AppBounty Review 2021 – Is App Bounty Scam or Legit?

AppBounty Review 2021 – Is App Bounty Scam or Legit?

According to research in the USA, every single person spends more than 5 hours per day in using the mobile phone. It means that every single person wastes about his 35 hours per week.

How interesting and amusing it will be if we start earning money along with using a mobile phone.

No one will be useless and will be independent. Keeping in mind this fact there is an app developed that pays you for downloading apps on your mobile phone. This app is commonly known as AppBounty app.

In this article, I will explain to you that what is AppBounty, is it legal or not, how does it work, how can you make money from it and so on. I hope it will be clear to you because there is nothing so much technical in it. Even children can also take benefit of it.

AppBounty Review

What is AppBounty?

It is a quite interesting app that pays you for downloading and testing apps on your mobile phone and keeps them open for few seconds.

You will earn points and these points can be exchanged with gift cards. AppBounty can be installed in apple as well as in android app store. So every person can take advantage of AppBounty.

This app seems to be credible. AppBounty offers you points because it is paid by these app inventors who are in search of new app users. AppBounty earns a profit and in return, it shares its profit with its members.

For downloading each app you will get points but the number of points varies from app to app and these points will be mentioned on the side of the app. To be honest, those points cannot be gathered into a fulltime income. In order to earn a handsome money, i recommend seeing my wealthy affiliate review where you know how it has changed my life.


How Does AppBounty Work?

Let’s look at the steps below if you don’t know how to use it properly;

1) Download the app

This app is available for android and apple mobile devices. You just have to download this app on your device. For Android Devices you can simply download the app in the Google app store, on Apple devices you need to visit the site on your mobile device.

2) Click On Apps In The Offers Section

After installing the app, visit the offers tab. There are several apps that you can download and earn 500-1200 points. There are many apps that only demand to open them only to earn points but in some cases, you have to keep them open for some time and need to use them to a certain level which pays you more.

After completing all the requirements the earned points will be shown in your account within few minutes.

3) Refer the friends

AppBounty offers a referral program where you can refer your friends to the AppBounty to make more points. As a consequence, not only you but also your friend gets the commission. So it is one of the interesting and easy ways of making more points.

For referring your friend to IOS you will earn 250 points and 100 points for referring on android. And most important is that your friend will also receive 50 points for joining app through you. You will get your first gift card after referring 35 people. No doubt it’s not as simple as it looks but still earnable app.

4) Completing tasks assign to you

Another you can say route or way to earn more money is to complete tasks given to you, the name varies depending on whether you are using IOS or Android device.

They are named as targets on android while called tasks on IOS devices.

There are different types of such targets or tasks that include the following;

       a) Play Games

In this case, download a game and play it to the level as per requirement to fulfill the task. But if you have already downloaded a particular app in the app store then you are not eligible for the credit

       b) Watch Videos

You have nothing to do. Just watch the video ads and earn extra points.

        c) Registration

By giving your appropriate information, sign into various services and get points.

        d) Carrying out Surveys

You will be paid for different surveys. The purpose of the surveys is to help the companies to understand their followers. Each survey has its own duration with the most common of 20 minutes.

         f) Access to different Offers

After signing up and purchasing you can get access to different deals and offers.

         g) Mixed section

There is also another category that has many other offers and they are placed in the mixed section.

How Does AppBounty Pay?

AppBounty has a diversity of gift cards beginning from $5. These gift cards can be exchanged for Amazon, steam, mine craft, and Netflix gift cards.

You can exchange 2700 points for the gift card of $5 and 5000 points with the gift card of $10. Similarly, as the cost of gift card increases, you need more and more points.

Once you reach the withdrawal limit of 2700, you can cash out at any time.

How to Get Gift Cards?

After earning enough points now you are eligible to exchange these points with the gift cards. You can get gift cards only not cash.

  • There is an option of rewards, you just select that button.
  • Select the gift card of your choice (either of Amazon or Google play)
  • Mostly it takes about 2 days (48 hours) to favor (approve) the gift.
  • After the approval of gift card, you will receive a code. In case of android device you can visualize your gift card code in the “reward” section of Account tab while in IOS set for viewing your gift code, you have to click option of “your codes”, in the “rewards” tab.
  • Now enter your gift card code to the related site for example

Is it Safe to Use?

Apparently, it is not a scam and is safe to use as many people are using it as a source of income. Though it can’t give you a bundle of money but still good for many people.

Majority of its members have a positive response towards it. Secondly, it pays you in time. You don’t need to be in trouble. It enables you to make money at any time. Apart from its plus points, it has some negative aspects as well.

Problems to be faced while using AppBounty

You Cannot Make Enough Money

It pays 50 cents for downloading one app, which means the app is not paying well on per hour basis. You can download various apps within one hour if you have good Wi-Fi speed but keep in mind that few apps are available there.

I have reviewed many similar apps like SweatCoin, Pert TV, and AppDown including this one but none of them can replace your 9 to 5 job because they have only limited earning potential.

You Can’t Earn Cash Only Gift Cards

No doubt AppBounty offers good gift cards but majority people love to earn cash rather than gifts. So, in my opinion, this website is not for them.

It is Time Taking to Make Points for Gift Cards

In AppBounty for getting an even small gift card, you need points in thousands. It means you have to put great effort to accumulate points to redeem gift cards. Of course, it is frustrating for people.

Sometimes Gifts are Sold Out

Sometimes the gift card that you select is not available at the stores and is already sold out. How irritating it is!

There can be an Error in Counting Credits Earned

In some cases, faults in different deals cause inaccurate counting of credits earned.

To make sure that you receive your credits you should

  1. Confirm that first time you are downloading this app.
  2. Make sure that you opened this particular app and run it for few seconds.
  3. Not change the network while doing the whole process. For example from 3G to Wi-Fi.

It Demands a Long Period for the Payout

Some of the apps offer only $0.05 to $ 0.10 for 30 to 50 points. I hope that now you are clear that you have to download the number of apps but the best point is that downloading an app and opening it for few seconds does not take much time. But when you earn enough money you will realize that it is not as simple as it seems and not have a much impressive outcome.


It is clear that AppBounty is a credible source of earning. It is not at all tedious or boring job especially for those who are addicted to use the mobile phone. So instead of wasting time, it’s better to make money.

If you are motivated to earn then you can refer your friends that will be beneficial for both (for you as well as for your friends). But according to my opinion, it is not a better source of earning. Because time is money and don’t waste it. Instead of working on this app I will advise you to learn how to make your own site and earn through affiliate marketing.

I hope you liked my article and enjoyed it. It will help you how to use AppBounty if you are interested and how to raise your income day by day.