5 Steps Strategy for Brand Building Online in 2019

If you have just started out or even working for a few years now and looking for free brand building techniques then here I will show you all in a simple and step by step manner.

Building a brand demands time, and the more it is strong, successful, stands out from competitors the better it would be. 

Ten years back where online businesses just create their logos, and they think this would be enough for them for brand building, but in reality, this is just the start of building a brand.

So here are the few steps that I suggest you follow for building a successful brand:

  Step 1: Always buy a Brand Domain Name

Let’s take a look at companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter, and there are other popular companies out there.

At the time when they have started no one in the world would know about their names. But with time and due to right marketing strategies now people search with their names.

So this is the starting point for your business, and if you don’t know how to get a brand name, then there are few online brand generators out there which will let you find some decent brand names for your business.

  Step 2: Establish your Vision and Mission

Every good business has its own vision and mission. So, you should also formulate this for your business. But please don’t copy paste from other similar businesses in your industry.

Just look at Google’s Mission where it is stated that to organize the world’s information so that it will be universally accessible.

So this mission statement is perfectly related to the type of business they are doing. This is why Google is also fighting against spam to provide the right information to its users.

  Step 3: Translate Mission into Creating Logo

So once you have completed Vision and Mission. It’s time to translate those things into creating your own logo. 

Very few people know this, and they just create a logo without realizing them what should be included in the logo to represent their business better.

If your logo matches with your vision and mission, it will create a better image in the eyes of people, and they will understand about your company just by looking at your logo. That’s pretty good stuff for branding.

  Step 4: Marketing of Your Brand

In this step, every business should invest in creating their own letterheads, brochures, stamp and cards that include their logo.

I have seen that businesses do all the things pretty well, but they don’t focus on Brochures. I think brochures are a great way to provide awareness about your brands to other people.

At one end they include your products and services, and on another hand, it builds your brand as well. There are certainly other benefits of making brochures as well:

  1. You can easily distribute those brochures which help you to gain new customers very quickly
  2. As per my experience brochures are the least expensive option for advertising your brand and products. If you buy them in bulk, you will also get a further discount.
  3. There are different options available for affordable brochure printing.
    Brochures let you put in a lot of information in a small area. So you can unfold a lot of your products and services on this simple one page.
  4. The other benefit of brochures is that people can hold them for whatever time they want. This is not something that you have seen on TV or board and then forget it. But here you can retain them for whatever time you want.

  Step 5: Personalize and Have Patience

Develop a personal relationship with your customers, and if they become loyal to you, then they will automatically become your brand advocates. This is called relationship marketing.

Last but not least, you have to show patience as everything takes time. Let’s take a look at big brands they have reached this place after years of consistent effort and marketing. So, never lose hope and try to improve yourself for every step you take in the future. 

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