Best PTC Sites to Earn $500-$1000 Per Month! (2021)

If as a reader you are seeing for best and top paid PTC sites that can earn you $500-$1000 per month, this is the right post for you.

These sites follow one of the easiest income earning methods.

Personally, I am not a big fan of PTC sites due to massive scams and low-income potential, but I know PTC gurus who are earning $1K per month from those sites. But they are very rare (even less than 0.10%)

All you need is the right direction and good strategy. But one thing is obvious, the majority of gurus are earning this income from Neobux and Clixsense.

So i recommend all of you, instead of wasting your effort on 10 sites, you should focus on 2 to 3 sites. 

Before going into further detail let’s look at how these sites work.

What are PTC Sites?

Do you know about the concept and purpose of using these PTC sites? We will tell you.

This term PTC, it is named as pay to click, which means you get paid for watching ads. 

These sites are designed in a way that when you click on ad, it will last for few seconds and as a result, money will be credited to your account.

Best PTC Sites

I know watching an ad pays you the only fraction of a cent, but if you increase your direct referrals to hundred or even thousand, that's where the real money comes in.

At this level you can expect to earn $500 to $1000 per month. 

I have shared a great guide here to increase your direct referrals. If you don’t make direct referrals, joining PTC sites are a waste of time.

You should only get connected with legal and valid PTC sites. Here we will share top 15 best PTC sites with our readers and note that these are the most recommended paid to click sites. 

One more thing.......

If you are a starter having no skills at all and want to earn a full time income from home, i suggest you to leave all PTC sites and look at my #1 recommendations to start.

Our Top Picks




#1. Wealthy Affiliate

#2. Commission Hero

#3. Proven Amazon Course

View My Best PTC Sites List!

1. ySense (Formerly ClixSense) (Highly Recommended)

Note: ClixSense has recenlty changed its name to ySense.

We have first legit  PTC site for you in the name of clixsense.

This site is present and is the part of online business since 2007. This PTC website comes under the ownership of Jim Grago. 

From this site, you can make enough earnings by filling surveys or by processing their CrowdFlower tasks. You can become the part of their affiliate system and get earnings.

This PTC site has all the time stood this test of the time. It is paying much too all users and these users and its official members have not faced any issue since 2007.

This paid to click site does not demand any technical and special skill from its registered users. Even by downloading their apps and by joining their free programs, you can earn.

If any member completes their single survey task, then he will get $0.75 to $5. Note that their pay rates vary from the amount of $0.03 to $0.07.

And your minimum cash out has to be $10.00. User’s payment will be processed by using Payza or Skrill, or anyone can use Payoneer too.

Read my detailed ClixSense Review here.

2. Neobux (Highly Recommended)

This PTC site was founded and created by Fernando during the time of March 2008. This site is the king of PTC site. It is the trusted site and oldest one in this business as well.

 By click on their ads, if you will be completing their CrowdFlower Tasks, then this PTC site will pay you.

There are different ways which are offered by this PTC website to its users. On per click basis, this site has finalized that you will get $0.001 to $0.01.

Even if you will fill out their surveys or you will play games on this site, then points will be given to you.

Your registration on this site will be done free of cost.

Though this site offers you numerous membership plans, it is up to the user to avail of those membership plans or not. Your payment will be processed by Payza or Skrill or by NETELLER.

Read my detailed Neobux Review here.

More than 99% people remains unsuccessful with PTC sites. See my top rated program to become successful.

3. Paidverts

This Paidverts site is one of the best PTC sites. Do you know that this site works on a different concept as compared to the other and remaining legit PTC sites, it is true!

As soon as you join this site, you have to make a click total 100 BAP ads. It means that you have to make a clicking of 16 bonus ads points the minute your account gets activated.

When you will get this click total, then you will become the permanent member of this legit PTC site. When 100 BAP ads will come in your account, then you will be offered paid ads.

If you will refer this site to your friend or you will ask them to become a member of it, then you will bonus earnings too.

If you are linked to this legit PTC site, then you can get your payment from the varied sources like PayPal or Payza or you can get your earnings from Bitcoin or Perfect money source.

Read my detailed Paidverts review here.

4. Scarlet – Clicks

Then we have this legit PTC site. It was formed in the year of 2009. This site has got the highest reliability level. From this site, you can opt and choose multiple ways to earn income.

They offer mini and straightforward tasks to their users. Clicking on their wall advertisements, participating in their contests, playing on the grid, completing their mini tasks, it is in these ways that you will be paid. Their per ad view can give you $0.001 to $0.01.

If anyone plays their Scarlet grid game, then he can get the chance to win up to $0.02 or $1.00. This winning amount will be credited to your account right away. Once you become the member of Scarlet-clicks, you will be paid too by referring new members.

To cash out your payments, you can use Payza, PayPal, or members can use these sources as well as Perfect Money or Bitcoin account.

Read my detailed Scarlet-Click review here.

5. GptPlanet

For the information, this PTC site which is named as GptPlanet, it is operational and be the part of this online money making business since 2010.

It is a genuine PTC site, and it is open to all countries. For the information, this legit PTC is actually the sister website of Scarlet Clicks.

On viewing their ads, you will get about $0.001 to $0.01. On visiting their “Gptgrid” page, you can win and get up to $1.00. For this site as well minimum payout should be $2.00.

If you will play their grid games, or you will be engaging and taking part in their contests, then you will also earn money from this site.

Read my detailed GPT Planet review here.

6. Donkeymails

This legit PTC site only demand from you to click on the ads and then you will be paid, this is it! You just have to carry out manual surfing and you will get lots of cash as well as credit prizes.

You can win this cash amount up to the amount of 25 dollars. This is an exciting legit PTC site platform that gives its users exciting chances to win cash.

If you will be reading their daily emails, by playing any games over there, you will earn.

This site usually proceeds their payment procedures after 2 weeks time frame. If you have earned 1 dollar then you will be paid by Bitcoin or by Payeer or by Perfect money.

If you have earned up to $1.06, then you will get this payment by using PayPal, Payza.

Read my Donkeymails review here.

7. AyuWage

It was in 2009 that this paid to click PTC website was set up. You will get a click rate of $0.0025 – $0.001 if you watch 50 ads on a per day basis.

Note that 5 dollars are their minimum cash out range amount. 0.20 dollars will be your daily average earnings.

If you are going to answer surveys, if you will surf websites on them then you will earn as well. You can earn maximum credits upon completing every single activity.

Read my detailed AyuWage review here.

8. BuxVertise

It was on 19th April 2014 that this PTC site was launched. Drew and Jesse are its trusted one owners. It has 170k plus members, and you need to watch 40 to 50 ads on a per day basis.

Their click rate is $0.01 – $0.00225. 2 dollar is their minimum one cashout amount. STP and Payza are the payment options which this PTC site offers.

Read my detailed BuxVertise review here.

9. Family BTC

This is also one of the best ptc sites that was launched on 11th Sept 2017. Familyclix is its owner. You will get your earnings in Bitcoin.

Their payment processing time is seven days, but you usually will get your payment within the time frame of 24 to 48 hours.

10. Traffic Exchange

This PTC site was founded in the 2003 year. It has 1 million plus members. You will get 30 cents if you view 1000 pages on this site. This site offers minimum payout amount of 3 dollars.

This site works a bit differently than other typical PTC sites as you the name indicates it is a traffic exchange platform where people visit other websites in exchange for theirs.

11. InnoCurrent

You should try using this legit PTC site. Experts linked to online money making the world, they have recommended this platform for the students who want to earn online.

No skills are needed to do this job and you do not have to possess a hi-fi degree to do this online job.

This site only needs your little time. Members who are interested in these sorts of online job, they should note that from this site, they will get $0.03 if they will do a single click.

More clicks and views they will carry out, more earning and points will come right into their account.

This requirement or you can say the condition is made by this site that you have to watch 40 ads on per day basis and this is the minimum number and target which you have to fulfill.

Read my detailed InnoCurrent review here.

12. Optimal Bux

It is the latest project by Scarlet Clicks and GPT planet. It is from 10th Jan 2018 that this paid to click site has been all officially running.

Their 1 Adpack cost is 10 dollars. On a per click basis, you will get $0.01. Your minimum cash amount has to be 5 dollars. It is a great and simple to use the forum.

13. FamilyClix

It is since 2014 that this site is running. It has more than 350k members. There are other multiple ways to earn from this site; you can view advertisements on it.

You can flip the coin; you can take part in their contests. If one will view and click on 25 days on a single day basis, then this site will give a click rate of $0.01 – $0.002.

You should be able to earn minimum cash of 2 dollars, only then you can withdraw this amount.

Note that this amount which is $0.01 – $0.002, it is the average rate which is given by almost all paid to click sites.

No matter whatever PTC site you are going to join, they will offer and give you this $0.01 – $0.002 per click rate.

14. Rewarding Ways

This is another recommended paid to click website. Its owner has made 99 ventures, and this website was founded in the 2012 year.

It has 190k members, and this is the suggested PTC site if you want to earn money.

Note that $0.01 – $0.001 is their click rate and you have to work for at least one day if you want to get your cash out from this site.

You can earn from this site by clicking, or you can fill surveys, you can complete their tasks and offers. It is up to the member that what work mode he wants to choose.

If you are easy in viewing ads, then you can choose this work mode.

If you are easy and comfortable in filling surveys, then you can choose this option.

First, interested users have to visit this specific paid to click PTC site in-detail and then he can decide that what work mode and which earning option he wants to select.

Read my detailed Rewarding Ways review here.


This paid to click PTC website was founded in the year of 2012. It has plus 239k members. You can have 1 dollar minimum cash out amount while working on this site.

If you want to get daily payments, then you need to work on a maximum of one day.

You can get your payment through PayPal or by using Payza. This site can also by you pay using Skrill. $0.01 – $0.001 is their click rate. If you get 100 points, then you will get $1.

Read my detailed SuperPay review here.

16. PrizeRebel

On the next list, we have another expert recommended legit PTC site. This site is about coins earning. That means if you will earn coins, only then you will get the payment. More coins you will earn, more you will be paid.

Suppose you have earned 100 coins, so it means that you will be getting 1 dollar for that. You can too be earning through Offerwalls and Videowalls. 

If you win raffles and contests, then cash points will be given. Note that it is a trusted and valid platform and you can use it if you want to get additional income.

This is easy to use a source which can help you to earn money. Not only this site but even rest of the legit PTC sites, they are easy to use.

You will get quickly used to them. It is only viewing ads and this is it! No technicalities are involved in these legit PTC websites.

Read my detailed Prize Rebel review here.

17. Twickerz

This is next one best PTC site. This site was established in the 2011 year.

It has over and about 297k members. Its total paid amount to its users is 500k dollars. You can too view ads on this site and get your payment.

If you are going to view 25 ads on a per day basis and will click on them, then this site will offer click rate up to the amount of $0.01 – $0.002. 5000 twick points are equal to 1 dollar.

If you are going to make a 1 dollar deposit, then you will get ten more points. If you will bring any member and will ask him to do his registration on this site, then you will get 10 points too.

18. Tviptc

This PTC site offers and gives click rate up to the amount of 0.01$ to 0.001$, and its payout amount is 10$. This is another quite easy to use paid to click PTC site.

You can operate it quite smoothly and you do not have to learn anything to use and operate this site. This PTC site works in a way like rest of paid to click PTC websites work.

We have mentioned to you about their rates.

You have to make only this effort that you need to watch and views ads with maximum quantity on this site.

More you will view these advertisements and more you will complete their assignments, more points and cash will be earned by you.

19. Ojoo

This one is a great and widely used legit PTC site. It has been 3 years that this site is in this particular service line. You can get $0.04 just by making a single click.

On per referral click basis, you can get up to a range of $0.015. 2 dollars is their minimum payout amount.

This site allows you to watch videos, you can complete their tasks and you can complete their offers and this is how you can earn from this legit PTC site as well.

Member of this site will be paid by either selecting the option of PayPal, Payza or you can choose this payment option which is okpay.

20. Infinitybux

This site click rate is $0.01 – $0.001 and your payout amount has to be 10$. Do you know that this paid to click PTC site has gained quite an amount of reputation, it is true It encourages people from all over the world to become the member of this site.

As this site offers easy money making paths, that is why you can use it and work on it at any time. Its click rate is also appropriate.

You can visit this PTC site and too read out their conditions. The only effort which members have to put up is to make an account over there.

This is a few step process, when you will make a valid account on this PTC site then you will start getting work from this site.

21. DifBux

This legit PTC site gives you chance to get $0.02 upon making a single click. Then you can also earn $0.01 on per referral click. It is too through their offers and surveys that you can make your earning from here.

This site gives payment to its users on a quick basis. That means you will get your payment within 24 hours duration.

22. BuxInside

With the help of this legit PTC site, you can earn $0.10 on a single click basis. This site per DR click rates is up to $0.02. Note that this site has allowed minimum payout rate up to 2 dollars. Instant payments are made by them.

If you have an account in PayPal, Payza or in GoldMoney, Skrill, BitCoin then you will quickly get your payments.

23. HeedYou

All students who are looking for the simple online earning method then they can too try this legit PTC site. This is a recommended site.

You do not have to learn any technical method while using this site. Only click on the ads and get money. This is the easy money making method which you can do online.

Their rates are as follows like if you do a single click then you can get an amount up to $0.10 and their DR click rates are $0.01.

This legit PTC site has notified that your minimum payout amount should be 1 dollars. Their payment procedure follows and operates on the quick basis.

You can get your payments and cash amount by using PayPal or by using this source Payza

24. Makeculous

Experts have recommended this legit PTC site as well. You can try it as well. If you are looking for online money making sources and ways then this one is a trusted website.

You can become a member and sign up into this site and we are sure, after few months, you will get used to this site.

By clicking on the ads and by viewing them, then by watching videos and playing games on this particular site, you will earn!

So we can say that this legit PTC site gives many options to the users to earn money and get maximum points. 10 dollar is their minimum payout range.

Wrapping Up:

In a nutshell, I don't recommend PTC sites for making money because they have high failure rate.

However, if you can make direct referrals you can earn good money and even can earn up to $500 to $1000 per month.

 If you want to be part of a program that has good success rate, see my #1 recommendation, i.e., Wealthy Affiliate

I hope you will like my post "Best PTC Sites to Earn $500-$1000 Per Month" and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.

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