Best Grammar Checking Tools in 2021!

Many people consider writing English without any grammar mistake as an impossible task. But, the fact is that a person can improve his or her writing skills by using available tools.

If you are one of those persons who is looking for good proofreading and grammar checking tool then you have come to right place.

Here we will discuss best web-based tools that will improve your English grammar and may even help you while writing the blogs.

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  1. Grammarly

This is the most popular grammar checking tool out there, and it's free to use for basic features. Grammarly is a web-based grammar checker that corrects and checks for numerous types of grammatical errors, including punctuation, sentence structure, word usage and spelling.

The free version of Grammarly also includes contextual spell checking. If you're looking to improve your writing or are just curious about the quality of your work in general, Grammarly might be what you need!

Simply sign up for an account, download the extension for your browser or install the app on your phone, and start typing. Grammarly will underline any potential problems so you can fix them quickly. 


  2. Ginger Software

Do you spend more time correcting grammar errors than writing your blog posts?

Are you annoyed by the red squiggly lines and wavy underlines in Word, or do they make you feel like a badass? Well if so, then let's talk about Ginger Software. Another great option that has a lot of useful tools in one place.

This software is an all-in-one solution for bloggers who want to write faster without worrying about pesky errors.

It automatically checks spelling and grammar as well as checking for plagiarism! How awesome is that? Check it out today!


  3. Microsoft Word

The built-in grammar checker isn't bad, but it doesn't have as many features as other options. Microsoft Word is the number one word processor for most people due to its wide range of features and ease of use.

But for those that need more robust editing tools, this would not be so useful. 

If you're looking for a word processor app with basic grammar and spell checking capabilities, then Microsoft Word should work well enough.

It's also great as an editor because it lets you see what your document will look like on different devices.

  4. Sentence Stack

Sentence Stack is a new tool that helps you write better sentences. The way it works is by providing suggestions for the best words to use, and then giving you feedback on your sentence as soon as you type each letter.

You can think of Sentence Stack like those little word bubbles with suggested endings that appear in Microsoft Word when you're writing an essay.

It's just a lot more useful, because it provides smart suggestions based on grammar rules and contextual understanding rather than just guessing which words might make sense together.

Our favorite feature of Sentence Stack is its ability to give insightful feedback about our sentences while we're typing them - it's almost instantaneous .

You  can use Sentence Search Engine to improve your English and beat your competitors.  

Sentence Stack

  5. ProWriting Aid

Grammar and style mistakes are inevitable, but they should never be overlooked. They can reduce the credibility of your business or organization and make you look unprofessional.

ProWritingAid is a platform that offers world-class grammar and style checks to help you avoid these pitfalls.

It's not just for businesses either; it provides tools for students, bloggers, writers, journalists, scientists - anyone who needs assistance with their writing skills. 

Final Verdict:

English grammar is difficult to master, and it's not uncommon for people to think that writing without any mistakes is impossible. But the fact of the matter is that you can improve your written English skills by using available tools.

In this post we have covered some great web-based proofreading and grammar checking tools above and we highly recommend those if you're looking for a good one.

Have you used any of them before? What did you like about them? Comment below!

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