15 Best Reward Sites like Swagbucks that Pay Via PayPal! (2021)

Welcome to my post "Best Reward Sites Like Swagbucks in 2021."

Rewards sites are one of the most popular ways to make money online. They can earn you side income each month and at the same time don’t require any technical skills.

Rewards sites are somehow different from surveys sites in a sense that rewards sites offer multiple ways to earn money (like browsing on the web, get paid to watch videos, watching ads, product testing, surveys taking and many more) while typical survey sites only offer surveys and referral commission.

So, in this post, I decided to share my experience while working on different reward sites.

Swagbucks, everyone knows about this site, is the most trusted out there so I will share sites like Swagbucks as well.

Some of the rewards sites pay members in the form of gift cards while others via PayPal.

Without further delay, let’s start to look at those sites.

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1). Swagbucks

I have no issues in saying that Swagbucks is the most trusted and rewarding site out there. The site has been working since 2008, and it has paid over $280 million to its members, perhaps the highest among all reward sites.

The site gives points when you browse the web, shop at your favorite retailers, watching videos, answer surveys, find great deals, and answering daily polls. The points are called “Swagbucks” or SB.

Those SB can be exchanged for different gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Nike and many more). However, if you want to exchange them for money, you can do so via PayPal.

Currently, it is offering a $10 signup bonus, so do it early and join as soon as possible.

You can join Swagbucks here or read my full SwagBucks review.

2). Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is also one of my favorite sites pretty similar to Swagbucks. The site is operating since 2007 and has over 7.5 million members.

It has numerous earning options like taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, raffle tickets, lucky numbers, contests and many more.

The site pays in the form of points which you can exchange them for a variety of gift cards and PayPal option. Their gift cards started at $5.

However, you can also exchange your points for $2 via PayPal.

This site is especially good for people who are looking for low payouts.

You can join PrizeRebel here or read my full PrizeRebel review.

3). Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash is also pretty similar to Swagbucks and also one of my favorite rewards earning site.

The website has been around since 2005 and lets you earn from paid to call, radio listening, watching videos, completing small tasks online, doing shopping online and referring friends and family.

Fusion Cash is a BBB accredited company with the A+ rating. You need to reach at least $25 to ask for withdrawing. They are also offering a $5 bonus, and you need to earn $20 more to reach for the first withdrawal.

For surveys, if you don’t qualify, you will still earn a few cents.

Click here to join Fusion Cash and earn $5 as a bonus or read my complete Fusion Cash review.

4). Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars has been around since 2000, perhaps one of the oldest rewards paying site out there.

The site has paid over $57 million to its members and has partnered with some of the most entrusted brands in retail, technology, and Market Research to deliver a reliable platform of earning opportunities.

The site offer members to earn in the form of completing offers, playing games, surveys taking, searching on the web, shopping and cash offers, and through coupons code.

Inbox Dollars is currently offering a $5 signup bonus to its members. Their payout limit is $30 and pays via check and Visa Card

Click here to join Inbox Dollars and earn $5 as a bonus or read my complete Inbox Dollars review.

5). Clixsense

Clixsense started as a Pay to Click (PTC) site, later on, it converts into a rewards site. It was launched in 2007, and since then there’s been no issue with the site regarding paying to its members. 

The site has paid over $33 million to its members and lets them earn from paid surveys, completing offers, watching ads, playing games, completing small tasks, referral commission and many more.

Their minimum payout limit is $10 for Dwolla, Skrill, Tango Card, and Check while $20 for Payoneer. It takes nearly 5 to 7 days to receive your payment in desired payment processor.

This site is best for those people who can refer people.

You can join Clixsense here or read my full Clixsense review.

6). Earning Station

Earning Station is also the very popular site and launched by Matt Hynes in 2011. 

The site is specifically designed for US people and let them earn from a wide range of paid surveys, offers, videos, online shopping, games, and referral commission.

The site pays in the form of points which is called “Station Dollars” Or “SDs.” You can request withdrawal when your account reaches to $10. Do remember that the site only offers Gift cards and there is no PayPal option.

You can join Earning Station here or read my full Earning Station review.

7). Vindale Research

Vindale Research is also a very popular reward site that is operating since 2004. The site pays its members in the form of cash not points.

There are many ways to earn money in Vindale in the form of paid studies, vindale videos, reward mail, submitting a payment photo, reward codes and referral program.

Though they have a high payout limit of $40 due to many earning opportunities, you could reach this pretty quickly.

You can join Vindale Research here or read my full Vindale Research review.

8). My Points

My Points launched in 2004 and it was originally started as a cash-back for a shopping site, similar to Ebates and Mr. Rebates.

After this, they have added all kinds of ways to earn money. You can earn gift cards and PayPal cash through My Points.

A $10 Amazon gift card will cost you 1,700 points and $25 to PayPal costs you 4,550 points. They have a ton of extra options as well.

You can join My Points here or read my full My Points review.

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9). Cash Crate

Cash Crate is another very popular reward site that is operating since 2006.

The site offers multiple options in the form of completion of offers, surveys taking, cash back from shopping, contests, playing games and referral commission. They also offered $1 as a signup bonus.

To withdraw your money, you must have $20 in your account. They will send you a check, or you can use your points to redeem for things like Amazon gift certificates, pre-paid Walmart cards, and more.

You can join Cash Crate here or read my full Cash Crate review.

10). Earnably

Earnably is a new reward site that is operating since 2015. The site let members earn from offer walls, daily surveys, watching videos, doing small tasks, promo codes and referral commission.

The site offers points for performing each activity, and you can convert them for PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, and over 50+ reward options.

As of now, Earnably has gift cards to Amazon, Storm, iTunes, Spotify, and World of Warcraft.

For PayPal, you need at least 100 points, i.e., $1 and it will take nearly 1 to 3 days to be credited in your account.

If you go for gift cards options, their value starts from $2, and you can also find gift cards of $5, $10 and even $50.

You can join Earnably here or read my full Earnably review.

11). InstaGC

InstaGC is also a reward site that launched in 2011. In Instagc site, you can earn points from completing surveys, watching videos, searching the web, shopping online and referring friends and family.

The site has over 350+ collections of gift cards including the leading companies around the world like Amazon, American Express, Best Buy, Burger King, Dell, eBay, Express, Etsy and many more.

They have also added PayPal, Direct Deposit options recently and as soon as you reach to $5, you can opt for those options as well.

You can join InstaGC or read my full InstaGC Review.

12). Quick Rewards

Quick Rewards is an incentive-based marketing company that is operating since 2002. The site is only available for the people of USA, UK, and Canada.

Members of Quick Rewards will be able to earn rewards from watching videos, shopping online, taking online surveys, reading emails, using grocery store coupons, signing up for offers and much more.

Quick Rewards pays its members within one day and gives remarkably quick customer service. Each member will get their rewards in gift cards or PayPal.

You can join Quick Rewards or read my full Quick Rewards Review.

13). Points2Shop

Points2Shop, running since 2007, is one of the largest free online rewards programs.

You can earn points from paid surveys, completing offers, watch videos, play games, shopping online and much more. 

You can redeem your points for uncountable rewards that are available on the Points2Shop website including gift cards, game cards, or you can withdraw your points in the form of cash.

Points2Shop has a very active online community which is unique and supports new and existing members with any questions or suggestions.

You can join Points2Shop or read my full Points2Shop Review.

14). Gift Hulk

GiftHulk is a rewards site that is operating since 2011. The site hasn’t gained popularity like many other sites, but you can also find many ways to earn money.

Gift Hulk offers members multiple ways to earn unique virtual currency – Hulk Coins.

There are many ways for you to make Hulk Coins!

•    Search the Web – Use Gift Hulk Search as your everyday search engine, and you will have a chance to win Hulk Coins with every search!

•    Offers Completion – You have different Offer Walls to choose from. These offer simple free surveys, offers, small tasks, and videos.

•    Surveys – Complete surveys for Hulk Coins.

•    Referring – Refer people to join Gift Hulk and enjoy up to 5000 Hulk Coins from each referral.

•    Gift Hulk TV – Earn Hulk Coins by watching interesting videos!

Those Hulk Coins can later be redeemed for a wide variety of items in the Hulk Store. Please remember that 10,000 Hulk Coins are equal to $10.

You can convert Hulk Coins to gift cards or even cash when they reach up to 5000.

15). Send Earnings

This site is a sister company of inbox dollars and is operating very similar to this.

The site offers $5 as a signup bonus to members and lets them earn from watching videos, taking surveys, doing shopping online, playing games and referral commission.

The site was launched in 2000, and since then it has been paying its members without any difficulty.

When your account reaches a balance of $30, you can withdraw it via check or Visa Cash Card. 

16). Global Test Market

Global Test Market (GTM) is one of the biggest paid survey sites in the market, having over six million members with the presence of over 200 countries. Like other reward sites, Global Test Market is relatively simple to join.

Global Test Market lets you make money answering surveys on some topics, from shopping and many more. Additionally, many of the surveys let you enroll in either weekly or monthly cash drawings.

You will get points from completing most of the paid surveys that you can then redeem for rewards.

Example of rewards available includes Amazon, PayPal, Macy's, and UNICEF charity donation. However, the selection of rewards will depend on your country of living.

You can join Global Test Market or read my full Global Test Market Review.

Wrapping Up:

I hope you will appreciate my collection and make some money. All those sites are legit and the best in the business.

I recommend you to join as much as possible sites and earn a side income each month.

Please do remember that these rewards sites can only make you few bucks per month and you cannot consider them as a replacement of 9 to 5 job. 

If you are searching for such an opportunity, I recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope you will like my post "15 Best Online Rewards Sites like Swagbucks that Pay Via Gift Cards or PayPal! in 2021" and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.

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