Bring The Fresh Review – My Unique Take!

Bring The Fresh Review – My Unique Take!

Welcome to my Bring The Fresh Review;

Business Name: Bring The FreshBring The Fresh Review – My Unique Take
Website Address:
Price: $7 trial, $89 lifetime fee + Upsells
Business  Owner: Kelly Felix
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100 points

Bring The Fresh Scam Review – Introduction:

Bring The Fresh was Started by top successful internet marketers Kelly Felix and Mike Long about 5 years ago. It training platform plus website building software that shows you a step-by-step guide on how to research, build, monetize, and market high-converting affiliate websites without any experience, computer knowledge or marketing skills. The software is supposed to be designed to do everything for you, simply and quickly

In early 2013, the founders of Bring the Fresh split up, and now it is Kelly Felix, the originator of the Rich Jerk product running the operations. Kelly Felix has changed Bring The Fresh from a monthly based membership to a lifetime membership. The lifetime membership was a great marketing move, lowering the price perception of the overall cost of the program.

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What is Included in the Training and Tools?

After payment of the fee, you get access to membership area to get started. You are welcomed by an initial video which gives you all the information that you will need to get started with Bring the Fresh.

With respect to training, it mostly comes via video tutorials, Pdf documents, webinars, and expert advice within the program. You’ll get access to an entire video series that covers everything you need to have your affiliate website up and running in less than an hour. You will be shown accurately what to do and how to do it. This information is updated regularly based on changes in search engine algorithms.

Example of videos included;

  • Keyword research (How to do keyword research, How to use free and paid tools)
  • Website Building (Customize WordPress, Install themes & plugins, Create pages & posts)

Primary tool available that builds your website, but there are several additional tools that are suggested for your success. Web hosting service is not provided. There are other tools available in member’s area in the form of article creation and spinner tools as well as link builders.

Bring The Fresh Pros vs. Cons:


  • Simple software that build fully functional and attractive website in no time.
  • The program is developed to be step by step and one step lead to other so no way you get stuck in the member’s area.
  • Interviews with verified top internet marketers to know what they are doing and are earning money.
  • Unique custom tools that can further ease up building your site.
  • Learn how you can promote the best affiliate programs.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Owners have a good track record in the industry.


  • Upsells in the program e.g. backlinks package. Once you join their membership area, upsells are future products they try to sell you. You need to pay an additional fee for acquiring this.
  • You can join only as a premium member. Free membership not allowed for some time or few training modules to know whether it has something that looks good for the particular person.

Who is Bring The Fresh Review (BTF) for?

BTF is for everyone who has just started his online career, or who is an advanced user and have not achieved results. The program can be used by anyone at any age.

The great thing about this program is that people who are successful using this platform are still providing valuable input in the forum and constantly learning new things from the program. Since there is a trial period with a small fee and a money back guarantee it can be examined by nearly anyone who is interested in it.


Bring The Fresh Review: Help & Support:

In BTF you will find the main support via the customer service page and there are +1000s active forum members that allow membersScreenshot011 to speak directly to one another about questions and concerns that they might have. There is also a knowledge base that starts with frequently asked questions (FAQs) but also allows for fresh questions to be asked as well.

As said earlier there are many people who are very successful using this program and are earning a lot of income, some of them are also active in forums. So guide from them is very useful to get your problem solved.

Bring The Fresh Review: The Price:

The most annoying thing about this program is the price. You cannot estimate the cost in which you will get entire access to the program. BTF initially offers a one week trial period for $7 but there is an option for lifetime membership which costs $37 but when you log in there are many upsells you will see and then you will find that there are other costs associated with it e.g. there are offers to join groups at an additional cost along with offers for paid products and services.

If you use the $89 offer you are still need to buy other services that carry monthly expenses to get your business running, this simply means what you have initially purchased is not enough. One of the main offers being that of Project Profits which is also owned by the owner and which will cost you another $197.

My Final Conclusion:

To be completely honest, BTF is a very good platform for people who are looking for ways to earn money from affiliate marketing. It has been regularly updated to coincide with the latest marketing trend. A large number of success stories associated with this program.

But my suggestion is to you stay away from the upsells which includes mentoring packages that are offered and other premium tools. These packages may be good but investing in start too much money may become an unbearable loss for you. So, with the passage of time you become conversant to the online world and earning good amount of money then you can buy these upsells.

In a nutshell, BTF is a good earning program but the tricky marketing tactics do definitely give this program a lower ranking.

What Next?

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