Ayuwage Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

Business Name: AyuwageAyuwage Review – Is it Scam or Legit?
Website Address: www.ayuwage.com
Price: Free
Business Owner: Not Available
Overall Rank: 55 out of 100 points

Ayuwage Review – Introduction:

Ayuwage was launched  in 2009. Its name ayu is derived from Japanese word “ayumi” which means progress, walking. You can earn money by surfing sites and it require no technical knowledge to start with. All you need a computer and internet connection to start this site and earn money. Just create your account and click on start earnings then you can see different options to earn money online.

Each task you will perform will earn you credits and these credits can be used to convert into cash or in many other services. Each credit is worth $0.001. Your account will be instantly credited for most of the times while in other cases it take some time and it is usually mentioned while completing those tasks. If you are looking for similar sites then i have written few reviews including Sanbux and Wordlinx.

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How to Boost your Earnings?

In order to boost your earnings there are different options available and you need to complete various tasks, if not all. Different tasks are available in members area under different tabs. These tabs include:


View  If you click on view tab then you will see ads of different value. All you need to do is to follow written instructions there and view those ads. These ads are usually low value ads and will earn you about $0.001.

 Regular  This tab also include different types of ads and you have to follow instructions very carefully in order to earn money. These ads will earn you more credits as compared to above section. Credits generally range between 10 to 30.

Explore  You can explore different sites and earn money from it. All you need to follow the instructions very carefully. Tasks in this tab will earn you even more credits than previous two. Generally you can earn here 60 credits for each task. 60 credits equivalent to $0.03.

Email  When you click on website title then you will receive different emails and all you need to click on those links and view ads for few seconds. It may also require you to click on certain ads during surfing website.

Search  Here you need to search for required keywords and click on the website that you are instructed. You need to visits that particular site for few seconds.

Radio  You can earn credits by listening radio. Select station from wide variety available. Credit depends on your listening time. You can earn 8 to 10 credits for listening about 30 minutes radio and in the meantime you have to fill captcha for verification. This takes much of your time but will earn you very less credits.

Type  Simply type as per instructions and earn credits. You can earn good credits here but most of the time this tab is empty. You need to regularly view this tab to check the work available.

Surveys  If you earn more, then this is the best place and you can earn easily 5 to 20 cents per survey. But surveys may take your time and sometime owner doesn’t approve this.

Offers  This is also another good way to earn good money by completing offers. Be careful they may require confidential information that can go in the false hands.

Pros vs. Cons:


  • Free to join for everyone and no special skill require to earn money.
  • Ayuwage offers numerous income streams and has more income potential than any other site in the industry.
  • This site has been paying since 2009 without any problem. This is very uncommon in PTC industry.
  • Unlimited direct referrals you can make. This is good for those people that who can build large down line.
  • Fixed minimum withdrawal of $5 and this will not increase subsequently as most people witnesses in other similar sites.


  • Though earning potential is good as compared to other similar sites but still it is very less.
  • You need to follow instructions, as present in member’s area, very carefully in order to prevent your account from termination. But still many other people are complaining about their account termination. Good thing is there is a warning system is placed and your account will be suspended after three warnings.
  • You can rent referrals in ayuwage but their referrals are very inactive and most of the people lose their hard earned money.
  • If you are in USA then you can receive large ads and can earn good money but your earning is very less if you are from other.
  • If you are completing offers then advertisers may require your credit card information this may be risky for you as your information can go in the wrong hand.
  • In regular section you are require to click on certain ads to the advertiser sites but this is considered as a click fraud.

How to Convert Credits?

On the reward section you can find different options in order to convert your credits like advertise Screenshot029on Ayuwage site, rent a referral for 20 credits that last for one week, convert to money that you can withdraw using your verified Paypal and Payza etc. After you purchase an item then it will go to the pending purchases.

If you want to convert credits then Company will verify that purchases and it takes around 6-7 days. When you purchase an item then it will go to the cashed item. Once item is delivered then you cannot reverse this process.

Is Ayuwage Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, ayuwage is not a scam but a totally legit site and has a good reputation in PTC industry and you can earn some money using this site. Moreover it has been paying for 5 years and one can trust it. I will recommend this site to only those people who can make large direct referrals and are from USA. Otherwise this site is not for you.

You need to be very careful on instructions in order to prevent from account termination. Apart from this avoid giving any credit card information to any other people.

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