Best Content Writing Agencies That You Should Use for Your Business

I know good quality well-researched content needs time and a lot of effort.

This becomes agony when people are working on a niche which generally they don’t know well. 

So, it gets tougher for them to understand that topic and then write it down in a logical sequence.

Even if you could do this, still your content needs to be SEO optimized to get a good boost in the search engine. Definitely, you are writing for viewers and at the end what you want – you want to earn money

So, despite the well-researched content, you need to make your content properly on-page optimized

If you do all on your own, this is great, but the purpose of this post is for those people who are struggling to produce quality content. 

No more worries!

Because there is a lot of good content writing agencies that could make your task pretty much simpler. 

In this post, I will show you some of my favorite content writing agencies where you could outsource your content at a pretty reasonable price.

Let’s first look at a few of them.

  1. iWriter

The first in this list is iWriter, and this is perfect for starters because you can get content of 500 words for just $3.30. I believe this is the lowest pricing option you can get.

But keep in mind you shouldn’t expect too much quality in this case. To get quality, you should need to buy from Premium, Elite, or Elite Plus writers.


I recommend a standard package for your PBNs, web 2.0s or guest posting sites. For your blog, I suggest you choose the Elite or Elite plus.

Apart from writing content, you could also write them from press releases, article rewriting, ebooks, kindle ebooks, etc.

I have written many of my other businesses articles from iWriter, and I got good content on Elite option.

After checking few writers, you can select the one you like and can add them into the personal favorites and then send your future work to those writers.

  2. Text Broker

Text Broker is also a great platform where you could use their different services.

But their main service is content writing, and you could get content for as low as 1.3 cents per word. 

For more experienced and quality writers you need to buy more advanced packages.

Let’s look at their packages:

  • Two stars writers = 1.3 cents/word = Could contain spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes
  • Three stars writers = 1.8 cents/word = Quick order processing, average-quality writing
  • Four stars writers = 2.4 cents/word = Very good quality, most popular quality level
  • Five stars writers = 7.2 cents/word = Professional-quality writing ready for use

So if you are looking for hiring someone for your regular blog, I suggest you choose 5-star writers.

See the image to look for how much they will charge you for writing 1,000 words.


You could also check out four stars writers but 2 and three stars I recommend you to use for low-quality blogs.

  3. Nerdy Writers

Nerdy Writers is a UK content writing agency and what I like about this agency is that it suggests a wide range of services. 

Unlike the agencies I have mentioned above which are mainly restricted to the blog post, you could ask for anything you want from very experienced writers.

Let’s look at a few of the categories:

  • Articles
  • Business Plan
  • Case Study
  • Critical Thinking
  • Essay
  • Financial Plan
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Research Paper
  • Thesis Many More

I have just written the few ones. Just look at the image below, and you will get the idea.

Nerdy Writers

Once you select the type of document, the next thing they want you to choose the subject area and the number of pages.

Each page will have approximately 150 words of content. So, they will charge you by pages you will order them.

After that you have three packages to choose from:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Platinum

Let’s look at the image below, and you could choose any package and urgency level.

Each package will also offer different additional features as well. With the platinum category you have all the available options like:

On the whole, this agency is great for people who are students, researches, teachers and all form of professionals.

Based on the quality of work and the experienced level of their writers, I believe they have a very fairly pricing policy.

  Final Verdict:

In short, if you want content and scale up your business you have the best option in the form of content writing agencies. 

These all are great writing agencies for content writing. If you don’t like to write content for yourself, you can check them and use the one which mostly likes you.

However, if you ask me to choose the best one, then I suggest you go for Nerdy Writers as they have so many options and you could write your content on anything you like. 

Moreover, they have more experienced professionals with specialized in their departments and also offers all this at a very reasonable price.

I hope you will like my post and if you have any question related to my best content writing agency post, please ask me in the comment section. 

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