list building
  • What is squeeze or landing page?
  • Writing emails
  • Automating follow-up
  • Money vs. relationship marketing
  • Single vs. double opt in
  • The “T.Y.P”
  • Understanding open and clicks

Step # 2: The Profit Machine

  • What is an auto responder?
  • Introducing sendlane
  • Overview of sendlane
  • Setting up your list + domain trick
  • How to set up landing page?
  • How to set up an auto responder?
  • How to set up campaigns?

Step # 3: Max Commission

  • How to create JV Zoo and Clickbank account?
  • Selecting a niche
  • Learning what offers to promote
  • Promote build my list
  • Guaranteed vendors/approved list
  • Setting up your bait/brand able report
  • Go custom

Step # 4: Business Wizard

  • How to create Landing page?
  • Copywriting – Words that sell
  • What is done with you?
  • How to use the 10 done with you pages?
  • Understanding conversions rates typical vs. expectations

Step # 5: Instant Traffic Triggers

  • Free vs. paid traffic
  • Winning traffic strategy
  • My traffic source
  • Premium traffic solution
  • Online traffic hub
  • Clickonomy
  • Facebook training
  • Free training with Search Engine Optimization
  • Using Reddit for traffic
  • Build My List traffic swap community

Things I Liked about Build my List 2.0:

Very Detailed Training

After reading above information, you will get that it contains tons of useful information. It is not something where there are lot of information but you could not able to find any substance information. Before going to advanced information, you know what basic information is, e.g. what is an auto responder and squeeze page?

Moreover, the quality of video are very good and it is over the shoulder course. You will learn everything about bring in leads and convert them into money.

Step by Step Approach

If you move into member’s area then it is very appealing to everyone and you are not stuck somewhere in plenty of information. Everything is very step by step, if you look at first training module list secrets then you will see ten videos and all are step by step.

Lot of Free Bonuses

  1. You will get free auto responder service for first three months and this will cost you $50 otherwise, which is the cost of entire Build my List membership.
  2. You will also get daily call from Kimmy to confirm that you are on right track and be the next success story of Kimmy.
  3. You are provided landing page builder that you can use to build landing or squeeze page that convert your traffic into leads and customers.

Great Business Model

List building is one of great online business model and also most profitable. If you it right then no way you cannot make money. There are people who are earning seven figures income through list building. I have been part of many online programs based on different business models but I then found that list building is one of best way to earn money.

Things I Don’t Liked about Build my List 2.0:

Lot of Upsells

I don’t like upsells but if you have extra money, utilize these to accelerate your campaign. This product includes;

Copy and Paste Profits – This is done for you email marketing campaigns that is fully crafted and tested by Jimmy. You can just copy paste this and earn profit rather than guessing what to promote.

Build my List Elite – It is direct access to Jimmy via email support. You can get contact with Jimmy to resolve your queries. You will also get 10 plus hours of live training session with Jimmy.

Is Build my List 2.0 a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

To be fair, this product has plenty of useful information about list building and it offers auto responder service for three months along with different tools that can ease up the whole process.

This course is designed for new marketers that want to build email list fast. It is not very easy to make big email list because it takes time and your hard work. Your list depends on how much traffic you are getting to lead page. You can utilize free or/and paid method to speed up this process.

Once you have a good list, then you need to manage them and promote offers and earn lot of money. Upsells are optional and it would be better to avoid them altogether. Once you have earned some money then you can utilize this to purchase upsell, it is up to you.

What Next?

I am a big fan of affiliate marketing and my sincere advice to everyone is to start your journey using affiliate marketing and once you learn the basics then move towards email marketing because it contained a lot of advanced feature that may not be understandable to beginner.

If you are beginner and looking for such platform then see my #1 recommendation. This is best site to start and build online business.

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