AZ Sniper Review – Is This System a Scam or Legit? (2021)

Welcome to my AZ (Amazon) Sniper review 2021!

AZ Sniper claims that you can earn $40,000 per month by using their one-click profit system which works with Amazon. Not only this, Stephan Ford (the owner of this product) has achieved this level by working only 10 minutes a day.

As per him, this system is for everyone to make money from Amazon; no matter their experience level, academic background or technical capabilities.

I know this makes you interested, but if you are working in this niche, such claims aren’t uncommon. The only way we can avoid scams and get the real information about the product is by reading honest reviews on the web.

I must congratulate you landing on my review page to find honest information.

Is it really that easy for AZ Sniper to fulfill its promises? Is it worth your time? And most importantly, is AZ Sniper a scam or legit?

Here’s the truth;

Product Name: AZ Sniper

Founder: Stephan Ford Not Sure

Product Type: Make Money from Amazon

Price: $37 + Upsells

Best For: People who want to make money from Amazon

AZ Sniper Review

Summary: Stephan Ford is supposedly the owner of this program, and it is a course which is in PDF formats and guides you how to make money from Amazon. The course is full of hypes and unrealistic claims.

Though there is useful information about YouTube and Amazon method, still you need to put a lot of effort to make money. The course is just a bird’s eye view and provides introductory stuff, but if you are a novice, you may find it hard to apply all such information in step by step manner. 

Rating: 55/100

Verdict: No

  What is AZ (Amazon) Sniper?

AZ (Amazon) Sniper is a Clickbank’s product that claims of showing people a secret method of making money online.

However, when I dig deeper to find that secret method, I found it is a course that provides you PDF guides to make money from Amazon.

Everyone knows Amazon is a world’s the biggest retail site, and it is also the #4 rank site in terms of getting traffic. So, if you are in this field, you definitely have heard about making money from Amazon. There’s no secret.

On the sales video, I have seen many claims that look very unrealistic to me, but when I look at the member’s area, I got really surprised. I couldn’t find any video at all, and all of the material is in the form of PDF guides.

There are many ways you can make money with Amazon like;

  1. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  2. Kindle eBooks
  3. Affiliate Marketing

AZ Sniper guides you using the third option, i.e., affiliate marketing.

It is a Clickbank product, and I have also reviewed many other CB products, but most of them are pure crap. Just look at below products that I have recently reviewed;

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  What is Included in the Product?

As soon as you enter in the member’s area you will see two steps to complete;

Step 1 – Get Your Free Commission Website

You are asked to buy a domain, hosting and other things. I have chosen a domain name, and it took me to the page where I need to provide billing information.

You could see below, the total cost for this package became $143. So, if you proceed for the payment, AZ Sniper will make commission from this.

I recommend you; for buying a domain, you should visit Name Cheap; and for hosting, you should visit Hostgator

Step 2 – Signup for the VIP Members Workshop

It is a free course from John Crestani which you are later asked to join his Super Affiliate System or Inter Jetset

Crestani offers both of these courses at a costly price and if you buy those AZ Sniper will also earn affiliate commission here. 

So, before starting this course, you are trapped in different affiliate products to earn as much money as possible.

Rather than buying anything I just ignored both of the steps and move forward to see what is included in the PDF guides.

1). AZ Sniper Main Guide

This is their main product and also known as “Amazon Affiliate Beginners Guide.” It is a PDF guide with 21 pages and includes introductory stuff on;

  • Niche selection and Amazon evergreen niches
  • Tools used for Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research
  • Setting up a site, i.e., domain, hosting, themes, and plugins installation
  • Content writing and formatting

As discussed, it is only 21 pages long so you shouldn’t expect much from the main guide.

2). AZ Sniper X

This product includes two main things; the first one is AZ Sniper Instruction and AZ Sniper Theme. This guide will help you how to install their theme and customize it properly.

The guide includes;

  • Set up your Amazon affiliate account
  • Install WordPress
  • Installing your theme
  • Customize your theme
  • Adding pages to your site
  • Adding product reviews to your site

The guide claims that using their theme, your site will shoot up in the SERP, but I tell you Google has incorporated more than 200 ranking factors to decide which page should be on the 1st position of search rankings.

So using only an optimized theme could barely affect your site rankings.

3). AZ Sniper Plus

It is the same method of using Amazon but with different traffic source. Previously, you are using Google to get traffic but now YouTube.

It is a 38 pages long PDF guide which includes good stuff on all the things you need to set up your channel and then making money from it.

  • Setting up your YouTube channel and brand
  • How to do Keyword research suing VidIQ, Keyword Keg and TubeRank Jeet?
  • Making your videos
  • Creating an Amazon associate account
  • Monetization
  • YouTube channel authority
  • Onsite video optimization
  • Link building
  • Other important factors

In this section, you will also be given a keyword tool along with installation guide.

Though Amazon has been using as a money source for years but using it with YouTube is a new trend which many people don’t know.

So, on the whole, this is a useful guide for this type of traffic source.

4). AZ Sniper Secret Method

It is also called as “Advanced Amazon Affiliate Blueprint” which is a PDF guide with 14 pages. The guide revolves around;

  • SEO Audit (both on the page and off page)
  • Promotion via Forums, Social Media and Other platforms
  • Siloing

By reading that guide, I don’t see any advanced stuff.

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  Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. Legit Method

Making money from Amazon is a legit concept which people are using from all over the world. There are thousands of success stories I have seen people who are making a sustainable income from Amazon.

Making five figures income from Amazon isn’t a big deal, and there are thousands of untapped niches which you can choose from and make an authority in that niche.

Though Amazon offers low affiliate commission, if you refer someone to Amazon, it is rare they will not do shopping there.

Even if you refer someone to a Yoga product, but he/she actually buy toys, you will still earn a commission. That’s the power of Amazon Associate program.

As per the stats showed by Similar Web, the site is the 4th rank site in the United States regarding traffic and has monthly visitors of 2.39 billion.

As per my experience, you can also make money far quicker from Amazon than any other affiliate programs. 

2. 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you just bought it due to the hype of its sales video but don’t like after that, you shouldn’t worry about because it is a Clickbank product which is a legit marketplace and it offers 60 days money back guarantee.

The Bad

1. Too Much Hype

Just like other crappy products, this product also makes too many false promises and unrealistic claims. The purpose is to play with the emotions of the simple people and enroll them as much as possible to make big money.

Let’s look at the below claims;

Do you think you could achieve this? No way!

For earning money, you should put considerable effort and must show patience. I earned my first dollar after four months, and after six months I started to earn regular income each month, and the real success comes in when I completed my 1st year.

For my 1st year, I put persistent effort to my website. So, you should also think this is mind there is no get rich schemes and turnkey systems out there that make you rich overnight.

2. Fake Testimonials

If you go through their sales video, different people are giving as a testimonial of earning a five-figure income per month using AZ Sniper. They also claim that they had only to click a few buttons and that’s it.

But honestly speaking, these people are not the actual members of Amazon Sniper. These people are paid actors from Fiverr who got paid for reading the scripts given to them.

It means Stephan Ford has used their gig (service) to speak few positive words for this system in return of money.

Here are the proofs that these testimonials are fake;

These paid actors have also participated in the 30 Minute Money Methods, The Ecom Formula, and AD Formula.

So, when they had so much success stories, why they used those paid actors?

Clearly, they are speaking a lie with us and want to deceive people.

3. No Videos

I was surprised to see that the course only constitutes PDFs which I don’t know why.

It is not 2005; it is 2018 and we are stepping in 2019. 

People don’t like such PDF guides. Even if you don’t want to show your face, you can make over the shoulder videos.

Also, you don’t know after reading those PDFs, where to take a start. This is where videos can guide you in a much better way.

4. No Owner Information

I don’t find who is the owner of this product and couldn’t see any of his pictures.

After searching too much, I found a name “Stephan Ford,” but I don’t believe that this is his real name.

If he has shown this great system that can make people a lot of money, so why he is hiding himself?

It means his system isn’t good and he has no confidence on it. 

Another reason is that those people don’t want to harm their reputation and create new products on a regular basis and comes up with different names.

So, I don’t trust the people behind this system and also doesn’t recommend this it to you.

5. Only $37

On their sales page you are shown only $37 to get access to the whole product, but surprisingly, I have found their affiliate page, and you could see that you have a chance to earn up to $287 per sale.

You might be thinking how this could be possible for a product that is offered at $37 but gives up to $287 per sale commission?

The reason is simple!

You are bombarded with loads of upsells after buying the starting product. You are motivated to buy those upsells to accelerate your profits.

Not only this, you are not told the other costs of starting this business;

  • Domain name = $12 per year
  • Hosting = $75 per year
  • Content writing = $30 per 1500 article (If you don’t write it on your own)
  • Keyword research tool = $15 per month

6. See Their Disclaimer

I know many people don’t care about disclaimer and terms/conditions pages, but sometimes it can highlight you important thing.

I also got surprised when I look at their disclaimer page because I have seen a product called The AZ Code which is also a low-quality product.

It also shows that the owner of both the products is the same and they have copied the AZ Code disclaimer and pasted it here.

So, my previous point confirms here that such people don’t harm their reputation and create a product after product with hide their identity to make as much money as possible.  

7. What’s That Secret?

At first looking into the system, I thought there might be some new strategy which I am going to learn here. They also claim this in their sales video as well;

But after seeing all this throughout their PDF guides, I couldn’t find any secret strategy at all.  Amazon has been around since long and people are making money since 1996.

Also using Amazon with YouTube traffic is an old idea, but here competition is much lower than using it with Google.

So, the secret is all about misleading statement to get people interested. 

Want to Earn a Full-time Income From Home?

  Is AZ Sniper a Scam?

Well, as it is a Clickbank product which offers 60 days money back guarantee, I cannot call it a scam. If you don’t like it just refund it.

However, if you think it is something as claimed on their sales page, then you are living in the fool’s paradise. It is a low-quality product from which you shouldn’t expect results too early.

All in all, there are too many lies, hypes, and misleading information.

Even there are fake testimonials, and Stephan didn’t prove himself as a real person. All those signs are red signals for the product, and I recommend you to stay away from it.

How could you make $40,000 a month just by working 10 minutes a day? I have been working few hours a day to reach at a level of 4 figures per month.

However, I like their concept of creating a YouTube channel and promote Amazon products there.

There is still a lot of potentials out there in this market, and if you create high-quality videos on a regular basis, you could earn a good income after 6 to 8 months.

  How I Make Money Online?

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The business model is the same, i.e., Affiliate Marketing but with simple and step by step method.

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Wealthy Affiliate is the platform that will guide you all this step by step and the training is in the form of video lessons. 

When you join this, you wouldn’t believe that creating a business via affiliate marketing is so simple.

It takes time but doesn’t require any skill at all. With the passage of time, you can easily master it.

You can also try it for free, and if you like it then there is also an option of premium membership, but when you compare it with the value it is providing, then it clearly outweigh the costs.

What’s your thoughts on my AZ Sniper review 2021 and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.