20 Best Paid Online Survey Sites To Earn $500 Monthly (2021)

20 Best Paid Online Survey Sites To Earn $500 Monthly (2021)

Get benefit from these online survey sites and earn a lot of money. If you are completing these surveys successfully, then you will get a cash amount. You can consider this source of income on a permanent basis too.

You can make 10 dollars to 100 dollars on a per day basis as well. It is up to you that how many surveys can fill. Simply complete these surveys and then you can claim your fair reward. It is one of the useful earning methods and students should opt it.

Check out these top 20 paid one online survey sites and started earning handsome money. These are top one recommended sites, and their reliability aspect is 100%. These sites work and operate on legal platforms. You will get guaranteed income once you will complete their assignment.

Check out these paid survey sites details one by one, and we will share the future list with you. Complete surveys tasks correctly and guaranteed cash will come in your account.

1. Click Perks

This online survey site can give you lots of options to earn more and more points. More points you are going to earn, more cash amount you can redeem. Become the member of this website and then start earning points.

Complete all surveys which are assigned to you. You can be asked to read emails, or you can be given this task to only browse. Visit this site, and we are sure users can earn a handsome and suitable amount of cash.

2. Survey Junkie

It is one of the best paid online survey sites. Currently, it is most in demand. It has so far 3.5 million in a number of members in it. You can easily sign up into this website.

It is easy to get started and earn income from this site. The minute you will sign up, surveys will be given to you. On each completed survey, you will earn and get points. When you can gather 1000 points, then you can transform those points in cash. 1000 points have the worth of 10 dollars.

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3. Vindale Research

It is one of the renowned paid online survey sites. This website is collaborating with well-known companies like we have Disney and Nike. It has its collaboration with Amazon and Volkswagon. This website pays its users directly in the form of cash.

This website does not work on points or any other kind of schemes. You need to create and make a free account over there and get started with your task. When you sign up, then you will also get 2 dollars.

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4. Panel Pay Day

This website works differently as compared to other online survey sites. It is not a typical survey website. In fact, this website directs you to other online survey sites.

This site tells you an enormous amount of ways regarding earning money. If you get chosen for some focus group discussion, then your earning can reach to 100 dollars as well.

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5. InboxPays

This is another excellent website which let users earn money easily. From this site, you can earn cash by watching videos too. If you will do shopping and will be able to complete other offers, then cash amount will be given. Your earnings can be cashed out by using PayPal.

On a per offer basis, you can earn up to the amount of 50 dollars. Its signing up process is quite simple.

6. Swagbucks

It is one of the trusted paid and rewards getting websites. This site gives you four ways to earn cash and rewards. One way is that you need to answer down their given surveys and then rewards will be transferred to your account.

This website has been successfully collaborated with many famous retailers and also brands. If you answer a single survey on a daily basis, then you can make up to and around 70 SB.

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7. Inbox Dollars

This online survey site is one of the most popular sites for the year 2018. By performing out their assigned surveys completely and properly, then points and cash will be given to you.

Signing up for this online survey site, you will get 5 dollars. So do avail this paid site. If you want to work from home, then this is an appropriate job for you.

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8. Toluna Surveys

Toluna Group runs this survey site. It is a UK digital marketing, research company. As soon as you will enter basic data and information and will complete your registration phase then work will be assigned to you.

Survey completion task takes 20 minutes. By completing a survey, you will get gift cards and also vouchers.

9. MobileXpression

This online survey site is made for the mobile internet users. Simply sign in, start to earn rewards and then you can cash out those rewards. You need to install this MobileXpression app on your mobile phone.

This site too gives weekly giveaways like cameras and iPads. If you remain a frequent user of the mobile phone and wants to avail it beneficially, then download this app on your mobile phone.

10. Survey Downline

This online survey site comes with lots of referral programs. You will be paid for giving opinions. This site works on different kinds of survey methods. This site lets you earn a bunch of cash rewards.

On every completed survey, you can earn up to 35% of the cash amount. This website is the most popular site in Canada.

11. VIP Voice

It is a coolest paid online survey site. You only have to take part in various surveys and then start earning points. Their signup and registration process is quite simple. More you will take part in their surveys, more you will earn.

When you will successfully gather enough number of points then you can redeem these points for some unique rewards.

12. Global Test Market

This site was founded in the 1999 year. It is backed up and operated by Lightspeed company. This company mainly offers market research facilities to other companies. When you will register on this website, the number of surveys will be given to you.

As soon as you will earn 4000 Lifepoints, then you can redeem those points to get a 35 dollars gift card. If you will successfully earn 4800 Lifepoints, then your cash amount will reach 40 dollars.

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13. Opinion Outpost

This paid online survey site offers seven different and varied payment methods to its users. This site lets its users participate in a monthly draw as well.

Even if you will complete their single survey, you will get a chance to participate in 10,000 dollars luck draw. So by earning on a side by side basis, you will be part of monthly draws too.

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14. Opinion Square

You can well take an idea from this paid online survey site, by sharing your opinions and feedback online, you will be paid. You only have to share your feedback by using emails medium and too pop surveys medium.

You can choose variety number of survey topics and then you can give opinions of your interest area. If you will play their games then you will get golden chance to win their 10,000 dollars sweepstake.

15. mySurvey

This paid online survey website can be used by using a laptop, smartphone, tablet or you can use PC. Those earned points can be redeemed and you can get gift vouchers by giving away your earned points.

You can use any electric device to sign-up in that site. So if you have interest in completing surveys then this is a great and convenient platform for you. Become a member of this paid online survey site and start earning suitable income.

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16. iPoll

It is one of the reputed and well praised international survey sites. This website lets you share your unique and creative perspective by completing surveys. Become the part of these paid surveys and start to earn. These surveys are given by well-known market research companies.

You just have to go through a demographic kind of test before you qualify yourself to get a survey assignment. Simply signing up, users will get 5 dollars. This site allows you to earn some of the popular gift cards too. And you can enter yourself in a 10,000 dollars quarterly raffle. You need to earn a minimum cashout amount of 25 dollars so that this amount can be transferred to your account.

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17. YouGov

This website lets its users give their interesting opinions on the range of topics. While giving your opinions, you will be paid. You can even earn points by answering polls and questions. There are chances that your opinions might be featured in newspapers.

You can get reward cards, vouchers if you will redeem all of your accumulated points. Their signing up process is free of cost. If you are good at giving opinions then do try this paid one online survey site and starting earning appropriately.

18. Harris Poll Online

It has been 5 decades that this online survey site is giving its services. It is one of the oldest sites. By signing up in this site, you will see immediate and quick results in terms of getting cash amount. This site offers about 7 reward programs to its users. You can maximize the level of your earnings by becoming the part of these reward programs.

Users can take part in their online surveys or you can complete their mobile surveys. You can be in their focus groups. For teens, they have designed special surveys for them. So basically this online survey site gives you many opportunities from the earnings perspective. A single survey takes about 20 minutes to get it done and then you can earn up to 1250 worth amount of points.

19. Planet Panel

This website is owned and managed by MSI-ACI Europe BV. For the information, this firm is based in the Netherlands. This site has its presence in almost 21 countries. Their surveys are based on current events, current governments and current in use products and services. Surveys are being mailed to the specific and targeted users.

Their surveys will only take about 10 to 20 minutes. On each single completed survey, users will get a chance to be in their 12000 dollars annual raffle. By being in their monthly raffle, you can earn up to 50 dollars.

20. Buzzback Survey Site

It is an online paid survey site and it was founded in the 2000 year. It has been running on a successful basis since these 17 years time frame. This survey site basically connects all consumers and also companies. This connection lets companies expand their market research and also to bring out new and diverse product ideas.

First, you have to sign up in this site, then you will join the panel. After completing these steps, you will be tested and examined on your eligibility. Then finally, surveys will be given to you based on your interest. Per survey completion will be giving you 0.5 dollars to 5 dollars. This site has its strong presence in Canada and Australia.

So these are top 20 paid online survey websites which can be used by all users. This working platform is excellent for the people who love to work from home. Just sign up for these sites, and get started with your task of earning money. Though in the beginning times, you will find a few issues and trouble.

But as time will pass, you will become experienced. It is a most straightforward online earning task. Above we have suggested you top 10 paid survey websites. Try them and make suitable cash amounts.

Filling and completing surveys, giving opinions and feedback, they are simplest tasks and do not need any high and technical knowledge. Stay tuned with us, and we will be informing users more about other online and paid survey sites.