BeOnPush Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Product Name: BeOnPushBeOnPush Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address:
Product Price: $20-$10,000
Product Owner: Ferki Demirovski
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100 points

BeOnPush Scam Review – Introduction:

BeOnPush claims to be a registered company based in the UK, and its incorporation number is 9714406. However, no address in provided about the company head office. Just saying that head office is in Luxembourg, the UK is not enough to confirm the legitimacy of business. Companies are using rented virtual mailboxes in the UK.

Beonpush states that they specialized in buying and selling targeted advertising space in real time. They use a new technology called RTB (Real-time Bidding). It is a kind of automated buying of advertising placements.

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How to Earn Money from BeOnPush?

Revenue Share – The Company has investments in various sectors of the online marketing and in majority trading positions in the RTB (Real Time Bidding). The income that the company earns from these sectors is shared among the paid members. Paid members will become stakeholders and will get revenue share according to their investment.

There are eight types of ad packs starting from $20 to $10,000 and let’s look at each one and their return on investment.

  • $20 ad pack = 1x daily interest
  • $50 ad pack = 1.05x daily interest
  • $100 ad pack = 1.1x daily interest
  • $200 ad pack = 1.15x daily interest
  • $500 ad pack = 1.2x daily interest
  • $1000 ad pack = 1.3x daily interest
  • $5000 ad pack = 1.4x daily interest
  • $10,000 ad pack = 1.5x daily interest

Each ad pack expires after returning 150% return on investment (ROI).


Affiliate Program – BeOnPush also offers an attractive affiliate program to its active members. Anyone good at referring people can avail this opportunity.

It uses two level referral system:

  • investments by personally recruited affiliates pay 13% (level 1) and
  • investments by affiliates recruited by level 1 affiliates (level 2) pay 2%

Moreover, you will also earn binary commission from your team. You are placed at the top of the team, and there are two sides left and right. This is a bit unclear that whether it is on both sides of the binary or single side that will earn you a binary commission.

Affiliate Rewards – You will also get rewards based on your binary investment volume:

  • Novice = 10,000 binary investment volume = Luxury pen
  • Beginner = 30,000 binary investment volume = VIP night in club
  • Intermediate = 80,000 binary investment volume = Flight voucher
  • Experienced = 200,000 binary investment volume = Apple Pack
  • Advanced = 500,000 binary investment volume = Vertu phone + 1 year luxury concierge
  • Senior = 1,000,000 binary investment volume = Rolex watch
  • Expert = 5,000,000 binary investment volume = Luxury company car
  • god = 50,000,000 binary investment volume = Sports car, beach apartment and private jet hours

Things I Liked:

Multiple Earning Opportunities

The BOP offers various earnings opportunities for its members. All you need to invest money in the system, and it will make all the efforts for you. If you are great at recruiting people, then you can utilize its full potential and earn more money. All the rewards and awards are mostly associated with recruiting new people.

Things I Didn’t Like:

Unsustainable Business

I have been part of similar programs in the past, and most of them have been closed. I don’t find any real activity that BOP is doing that will generate consistent revenue for them. It looks like shuffling of investment from new members to old members and has all the attributes of Ponzi scheme.

Return 150% on investment is not an easy task, and I have seen programs that offer just 110%, but they still struggled. As long as they have +ive cash flow you are earning daily rewards, but once new investment doesn’t start to come, the cash flows become negative.

Is BeOnPush is a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

BOP is a new program, I am expecting that the admin will add more revenue streams to the system in the future. If they don’t, then it will not last longer. Currently, I am confident that it is all Ponzi model and using new investments for paying old debt.

I don’t recommend anyone to invest in this site as there is a lot of risks involved. I am also not a huge fan of such revenue sharing programs because it is just waste of time and money.

My sincere advice to everyone is if you are looking for a solid foundation that will facilitate all way through your online career then see my #1 recommendation. I have wasted more than four years on such sites, and now I regret if I have started this business earlier.

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