Avalon Life Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Avalon Life Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

This latest review is going to be a new program called Avalon Life. What is Avalon Life and whether it is a scam or a legit business opportunity? These are few critical issues that I will be covering in this short review.

Business Name: Avalon LifeAvalon Life Review
Website Address: www.avalonlife.com
Business Owner: Tom Koller (CEO and CTO)
Product Price: 960 Euros a year
Overall ranking: 40 out of 100

Avalon Life Scam Review – Introduction:

As skeptical as it may sound to work with the barely heard of cryptocurrency industry, it can sometimes pay really well. It is very much accepted to doubt such upcoming programs going by the previous scams that have disguised themselves as experts in this business which what came to them afterward was just but complicated procedures and endless excuses for not paying members as promised.

What happens, and what you actually need to be aware of, is that due to the fluctuating value of these bitcoins they work with, it can sometimes bring huge profit on your end. If the company is really legit or can also bring the biggest cause of your depression when the value of the bitcoins goes down to that of peanuts.

So you might want to have your blinders taken off and be alert and prepared for such events and occurrences. Also, be on the watch out for the legitimacy of the company you are a member of.

And speaking of legitimacy, is Avalon Life a blatant scam or good company to work with? Well, there is no actual proof to lead us to any conclusions as the company has not been officially launched, but what we can do is to look through what we’ve got and made a wise presumption.

So string along and see what we’ve found out!

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What is Avalon Life?

As we are led to believe, it is the first DAO (Decentralized Autonomic Organization ) company in the area of cryptocurrency mining, education and multi-level marketing. It is actually the first company to blend all these very diverse online money making strategies into the same firm and believe that they could work.

Most often than not, you’ll find companies venturing into one part of these three methods as each of them is heavily demanding regarding management, handling and customer satisfaction. But let’s hope they are well prepared for the task ahead of them.

Thanks to the video presentation of this website, Avalon’s management has been found well laid out with Tom Koller as the mastermind behind it all. Tom is an engineer by profession and much to that he has a vast experience in network marketing which he hopes to mix it up to make Avalon work.

More about the management, there is Thomas Graff, who is the Chief Financial Officer, Grevin Mora, the head of support, Dino Schulz, who handles the web hosting stuff and there are other unmentioned members in the development team together with a cleaning lady.

How Does Avalon Life Work?

It is set to impart knowledge of block-chain technologies and cryptocurrencies and their beneficial use and also get to offer the cheapest crypto mining provision ever heard of. The first of their method of operation is that they will be giving the opportunity for network marketers to refer people into the program and if they get to pay the annual fees, the marketers will earn a smiling commission.

Also, people will be getting bitcoins which if they buy and sell them as per the site’s experts give the instructions, will be bringing in huge profits. Lastly, there is more enlightenment given concerning the crypto mining industry that can help you know your way around this niche and even help you make money elsewhere except in Avalon Life.

Who is Avalon Life For?

Going by the strategies and opportunities, they seem to present; it is pretty much for everyone. You don’t need prior knowledge or experience to reel into this stuff but if you have the knowledge, the better, or may I say the best.

The compensation plan, which we are going to have a sneak peek at, gives confidence that even a lay family member can earn a passive income here without much hassle. So if you probably thought that this program was for the nerds, you got it wrong. Everyone is well able to earn from it.

What is Included in the Product?

With the diversity in their method of operation, there are lots of services and products offered in this program. And since they are not fully expounded on by the company, we will only view the highlights of what’s in it for you. So here they are:

• Avalon crypt inside
• Avalon Edu
• Avalon hardware
• Avalon currency
• Avalon invest
• Avalon mask
• Avalon marketing suite
• Avalon Sun
• Avalon X
• Avalon University
• Avalon Tesla
• Avalon Biz
• And so much more

With all these provisions, you can rest assured that you will get best-selling rates for your coins with nearly zero fees for your very own exchange between the other members. You get good education and training from the most influential personalities in each industry, best channels to keep you updated on matters of trading and exchange charts, ability to participate in their electric power project that is meant to give out great profits on its completion and licenses that help people get 1,000 free coins and up to 50% bonuses for every license bought by a partner.

Compensation Plan:

Avalon’s plan to compensate people is divided into four main parts. So let’s get deep into this so that everyone gets to understand the many options you have to make money, what’s the best fit for you and how to work it out.

1. Free Start Bonus

This involves a free 50 Euros for every license partner you sponsor. If you make it sponsor ten license partners every month, you will get £1,000, which is a 100% top up and will be divided by a half to the unilevel and triple chain family plan. These bonuses come from the money they get from selling some of their services to other clients in the industry.

2. Trade Margin

This involves the money gotten from the difference between the buying price of the mining packages and coins they get and their selling price. What this means is that when they buy the products, they heighten the price so that if a client buys them through your referral link, all the profit goes to you. This client, you should note, should not be a license partner if you are to benefit from the plan.

3. Unilevel Plan

The pay here pretty much depends on how you excellent you can get. If you manage to sponsor five members or more all of whom get to do as you are doing down to level six in the matrix, you can be looking up to £250,000. Well, that’s hard to comprehend and believe but let’s closely take a practical view of it.

For every license partner you sponsor, you get free 50 Euros. This means if you sponsor 10, you get £500. And if they get to sponsor each five license partners, you can do that math and see that leads to the said figure.


4. Triple Chain Family Plan

Here, you first get the half of the money from the license partners. This means that if you have someone above you in your matrix and he or she is sponsoring a new group of license partners, the money they get also gets to fill up your part. This is commonly called “The spillover” which will be happening from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.


The Pros and Cons:

Here, there are no specific pro’s or con’s that have been seen, so we are doing the general ones.

The Pros

Their method of operation and payment plan sounds good to work with and convincing as well. If they are really going to do, as they say, it’s surely going to be a success!

The Cons

It looks like to be a typical MLM cryptocurrency opportunity. Affiliates will spend large sums of money and in require to bring new members to earn a commission. Only the time will tell whether the coins that will be rewarded worth the money or usual worthless.

Currently, there is no information about the Avalon Life’s AVLX cryptocurrency coins. Either useless internal points cryptocurrency or a publicly traded coin that collapses on release (no need for the coin outside of Avalon Life). The rest of Avalon Life’s compensation program is recruitment-based, making Avalon Life a pyramid scheme.

The establishment of Avalon Life in Costa Rica is another red-flag, with there being surely no reason for somebody in Switzerland to be operating an MLM company established half-way across the world

Final Verdict:

With all the tables turned, and lessons learned about this newly upcoming program, it is evident that something good or bad is pending. But should we quickly claim that it’s legit and the best to work with or should we frame it as Avalon Life scam? I don’t think any of that fits. We shouldn’t get all hasty to judge it and get surprised later.

So the best thing to do is to have patience and wait to see the program take shape little by little and then jump into conclusions based on how it’s operating. To be on the safer side and the issues that i have mentioned in the cons area it would be better to stay away from this site.

Final verdict – Stay Away

Name: Avalon Life
Overall ranking: Not Operating Yet
Website: www.avalonlife.com
Owner: Tom Koller (CEO and CTO)
Price: 960 Euros a year

Recommendation: It will be best if we waited until it launched and operated for a while before joining so that you can have other people try it first and deem it fit or unworthy of your time and effort.

Want something to be doing as you wait for Avalon Life to launch officially on 1st August 2016? Here is what I strongly recommend you try out. You’ll be shocked by what you’ll find.

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