20 Best Money Making Apps That Pay $1000+ Per Month (2019)

Best Money Making Apps

Nowadays almost every single person spends a lot of money in buying smartphones, but no one makes their efficient use or even aware that it could earn them money as well. Mostly we use our mobile phones playing games, chatting with friends, watching videos, and many more.

But have you guys ever thought that instead of wasting your time on such activities why not we value our time and spend it in earning money through the mobile phone?

Now there are no. of such apps that you can download on your smartphone and these apps reward you for completing various tasks. Now the question is that how much you can earn with the help of those apps. To be very frank, I am not saying that by using them you will get rich, but you could make some decent money in your spare time.

The more time you spend on those apps, the more you will earn. But you need to be careful as time is also very precious and I don’t want to be involved you in anything that doesn’t worth the time. But the thing is, you are doing these activities anyway in your life.

Previously for free; now for money. That’s it!

I have listed down all those apps that are all legit and also would earn you nice money. So, without further delay let’s look at one by one;

Best Money Making Apps

1. Swagbucks

It is an online mobile app that is considered most favorite among Americans as an earning source without the tension of using a computer. This app is very simple to use and pays for completing online surveys. Although there are other earning options as well.

All you need to signup for free and start earning money. They have paid over $250 million to the people for doing these small tasks. I have written a more detailed review on Swagbucks in this post so you will learn how to earn a decent income from this app even if you are completely new.

SB is the best-earning app in the US and available for both Android and iOS users. That’s why I have also rated this app as my number one app on this list.

2. The Ibotta App

Ibotta app rewards you for taking the photo of your receipt (shopping list). Now let’s have a look that how does it work;

  • Download the app on your mobile phone and sign up. For signing up you only required your name and email address.
  • Look for the different offers in your area, visit the store and take a picture of your receipt.
  • After collecting at least $20 in your account, you can request for receiving your cash through PayPal or Venom. There is good news for the new users that now they will be paid $10 for signing in.

It’s again very easy to use and earn you some good rebate as well. The good thing is you are getting paid for you what already do. If you want to know in detail about Ibotta then read my complete Ibotta review here.

3. Paribus

It is an online earning mobile phone app that keeps the record of your online shopping and later on if there is any discount on that product it will return you the remaining amount (the amount that results from the difference between the original price and the discount amount).

Now the question is whether the app pays from itself or there is some other source?

Actually after tracing out that there is a discount on that item you already bought it sends the application to the particular store for the cash back, and finally you get back the money. The good thing in my point of view is that you don’t have to do anything.

To know more about it, please read the detailed Paribus review here.

4. Lyft

How interesting and an easy job it is that you get paid for driving a car around your town. All of us know that the ride-sharing has now become popular and there is no chance of its slowing down. So keeping in mind this fact you can use this app as an earning source.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be at least twenty-one years old.
  • You must have driving experience of a year.
  • Must have a car made in 2007 or later.

There is no time limitation. You can do at any time i-e day, night. You can earn about $750 per week. Now it depends on you that how much you work.

5. MobileXpressions

There is no. of apps that pay you for doing nothing. One of the examples is an app that pays you for installing different other apps in your mobile phone, and the good thing is that you will be paid each month for just keep these apps installed in your mobile phone.

One of the apps is mobileXpressions that reward you for downloading the app in your mobile phone and keep them save for a week. After it, you will receive about $25 Amazon gift card or the gifts may include iPads or Samsung TVs.

Now, most of the people will have a question in their minds that why the app is working and how it is benefitted?
This app actually works for other companies and by gathering data helps those in understanding that how people use mobile (what are their interests).

It clarifies these companies that at what period people mostly visit different sites and which type of sites they visit and which they not. You can download this app on android as well as on the iPhone.

6. Shopkick

The people who are now fed up with online shopping have good news for them. Now for visiting different stores, you will be paid. This app pays in “kicks.” But remember that not all stores, some specific stores are linked to the app.

These stores include Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Sephora, etc. it also gives you the chances of earning more kicks if you scan the items in the store and upload their picture or of receipt. After earning kicks, you can exchange them for the gift cards or cash depending on what app offers.

Read my Shopkick review here.

7. Shop Tracker App

This is another way of earning money by simple means. Share your Amazon purchase detail and get cash. For sharing information each month, you will be paid. It will keep your entire information secret and will never leak it out. All it demands is only your order detail; it may consist of the date of purchasing the item, product title, ISBN, amount, condition, retailer, with much other information.

Before going into the detail, I want to make it clear that;

  • If you are not shopping from Amazon, then you are wasting your time.
  • And for using this app, you must be 18 years old and the resident of U.S.

How Does It Work?

  • Download the app to your computer or apple or android phone, and it takes only 2 minutes. You will be given a questionnaire to solve related to your working experience on Amazon for qualifying.
  • In the next step log in to your account, and your shopping detail will be automatically transferred. Within 48 hours you will send your gift card code through email for $3.
  • As discussed above your personal information is kept secret and is gathered by The Harris Poll that is an honest market research company working for about 20 years. Shop tracker never shows your name, location, and any other detail.

8. Google opinion rewards

It is Google’s product and that is enough for its genuineness. Google opinion reward is an app that rewards you for answering surveys. But it never pays you cash. Instead of cash, you can exchange Google play credits with Google music, books, magazines, and movies in the play store. Just complete the surveys and earn your favorite gift.

After registration, the app will send you surveys every week and reward will be from 25 cents to $1. It is for both Android users and iOS users.

Read my detailed Google Opinion Rewards Review here.

9. Gigwalk

Like many other apps, it is also available only in the US and some parts of Canada. For earning money on this app, you have to complete different tasks like watching videos, playing games, taking pictures of different places. These are called gigs in Gigwalk language.

If you have ever worked in Fiverr then you are familiar with the concept of word “Gig”, which is actually a service that a seller sells. But this concept is slightly different as the seller may require you to go to the nearby chain store and take photograph or answer some survey questions about their display. Remember that this is not at all easy job. You have to go outside for accomplishing it. You can earn from $2 to $20.

You can learn in detail about it by reading my Gigwalk Review.

10. Slide

For the beginners, it might be a little bit confusing. There are two slide apps via you can earn. One app rewards you for doing online shopping, and other pay you for completing different tasks. This app is famous in Pakistan and India. You can enhance your earning by following the reference program. In this program, you can refer your friends, relatives and in turn get the reward.

11. App bounty

If we talk about app bounty rating on play store, then it has five stars. It does not demand any laborious work from you. Only you have to download different apps. For enhancing your monthly income it also offers various deals. Now it is up to you that how much time you spend on work.

Unlike many other apps, this app is not limited to the US only. Instead, the people from areas other than the US are also benefitted by it.

If you are not interested in cash, you can redeem it for gift cards from iTunes, Amazon, steam and more. It is one of the credible apps that pay you.

Read my App Bounty Review here.

12. Earn money

It is the highest paying app and is the most respected way of earning. Through this app you have multiple ways to earn money which may include free offers, registering to paid sites, installing apps and completing surveys. It is best considered for the people having a vast network of friends and relatives.

For referring one friend, it pays you about $0.25. You will be paid through PayPal within 24 hours of cashing out. The rating of 4.3 stars suggests that it is one of the trustworthy earning apps.

13. Panelplace

This app totally works on surveys, and you will be rewarded for answering surveys. For getting more surveys, you can consult to various survey sites like Toluna. This app is very simple to use. For every new survey, you will receive notification, and there is no chance of missing it.

Surveys are simple to answer, and everyone can complete it. If you are really interested to work with the app download it on your mobile phone, sign in and precede it further.

14. CashPirate

It is one of the most liking apps of the people and is among top 5 apps since last five years. It pays its members in time. By working with this app, you can earn about $15-50 per month. It offers you PayPal cash, Bitcoins, and Amazon vouchers. The minimum cash you can earn is about $2.50 PayPal cash.

How to earn points?

For earning points download the apps and fulfill their offers. For earning extra points watch videos but remember that the no. of videos is now specific to a certain number. Its best thing is its referral program as it gives you 10% of the earning of the referring person.

One of the reasons for the popularity of this app is that it always pays in time whenever you demand the cash. So it never bothers you for the payment.

15. Cash gift

This app is not as popular as other apps but still not a bad option to consider for earning. And it is among top 17 money making apps in 2018. After 3 minutes of signing up, it rewards you $1, and you can even cash it out for Amazon gift card.

The major reason for using this app is that it pays you cash. It offers PayPal cash, $3, $5 and $10 payouts. It may also offer play store vouchers as a gift. It will pay you for every single step of installing the app, watching ads, etc.

16. Survey Mini

It is for both Android and IOS users. It is a survey based app and is more effective for the people living in the United States. Now the question is for what work this app will pay you?

The answer is you have to visit different places and then have to fulfill surveys by sharing your experiences. If you like to visit historical places, restaurants or any other eye-catching place it is good for you as you can earn more via this app. It rewards you with the points that you can use to eat free food, for shopping, or for getting gift cards.

17. Drop

This app rewards you for making regular purchases. You link your debit and credit cards and earn points for making drop qualified shopping and finally exchange these points with the gift cards. The benefit of attaching your card is that you don’t need to worry about scanning the receipts.

After signing up you can select 5 offers and earn points for purchases. Once you make the purchases, drop notice the same via your attache card and you get cash back. It’s that simple.

Read my detailed Drop App review here.

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