BigSpot Review – Is it a Scam or Legit Survey Site?

Welcome to my BigSpot Reviews post:

If you want to know whether really does pay its members for the surveys it claims to give, then you are in the best place to get the whole truth about it.

You must have seen the commercial on television about this company, right? If not, let me give you a hint. The company has made claims to be paying folks to give their opinions on different areas of life. What is worse, is they paid for an ad on TV to feature their system. And as fate would have it, people ran there to make money.

But did they make any?

My BigSpot review will be shedding light on that in a few.

Product Name: Big SpotBigSpot Review
Website Address:
Owner: A Mystery
Price: Free to Join
Rankings: 67 out of 100

BigSpot Review – Introduction:

What you see on ads on television is not always what the actual product being advertised is truly about. Often, there is a longer and more complicated story to it than is featured.

Nowadays, it has become so common for media channels to allow scams to market their sham products, as far as they are willing to pay the advertisement fees.

Integrity has been overlooked and now people are only concerned with the money they’ll make after the ad is aired.

That is why you have to be super careful about the kind of ads you decide to follow up.

Be sure to do some research before you jump on any opportunity so as to avoid future regrets as the people who jumped on Bigspot have.

Let’s see how the program is really like as opposed to what was shown on telly’.

What is Bigspot?

This is a site that has been portrayed as a survey site that will be paying the members for offering their personalized opinions on different issues and products. I have also reviewed similar survey sites including my surveysurvey say and survey spot.

In the real sense, all that it is simply a sort of a bridge site that has its main aim as getting your personal information.

It doesn’t give you surveys right away when you join. It will take you through a number of processes and then redirect you to other affiliated sites to share more about yourself.

And the main reason the creators of all these sites linked to Bigspot are asking for your information every time you are taken to a new survey site is to push their products to you through email.

You will get spammed by them giving you offers and chances to win prizes which are pretty much empty. All they are after in the end is your money.

They want to market their products to you for you to buy them.

How Does BigSpot Work?

The system uses a very clever tactic to catch a good pocket of people through television and convert them into potential buyers.

What they know is, you give more credit to advertisements aired there than having other forms used to get to you.

So they first took the huge leap to market themselves through the most reliable sources of information and gave you an easy way to access them.

And by following their advice, they get you to trap yourself.

This is how it happens.

When you go to their site, you are asked to create your own account where you will be “taking the surveys from”.

Here, you will have to give your personal details like date of birth, email address, ethnicity, country and more.

After you have signed up, you will have to log in to your account to get to the surveys.

But what happens, instead of being taken to the surveys, you will be directed to 6 other sites which are now the actual survey sites.

See the trap?

You are not signing to BigSpot to start working immediately. You are simply giving up your personal details for them to direct you to the sites that are giving out the surveys.

And their trick is, signing up is free.

But after you have finished creating your account, your peace of mind goes away along with your confidential details.

They will be using the email address you gave them to make money by selling it as a lead for products owned by other companies.

Afterward, you’ll be getting hundreds of emails every week promoting new products to you.

What about the surveys?

Well, you will have to overcome a few more hurdles to get to them. It will be required of you to give more information on yourself to all the 6 sites if you want to make money from them.

To me, this is quite a hefty price to pay for making a few cents per survey off of their system.

Complaints about the System:

I have been looking through a number of social platforms and forums such as Reddit concerning this system. And many people have made complaints about it.

Some of them include:

• Paying cents for the surveys which cannot be withdrawn until a very high threshold has been met.

• Getting their emails spammed with unrelated products and not being able to opt out of the promotions.

• Working so hard and filling up many forms just to get to a single survey as you register an account with them.

This means you will be putting in a lot of effort to make money with them while they wear you out with their tedious sign-up process.

As that happens, they will have grabbed your email, sold it out and made money. You, on the other side, will start receiving countless promotions.

What do you call this if it isn’t deception?

Who is it For?

This system is not for people who are serious about making money online. If you are willing to be deceived like that to make a few cents each day, then you are good to use it.

I personally find this program not fit for anyone who minds a lot about their privacy and peace. But you can still use the email account which doesn’t hold much importance to you if you are still determined to try it out.

My stand is, keep off bigspot.

BigSpot Review – Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• You don’t have to pay cash to join their sites
• You CAN make money doing their surveys

The Cons

• There is a lot of misleading information in the commercial. It was aimed at deceiving people to get them to join the system.

• You have to go through a lot of processes to complete your account set up. And they don’t tell you what you are up for as you start.

• They are taking advantage of people’s need for money to get their personal information to send them more promotions. This is downright mean.

• The money you make from the surveys you will do will barely make you anything. They pay cents and you have to hit a threshold of say $10 to $100 to withdraw.

• There are way too many people who have made complaints about the system. They have been misled and all effort they put into it has amounted to nothing.

• Selling information you have given freely to them and using it spam your email account shows a lack of integrity and untrustworthiness.

• The identity of the owner is not known. This should raise enough alarm on the creditworthiness of the program.

• You cannot make a decent income doing their surveys. And if you were determined to make at least $10 per day, you’d have to break your back doing hundreds of surveys each day to get there.

And mind you, the surveys aren’t much in the system going by their low ethical standards.

Final Verdict:

I think my final verdict is pretty straight. The company does work but it uses very crafty techniques to get very private information from the members.

They then use the information to make money, and they don’t even make the owners of the emails aware that they will be receiving the promotions.

They also don’t give people the chance to unsubscribe from their promotions. So, to be brief, they use the most deceptive strategies I have seen to run the program.

Right from the marketing aspect down to the way they operate. They are actually nowhere far from being called scams.

Final Verdict – Legit but very deceptive!

Product Name: Big Spot
Website Address:
Owner: A Mystery
Price: Free to Join
Rankings: 67 out of 100

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