AppDown Review – Legit or Scam?

You wish to know how you can earn yourself some rewards or real cash by downloading apps and games, right? You want to be sure that AppDown is the system for you before you start using it, isn’t it?

AppDown has been promising you some great gift cards as well as immediate cash deposits to your PayPal account once you are done downloading the games and apps they have given you. It seems really interesting from the get to go but you will want to know this program really well before you make the final decision on whether to use it or not. I had time to get an insider’s view of the program and I will be telling you all you want to know about it.

My Appdown review has it all. Please pay attention and you will learn a lot about it.

Product Name: AppDown ReviewAppDown
Website Address:
Owner: AppDown Rewards
Price: Free to use
Rankings: 67 out of 100

AppDown Review – Introduction:

Playing games and downloading apps seems to be the most trending strategy to make money online.

And all app creators are using it to get their app in the market and up the ranks of most app stores. You are going to find at least 3 apps that are popular having used this tactic in their early marketing stages.

And this has created the platform for most online entrepreneurs to create a system that will help the app designers get their work loved.

The system will get folks who want to get paid to try the apps and games using the apps for a while and then paying them a certain amount.

This is the same strategy AppDown is using to pay people. I am ok with it because almost everyone who gets involved with it wins. It’s an all-around win-win situation.

But not all the systems that present themselves to you as “app downloading, cash-paying” programs are actually such.

Many of them are out there to scam you. I have seen many such programs requesting for your personal information and then using it to harm you in name of paying you.

And the reason I investigated this program is to see where its catch is if any. I am sure you are going to find this very useful.

Before going into AppDown further detail, let’s look at my top list of work at home opportunities;

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What is AppDown?

This is a website that allows people to make money downloading applications and using them for about 2 minutes to get paid.

The app creators I was telling you about pay the system to have their apps used for their own purposes.

The system then lists the app among the apps you have to download and use, which will get you rewarded.

They also direct some of the payments to some of the most reputable stores to give that user the chance to redeem some gifts there.

There are many programs that are doing this (read my other app reviews: AppnanaIbotta and Checkout 51) but AppDown is kind of different from all of them.

Instead of getting you to use your mobile phone to download their apps first so as to start working, they get you to use their website first and show you should do it.

After you are well informed you can go ahead and download the app and get to work. This is very caring.

They also reward you for inviting your friends over to the system. When they sign up and start downloading the apps too, you receive points.

How Does it Work?

Well, you are rewarded for two main things, downloading the apps and referring people to the business.

When you do any of these two things, you will get points which you can later redeem to get real cash paid to your PayPal account or gift cards for various stores.

The stores working this system are like iTunes, Google Play (for getting the paid apps for free), Steam Wallet, Xbox and GTA, PSN, Amazon, eBay, and Spotify.

And you are told that you will be able to get the gift cards immediately you redeem the points.

Let us see how you go about stacking points up with AppDown.

• Download the AppDown app – When you to go the appdown website, you will get links to both Apple and Android stores to access the app.

You will click on the link that has the logo of the app store which you use. From there, you will be taken to the download page.

• Create an AppDown Account – After you have gotten the app, you will have to create your personal account from where you will be taking on the tasks to get you points.

• Start downloading the listed apps – when you log in to your account, you will be able to see the list of the apps which you should work on.

The apps come with the names, the directions to use when working on them and the points you will get after you have done everything you are told.

So you will go ahead and just click on any app that catches your eyes and simply follow what you have been told to do.

• Earning Points – When you are through, you will see your points balance up with the amount you were to receive from the task you just performed.

This will happen every time you complete a task.

Redeem the points – When you have enough points, you can redeem them to get a gift card or money sent to your PayPal.

To get $1 sent via Paypal, you will have to have 300 points. For $2, you need 600 points. For $2 worth of Amazon gift card, you will also need to have to 600 points.

For $10 gift card from iTunes, you should have accumulated 3210 points. It seems PayPal and Amazon gift cards conversion are the same.

For other rewards, the points differ as they all have different values.

The points you get for downloading the apps, opening and using them are also different. You will get 30 points for one app and 60 points for others.

The best way to get more points with these apps which is pretty obvious is to go for the highest paying offers. But you have to be prepared to work really hard to earn them.

Ways to Increase Your AppDown Points:

Other than just working on the apps, their other hacks you can use to see the points go up on a daily basis. Here are some of them:

• Inviting Friends – This simply means referring other interested people in this money game. You get a special invitation code which you give people to sign up with which will be giving them 30 points for deciding to give the app a try.

You also get 30 points yourself for having someone join the program through your invitation code. Get one successful invite each day for a month and you are sure to get $2 deposited in your account.

• Following on Social media – Since they are trying to make their program is known on social and the whole web, the creators have another offer for you.

You can follow and like them on 2 of the most popular social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. And you will earn 5 points. This isn’t much but it does add to the overall points to a certain extent.

• Opening the app each day.

Who is it Meant for?

If you are a guy who loves seeing what new apps are like, then this is a good chance to earn stuff doing that.

If you are also into referring people for rewards, this can make you a great opportunity to get things on iTunes, and even download apps, you should pay for, for free.

This system is basically for anyone else out there who feels they can do with a few rewards and have some time to work on it.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The company does work, Appdown is legit. You are actually paid what they have promised. You can totally work there.

• The points you get for each task are fair and you can easily get to the limit needed to redeem them.

• You get many stores you can get gift cards for. So if you have something you want from them, you only need to accumulate the points that match its redemption.

• They pay with PayPal which means you can use the money on other things outside of what the program offers.

• You get points for opening the program every day. And this assures you of an increase in the points balance each time you log in to work. No much effort needed to earn them.

• There are also other ways to get the points other than installing and using apps.

The Cons

• It can be a real hustle to get up to $20 gift cards with installing the apps alone. You have to mix the tactics to add them up fast.

Final Verdict:

Well, what should I say? The system is fairly okay when it comes to the way it operates.

I love the multiple ways you can work with to hit the targets for redeeming stuff. I also have to thumb them up for the wide range of gift cards as well as PayPal payments.

It shows they are super serious about making their user experience a good one which favors everyone. This is not something that happens with all similar programs.

You should go try it out!

Final Verdict – Legit!

Product Name: AppDown
Website Address:
Owner: AppDown Rewards
Price: Free to use
Rankings: 67 out of 100


AppDown is a nice way to receive a few gifts and a couple of bucks per month, but it is not a good way to expect to bring you money for your bills.

It is almost impossible to work your way to a hundred or two hundred dollars a month with it. You definitely need to seek other options.

One of them should be affiliate marketing. It really pays well and you will be blogging about anything you feel you are into.

Want to see how things work with affiliate marketing and how to get yourself into it? My #1 recommendation is the best way to learn about it.