Beware of Scams Jobrize, TheYouthJob, PartTimePayment!

My Scam Review of Jobrize, TheYouthJob, PartTimePayment:

Products Name: Jobrize, TheYouthJob, PartTimePaymentBeware of Scams Jobrize, TheYouthJob, PartTimePayment!
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Jobrize, TheYouthJob, PartTimePayment Scam Review

People are looking for homemade opportunities to supplement an additional stream of income. Though the slogan “work from home” looks very attractive the issue is some of the people involved in this industry are exploiting innocent individuals who are looking for such opportunities.

Jobrize, TheYouthJob, PartTimePayment are also among these programs and tried to scam people by not paying any money to the members. I have a firm belief that this is the same group that was involved in other similar opportunities. If you move to any site, then there is a link that will redirect to various other sites and at the end, you will reach “Part Time Payment”.

Such companies’ require you to post affiliate links in different places, and when people click on these links, you get paid like $1, $5 or even more. Believe me, there is no way in the world that you get paid dollars for posting spammy links on the web.

To attract visitors to your links you are suggested to post your affiliate link on forums, chat rooms, blogs, blog comments, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, PTC sites and classified sites. With these methods, you will be recognized as a spammer and soon be banned from many of these platforms.

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What Companies This Network Owned?

Numerous similar companies are operating by this network and have been around years. Let’s look at each of them and beware of any activity with them:

  • The youth job
  • Pay for task
  • Shareninvite
  • Job rise
  • Part time payment
  • Money and task
  • Get paid 4 duty
  • Youth 2 payment
  • Pay for youth
  • Done 4 job
  • Monthly youth
  • Invite2job

Most of them have already turned into scams and rest of them soon be fall under this category.

Why are These Companies so Popular?

A significant segment of people are looking for such online companies, and the most important thing they look attractive to people is due to free to join. Moreover, they offer excellent return for doing very simple tasks like adding affiliate links on different social media sites and forums.


They have set out a different payout limit, and when somebody reached that limit and tried to withdraw their money, they have to face the survey. Even if you complete that survey, you never get paid. These companies earn from advertisers when you complete that survey but never share that revenue with you people.

The affiliate links you have posted on the web helps those companies to get more new members, and they also need to complete those surveys which help companies to earn a decent amount of revenue. Obviously, they can’t pay you as they promise, they are probably only receiving a dollar or two for the survey or offers.

A few other aspects to be anxious about:

  • They might exchange your data to a third party
  • Some have said they found malware on their computers after joining these sites.

Other Issues:

There are lot of issues associated with these sites, and some are very common like:

  • Not paying to members
  • Receiving too many spamming emails
  • Virus, Trojans, malware and adware’s that steals your confidential data
  • Complete surveys to withdraw money

Some of the companies are pure pyramid scheme and they are given the chance to earn money for referring new people. You are paid from the new people you refer to the system. Pyramid schemes are illegal especially in the US.


My Conclusion:

In short, all these are perfect examples of scam sites. My sincere advice is to stay away from such sites. They are coming with different names and news ways to attract people. Sometimes they pay selective people and also have a very active group of people that portray them these are legit sites but believe me you are wasting your time and money on these sites.

You are even more attracted by offering good bonuses like $20 or more and then you are offered to reach $500 to get paid.

Is there a Legit Way to Earn Money Online?

There are too many scams out there so what to do. I honestly advise you if you are looking for full-time income then see my #1 recommendation. If you think that it’s some sort of quick rich scheme, then stay away. If you think that your online business is similar to your other traditional business, then this is the best place for you.

I have been part of this site for more than one year and get my first sale after the 4th month. At the end of sixth months, I got sales more regularly. This is truly a hard work that I am doing on my site. There is no shortcut and if you still dreaming of this life then my friend you are on a wrong path.

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