50 Best Work From Home Jobs to Earn Good Income Online!

There is the countless number of work at home job options. By taking on the job of filling surveys, acting as a translator or doing the job of a transcriber, all these options are the online money making options.

You can work as a freelancer; you can become the member of paid to click sites too. There are various sites that offer short task options for you so that you can earn instant money in less and quick time. Then the job as virtual assistants is available too.

Below we have highlighted the maximum number of work at home job options for the readers.

This online money earning world is a big world, it has now opened many options for the students. Basically, these online job options are for the people who come in the category of students or those who are housewives.

This medium is initiated for them so that they can work from home and contribute to their home earnings on a little basis. You can check the details of these sources and choose any of the platforms for yourself.

All below-mentioned online job options are feasible and convenient, and they are easy to do:

1). Surveys

You can be earning money by filling out surveys. Do you know that there are many survey websites which gives you the opportunity to earn money online?

Here we will highlight and mention few of the sites, and by becoming the member of these sites, you will get the tasks of filling and completing surveys and then you will be paid. Check this list and start earning money online.

For detailed surveys list please visit my earlier post “Best Paid Online Survey Sites.”

i. Swagbucks

It is one of the popular sites which is famous among all students. Most of the students are a member of this site, and with the help of it, they earn money by completing the tasks of this site.

Through this site, you can earn and get lots of rewards. This site also offers the exclusive amount of signup bonus amount. So if you know how to fill surveys, do join this site and start earning the handsome range of money.

It is a famous survey site. You get cash amount from this site; you can also get vouchers. They let you participate in their prize draws.

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ii. Toluna

We have another survey site for you, and it is Toluna. It is one of the trusted websites, and it works on behalf of the well known and leading companies.

If you give a review of the certain line of products and services, then you will get cash and a reward amount. In the rewards category, you will get free products and also Amazon vouchers; you will too be the part of prize draws.

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iii. Vivatic

You can join this survey site too if you want to earn money online. This site offers frequent surveys to its users.

Apart from completing their surveys, this site also offers multiple kinds of jobs to their jobs so that you can earn money like you can do their data entry job or their writing reviews job. They only pay their users in cash.

iv. MySurvey

It is a kind of consumer panel, and it looks for those kinds of users who can take part in the market research studies. So if you know how to technically do these market research studies, then you can work on this site.

You will get the payment by PayPal, and you will too get high street vouchers. These are few of the renowned survey linked websites that offer money earning opportunities to the people.

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2). Money Making Apps

No doubt that there are many money making apps which can give you an amazing experience to earn money online. Below you can check out the details, and we have mentioned some famous money-making apps and sites for you. Please read my detailed topic on “Best Money Making Apps.”

You can go through these details, and if you are looking for the easy medium to earn money online, then there is this platform. Start using this money making apps and sites, and we are sure you will at least be able to earn pocket money:

i. Squishy Cash

You can earn from this platform by playing games; if you will complete their offers or if you will complete their short surveys then you will get the cash payment as well.

This platform pay to its users through the source of PayPal or they also pay to their members by giving them a check.

ii. GrabPoints

You can work on GrabPoints. This is the platform where you can easily earn and get cash. This cash is available in the gift cards to form too. And these gift cards apply to the buying of Walmart and Amazon products.

You only have to do simple tasks, and this is all. Just download their app, and you will get 5 dollars for joining this money earning platform.

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iii. CreationsRewards

This is the source which let you earn money by doing online shopping. While watching videos on this source or browsing their sites, you will be paid. This platform lets you this option to take on their surveys options too.

iv. InstaGC

This source will give you the points and also cash if you will complete their surveys. While you will search on the web or when you will watch their assigned videos, then you will get the points and earning your point too.

v. EarnHoney

This source will be giving you the points when you will finish the task of their surveys. Even they will let you play games. You can be redeeming your points in the form of gift cards.

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vi. Gift Hunter Club

Then we have Gift hunter club for you. You can try their apps, just complete their surveys, do get done with their offers, watch their ads and get as many points and earnings as you can. You will get the cash amount by using PayPal. You can use their gift card for the places like that of Amazon and Xbox.

vii. Perk

The last money making the app for you is this Perk! You only have to answer their trivia questions, and you need to play games over there on this platform, and then you will get the payment. This source mainly gives you the points. You can redeem any kind of your gathered points in gift cards form.

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3). Transcription Jobs

Then we are going to talk about these transcription jobs. It is also with the help of these online job types that you can earn maximum money. I have also written in-depth about this topic at “Home Transcription Jobs Online for Beginners.”

Through below details, we will tell you many options and the name of sites with the help of them you can do and perform these transcription jobs and also earn money. You can consider this job type as online money earning job option for you.

In this job type, you have to listen to the audio files and then you need to write them down. More you will transcribe the files; more you will earn money.

i. TigerFish

This company offers these types of jobs which are linked to the tasks of transcription. You will be given the wide and huge number of audio files, and then you have to transcribe them properly and professionally.

You can be asked to transcribe the range of interviews, or you can ask and given the assignment to transcribe the documentary film footages.

ii. Verbal Link

Then we have Verbal link company for you, and it too offers these same kinds of job types. This company offers quick and fast transcription services; you can get yourself hired over there.

Mainly you will be given a one-day time frame to complete this transcribing assignment.

iii. Birch Creek Communications

If you are excellent at transcribing, then you can do an online job at Birch Creek communications. In this company, you will be working as an independent contractor, and you can accept any of the assignment and project related to transcribing at any time you want to.

You will be paid to transcribe letters; then you will be given payment if you will be transcribing any kind of medical field and phone call recordings.

iv. 3PlayMedia

Next, we have 3playmedia, and it is the next recommended company that offers lots of projects and assignments to the professionals who are good at transcribing.

It is up to you that how many projects you want to take on! You should be able to come up with quick turnaround time, and you should be fast in your job.

v. AccuTran

It is one of the well known and full-service kind of transcription companies. They also hire people who want to work from home. Basically, they hire the transcribers on the contract basis.

If you can work independently and if you can meet the deadlines then you can work in this company. This company normally pay to their employees on the 15th of each month. So do find out that whether this company has opened any transcriber post or not, if yes then do apply it if you have the skill to transcribe anything.

4). Data Entry Jobs

No doubt that data entry jobs are normally marked as one of the easiest jobs. There is the immense range of platforms that offer these data entry job options, but the beginner and fresh people have to choose the reliable and trustworthy platform.

So let us get started and you will catch up with the information that which are those websites that do offer and give these data entry jobs.

i. Axion data entry solutions

You can work as a data entry operator by sitting from home if you are linked to this company. It is a reliable company, and currently, it has hired many online data entry operators.

You can look for the vacancies linked with this company. This company prefers those candidates who do have previous or some data entry experience.

ii. DionData Solutions

The next data entry company for you is this DionData solution. It is a data management service company, and you can work over here as a data entry operator.

Note that this company has been currently looking and searching for the part-time data entry operators who can work from home, so here is a great chance. You only need to have typing skills, and this is it to do this online data entry job.

iii. Sigtrack

You can work for Sigtrack as a data entry operator too. This is the kind of company that mainly hire people so that they can check all kinds of petition signatures which are made against these voter databases.

It is the duty of hired people to make sure that signatures and voter database should match with each other.

iv. Job Boards

It is an employment search engine site and offers and announces many data entry vacancies for the people. You can too work with Remote OK site, or you can get connected with Indeed, Monster, Upwork, all these platforms offer data entry projects.

If you have exceptional experience in this line, then you should avail it and use all these platforms and sources so that you can work as a data entry operators on different sites because this easy job can do on multiple platforms.

5). Freelancing Jobs

Now we will move to the discussion of doing these freelancing jobs, and there are many in numbers. It will be the best option if you will become a freelancer.

You can do this freelancing by becoming a content writer or by becoming an academic writer. You can do these sorts of freelancing jobs at any time, there are no fixed and required timings, and there is no specification that should have this much education and qualification.

Below you can check these details regarding freelancing jobs, and we will tell you the details of those sites which do offer these freelancing jobs:

i. SalesRoads

You can join and be on this platform as a freelancer. On this platform, you will be arranging business to business settings. They offer many positions that let you work from home.

You can be in the sales position, or you can be on the lead generation position if you will work on this platform. This site offers the flexible number of working hours, and you will be paid on an hourly basis.

ii. ARO

This one is a call center option for you. This site is about call center services as well as about business processing services.

Their current some of the present openings are as follows, you can work over here as an online customer service representative, or you can work as an online enrollment specialist.

iii. U-Haul

Next is the freelancing platform and reliable source for you and it is U-Haul. It is one of the famous moving companies. This company upon hiring you will ask you to post work by sitting at home.

You can check their site and then you can have the complete information that what sort of freelancing task they do offer!

iv. TeleReach

You can too try the platform of telling each. This is an online company, and it does offer some largest number of services. You can work for them if you have skills in the area of information gathering.

If you know the method of doing appointment setting, if any of one of you knows the tips of doing lead generation then you can work over here. On the per hour basis, you can around 12 dollars to 28 dollars.

v. Appen

If you eager to do any kind of freelancing job then here is the next well-known company for you, and it is Appen! It is a software company, and it offers some huge number of tasks and projects on an online basis to its users.

Their projects and assignments are linked to project management as well as with data collection and too with proofreading.

6). Short Task Jobs

If you do not want to length the number of freelancing tasks and assignments, then you can also short task online jobs. Below we will highlight and will also tell you in detail about these short task jobs.

These are quick to do online jobs and less time of yours will consume. Just take few of the time and minutes out, and you can do these short task jobs easily.

i. Inbox Dollars

It is a short task earning site, and from this site, you can earn money by reading their emails or by filling their short surveys. If you search online, then you will get payment from this company.

Their offered tasks are of short duration, and you can easily complete them in few of the minutes.

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ii. UserTesting

This is a site which requires from you to give the opinions and then you will get the cash and payment from this site. You will be reviewing other sites, and in return, you will be appropriately paid.

You will act as a website tester, and the only thing which you have to do is to visit the websites, and then you need to give your reviews about them.

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iii. CashCrate

It is one of the excessively used short task sites, and you will be paid if you will be testing out their offers. Like when you will take their surveys tasks, if you will watch their videos from the start till the end then this site will pay you. Their other short tasks include playing online games too.

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iv. TaskRabbit

It is one of the easy to use short task site that will be asked to run errands for rest of the people who are present in your local area and then you will get online earning from this site.

You can give bids on the delivery and cleaning, or you can do some kinds of online personal assistant job. Choose the work and job type whatever is convenient for you and earn money in an easier way.

v. Fancy Hands

This is the job related to the virtual assistant, but it is also a short task related site. You only have to make small phone calls, do a little bit of internet search, some projects related to data entry and then payment will come to your account. Their pay range is from 3 dollars to 7 dollars depending on the project which you have taken!

7). Website Usability Testing

Have you heard about the website usability testing sites? If not then we will give you details regarding these sites. There are many sites which will give you the simplest task to test and give reviews about other newly established sites.

You will hand over your review, and then in return, payment will be given to you. This is a simple job and hence one of the enjoyable jobs too.

i. Enroll

This is a well-reputed website usability testing site. You can make money by testing and reviewing as many sites as you can. If you want to enroll on this site, then you have to give your email address, mention password details and then you have to prefer and choose the method of testing like whether you want to test any website from the tablet or by using the desktop or by using the smartphone.

You have to become a fully registered member, and you will be getting emails as soon as your assignment gets ready to be assigned to you.

ii. StartUpLift

The other website usability testing site is this StartUpLift. Getting hired on this site, that means you will be sharing your response to new and startup websites.

Your response and review have to be in a written format. When you complete a single test, then you will be paid 5 dollars. It is on the weekly basis that you will get a payment.

iii. TestingTime

TestingTime is another famous website usability testing site. On a per study, you can earn about dollars. This study is conducted by using Skype and only 90 minutes will be consumed to complete a single task.

iv. UserFeel

You can try UserFeel website usability testing site. You have to give your honest thoughts and feedback on the various and a large number of sites, and then you will get an average payment of 1- dollars.

To become and be in the post of website tester, you have to make an account and register yourself on this site. You will appear for a sample test, and once that test is approved, then you will be hired on this website usability testing site.

v. UserZoom

The last website usability testing site we have for you is this UserZoom site. It is a well-known company, and it is conducting these website usability tests for many years.

These tests are conducted by them either by using mobile platform or by using the desktop platform. On an average basis, you will get around 5 dollars to 10 dollars.

It depends on the complexity of that new website that how much your earnings will be!

8). Work at Home Translator Jobs

Talking about some of the home translator jobs, here you are! If you are a multilingual person and you know how to speak and write more than one language, then you need to do these home translator jobs.

In these jobs, you will be translating some phrases of one language into another language. Only those people can do these home translator job who are exceptional and experienced in this area.

i. Translate.com

First, we have Translate.com site for you, and it is a famous home translator job site. Getting a position on this site, you will be given many translation tasks and projects.

Like you can get an assignment to translate any kind of blog posts. Then the hired members can be asked to translate the social media posts or to translate these support tickets. On a per word basis, you will get the payment.

ii. ABglobal

The next home translator job site is this ABGlobal! It is a famous translation company. If you completely meet the requirements of this company, then you will be hired over here.

Only translation tasks and assignments are given by them, and you have to complete those translation projects on time.

iii. Unable

You can work as a home translator on Unable. This company will pay you on the per hour basis. You have to be proficient in a large number of widely spoken language so that you can have better earnings from this platform.

iv. One Hour Translation

This home translator site only hires and choose professional translators. So if you have professional experience, you can for this specific home translator site. Just complete the details of your profile page and get registered on this site.

You have to mention these details too that how many languages you can speak. Then you will sit for a test, and you will get the certification upon passing that test.

v. Tethras

The last home translator site is Tethras. It is a famous translation app. In this job, you will be translating mobile apps right into different languages. This site will notify you whenever any job will come.

9). Work at Home Virtual Assistant Jobs

The last one category is about virtual assistant job lines. We know that many website owners as well as bloggers and a large number of companies, they hire these virtual assistant jobs sot hat variety number of tasks can be completed.

Now companies are not hiring in-person assistants and rather they prefer these virtual assistants.

i. Zirtual

You can work as a virtual assistant on this platform. For this particular job, you have to complete the varied number of tasks like you have to make a schedule of the upcoming appointments or you will be completing the general number of admin tasks. On an hourly basis, you can get about 11 dollars to 14 dollars.

ii. Contemporary VA

The next virtual assistant job platform is this Contemporary VA. By working over here, you will get the tasks linked with organizing calendars and making a schedule of upcoming activities.

You will be planning webinars and other similar tasks. It is observed that you will get around 10 dollars on a per hour basis.

iii. Belay Solutions

Over here, you will work as a virtual assistant, and you will remain in touch with the senior grade management clients.

You will be the virtual assistant for this company, and your main tasks will be to do the management of social media accounts and also to do event planning. It is seen that on an hourly basis, you will get about 5 dollars to 19 dollars.

iv. Equity

This is a recommended virtual assistant job platform for you too. Mainly in this particular job, you will set and schedule the appointments of your clients. It is an administration related job but gives you enough income by sitting at home.

v. Paragon Planners

The last virtual assistant job platform we have for is Paragon Planners. You need to work for at least 35 hours on a per week basis if you are hired by this platform. Their pay range is not specified, and they will let you know once you will get the final call from Paragon Planners.

My Final Verdict:

Stay tuned, and we will update more on online job options. You can try these platforms, and then you can share the reviews with us that which platform and online job option suits you a lot.

First, you have to know that in which area you got more skills. Like if you are an excellent translator, then you can do a great job in these online translation jobs. If you are good at managing and handling, scheduling activities and appointments, then the job as a virtual assistant is great for you.

Right now we have shared top sources and platforms with you, and we will update this list too. Keep connected with us, join any of the platforms and get the experience of doing online job.

It is the flexible job mode which all people should try. If you remain free at home for the maximum number of hours, then you should avail them and do some small scale online job. These online jobs will keep you busy, and you will have a good interaction with professional people and clients.

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