12 Best and Highest Paying Get Paid To (GPT) Sites in 2021!

Get Paid to (GPT) sites are a fun way to make money online. Everyone can work on those sites from home, and there is no technical knowledge required also.

You can easily earn $100 to $250 per month by working on those sites. In this post, I will share not only the best and legit sites but they are highest paying also.

There are two ways you can work on those sites, either;

  1. Join as much sites as possible; or
  2. Join only the few ones and put all of your focus on sites you have selected.

I prefer the second option. So, if you are thinking which one to pick from the whole list, here are my top ones;


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Inbox Dollars



GPT sites mean get paid to sites for completing small tasks.

It offers multiple ways to earn money online, e.g., taking surveys, completing offers, e-mail reading, clicking ads, downloading apps, playing games, watching videos, and many more.

In GPT sites you could also find surveys to complete, but these sites are different from survey sites in a sense that they offer other earning opportunities as well, while survey sites offer only surveys.

GPT sites pay in the form of points, and for those points, you can convert them into PayPal dollars or gift cards. 

The challenging part is in finding these sites, especially since there are already numerous GPT sites out there today.

The great news is we’ve already done the work for you and filter out the highest paid ones.

So, let’s see my list and start your earning today.

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Best and Highest Paying Get Paid To (GPT) Sites: 

1). Swagbucks

Swagbucks has started its operation in 2008, and it is one of the trusted and highest paying GPT sites out there. If you want to step into this industry, Swagbucks is the place to start.

They offer multiples ways to earn like taking surveys, searching on the web, watching videos, coupons and shopping cash back, referral commission and many more.

They have paid over $280 million to its members in the form of PayPal cash and gift cards.

They also offer $5 as a sign-up bonus to take a start and 10% of referral commission on all your referrals earnings for as long as they continue being active on the site.

2). PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is also one of the trusted and highest paying GPT sites where you find nearly 9 options to make money online.

The site is operating since 2007, and it has over 7.5 million members. That’s a huge members’ base.

Their earning options are; taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, completing small tasks, referral commission, daily challenges, raffle tickets, lucky numbers, and contests.

They have very low payout rates. You can see even $2 value of gift cards, and for PayPal withdrawal, you need to accumulate 500 points, i.e., $5.

3). InboxDollars

Inbox Dollars is another very famous GPT site that is operating since 2000. You can join it for free and earn a $5 bonus.

It has paid nearly $60 million to its members, and there are numerous ways you can use, e.g., watching TV, surveys completing, shopping and cash offers, offers completion, and referring friends.

If you are an active member, you can expect to receive at least 3 paid emails daily. Take advantage of those emails and complete those tasks at earliest.

They have also added a new membership option called as “Gold Membership.” This membership is achieved as soon as you receive your first payment of $30.

This membership offers you more rewards and also you can request a withdrawal on each Wednesday rather than waiting for 2 weeks, which is the case for normal membership.

4). ClixSense

ClixSense initially started as a Pay to Click (PTC) site, but with the passage of time, the management converts it into a GPT site. Since 2007, it has paid over $33 million to its members.

I regard this site highly because it is one of the trusted sites out there. Despite being started as a PTC site, where 99.99% sites are fraud, this site has set an example of honesty and highly rewarding platform.

The site offers opportunities in the form of Surveys, offers, playing games, completing small tasks, and referral commission.

The only drawback of ClixSense site is that it doesn’t offer PayPal payments. However, you can request your payments via Payoneer, Skrill, Dwolla, Tango Card and Check.

5). CashCrate

CashCrate has been around since 2006, and it has over 7 million members all over the world.

It has a very active forum, and you can talk to other members about their experience in the CashCrate site.

You can make money on CashCrate by completing offers and surveys, referring other members to our program, playing games, watching videos, and more.

They also have a very rewarding referral commission structure. It has four levels;

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Elite

The referral commission ranges from 20% to 30% of the referral’s earnings, depending upon the level in which that member is in.

Elite members need to have 500 active referrals, and they can enjoy their 30% referral commission.

6). Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper has been operating since 2005 and has paid over $8 million to its members.

It provides you many money making opportunities that offer rewards from $0.50 to $25.

You can request a payment once you reached at $20 in your account.

There are two options you can use; one is instant payment or waits for the month date 15th to 20th of each month and all of your previous month’s payment will be sent to you.

They have a two-tier referral structure. For level one, you will earn 20% commission while you'll get 5% commission from anybody that your friends refer.

Currently, they are offering $1 for joining. They have various earning options in the form of surveys, offers, referring friends, playing games, participating in different contests, and many more.

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7). Points2Shop

Points2Shop is one of the leading free online rewards programs operating since 2007.

You can earn virtual points for online activities such as taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, recruiting other people, playing games, shopping online and much more.

You can also use their mobile apps and earn anywhere you are, whether you are at home or on the go. As a free member, you get 250 points as a sign-up bonus which is equal to $2.50.

They also three level referral commission to American members and $1.00 for every American or UK member you refer.

Once you have enough Points2Shop points, you can redeem them for thousands of rewards that are available on the Points2Shop website which are gift cards and game cards or even in the form of cash.

They also have a very active online community which supports new and existing members with any queries or suggestions in our forums and within the community chat.

8). Get Paid

Get Paid site has been operating since 2005 and since then it has been considered a very trusted opportunity online.

It also offers various activities in the form of offers, surveys, videos, referral commission and many more.

The Company rewards you in the form of coins which you can redeem them for many options, i.e., PayPal, Webmoney, Payza, Perfect Money, etc.

They have the lowest payout in the industry, i.e., $0.50. To reach this level, you must have 250 coins in your account.

They also have a monthly contest option in which they choose 10 members each month who have completed the most offers and surveys successfully.

The number one winner wins Prize 25,000 coins.

9). SuperPay

SuperPay is not as old as other sites are, but still, it is considered to be a legit site in the online world.

It was started in 2012 and pays its members for completing offers and surveys, pays per call offers, pays to click ads, promo codes and different contests.

They have nearly 0.75 million members and paid over $1.5 million to their members.

You can sign up free and claim a $0.20 bonus. It also offers in the form of points which you later can convert them for PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Neteller and Amazon gift cards.

One point worth is $0.01, and the minimum withdrawal limit is $1. So, you need at least 100 points to reach this level.

If you refer someone, it will earn you 25% of your referral earnings.

10). Rewarding Ways

Rewarding Ways is also from the same group which owns SuperPay. This site was started in 2011, and currently, it has over 0.3 million members and has paid over $0.75 million to them.

They provide daily cash surveys and other free offers and pay their members daily using Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin or Amazon gift cards.

You need at least 100 points to withdraw payment to one of the above payment options.

The site is pretty similar to the Super Pay and you can also expect same types of earning options and rewards.

11). Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy site has been operating since 1999, perhaps one of old survey sites in the universe.

Once you join, you are advised to install survey connect, which is an app that let you know whenever there is an opportunity to earn rewards.

Moreover, they are offering $5 per month commission to US members for installing this app on their devices.

Their normal payments take 3 to 4 weeks but with survey connect this step is expedited to one week.

Their withdrawal limit is $1, and when you reach this level, you can request withdrawal which will be sending to you via US post.

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12). Insta GC

Insta GC site commenced its operation in 2011, and there are over 8 ways that you can utilize and earn money from home.

These options are answer surveys, search the web, download apps, trial signups, watching ads, weekly bonus, watching videos and figure eight tasks.

They have also running a point system, and 1 point is equal to $0.01. Their gift cards are ranging from $1 to $250.

You receive $0.1 for each person that signs up and confirms their account as well as 10% of what they earn.

The grey side of Insta GC is that it only offers gift cards and there is no PayPal option available, though there are over 350 gift cards available.

Golden Nuggets for Working on GPT Sites:

These points, I have learned from my experience while working on GPT sites and it also helps you while using such sites.

Tip 1: Join at least 3 to 5 GPT sites and make sure to use a different email address. You can create free email accounts using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

Tip 2: Some GPT sites only pay you in the form of gift cards. If you are looking for cash, I recommend checking each one before starting your work. 

Tip 3: Always clear your browser cookies before you completing any offer on GPT site. If you don’t do this, there is a risk of not getting credits for the offers you have completed.

Tip 4: Log in every day to see if there are surveys offers available. Complete them at earliest. Don’t only rely on their email; sometimes it can be landed in the spam folder and even they don’t send you an email at all.

Tip 5: Utilize their referral programs. You cannot imagine the power of referrals. It can add up very quickly.

I have seen people making up to $1000 per month with the referral program. The best way is to create a blog and drive traffic to your blog from search engine. Though social media, forums, Q/A sites also give you referrals they aren’t comparable with the search traffic.

Tip 5: Some of the offers may require you to provide credit card details, I recommend you to leave those altogether.

But those offers also pay very well. If you are really eager to complete those, I suggest you provide this info to only those platforms to whom you trust.

Also, read their terms and conditions for completing those offers carefully. They generally have a trial period. On completion of this trial period, your credit card will be charged.

So, always keep your eyes on closing dates and try to cancel your subscription at earliest.

Tip 6: Some of the platforms require you to fill out the profile questionnaires to let them know which types of surveys invite they should send you.

I suggest you provide only honest and detail information as it will help you most of the times from survey disqualification issue. Otherwise, you will often face this message;

“Sorry! You haven't qualified for this survey.”

Final Verdict:

In short, those sites I have listed above are the best in the business. I recommend joining as much as possible or focusing your effort on few ones. It's upto you.

Don’t expect too much at the start. As you are getting older and older, you can find more ways to multiply your earnings.

One thing i want to tell you clearly, don't expect fulltime income from GPT sites because you can only earn a side income.

If you are serious about earning real money, i recommend you to look at my #1 recommendation, i.e., Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope you will like my post "12 Best and Highest Paying Get Paid To (GPT) Sites in 2021" and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.

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